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(en) <alter-ee> Report from the II meeting of the anarchists of the former Yugoslavia from 2. do 4. July of the 2004

From Anarho-sindikalisticka inicijativa <inicijativa@inicijativa.org>
Date Mon, 2 Aug 2004 14:34:04 +0200 (CEST)

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The meeting was held in the ecological village Zelenkovac (Bosnia and Herzegovina),
(http://www.mrkonjic-grad.com/zelenkovac/) is the site where more than four
years ago the first formal meeting of the anarchists of the former
Yugoslavia was held. Bosnia and Herzegovina was selected for that purpose
because of its geographical position, as well as for its symbolical
significance, Bosnia and Herzegovina being considered as "little Yugoslavia"
. That first meeting attracted a lot of people - it is recorded that almost
a hundred individuals from all around the former Yugoslavia participated in
the meeting. However, unfavorable meteorological conditions, as well as the
great number of ill-informed attendees prevented deployment of any
constructive effort in some meaningful extent. But, excellent ties
established then on the personal level enabled more profound fusion and the
functioning of our movement.

Four years later, the movement gathered together again in order to
summarize, in some way, the results of its work in the period that went by,
and to lay foundations of closer collaboration and straighten the
relationships of various anarchist and anarcho-syndicalist organizations,
groups and individuals from the area of the former Yugoslavia. This time the
meeting gathered smaller quantum of people - between 35 and 40 comrades
from Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Montenegro and
Macedonia were present. Besides the cases of comrades who took part in the
event independently, the members of several organizations participated in
the meeting: The Social-anarchist Federation (Slovenia), AnFema (Croatia),
Anti-static collective (B and H), The Anarcho-syndicalist Initiative (S and
M), The Federation of the anarchists internationalists (S and M) and
DIY-collective (Macedonia). Contrary to the previous meeting, this time
most of the attendees actively participated and gave a thorough
contribution to the discussions that were going on. Several comrades from
Italy, USA and France were present at meeting in the status of the

Topics elaborated during the meeting were: the attitude of the anarchist
movement toward the NGO sector, the privatization on the space of the former
Yugoslavia, concrete joint actions, pornography, "personal shit" (gender,
sexuality and links within our communities and respective political
activities) and "Why primitivism is not anarchism?".

The most attended discussions were first two from the list and they led
to the common conclusions. Apart from the mentioned past experiences with
the NGO sector and the common conclusion regarding the self-evident
necessity of the distancing of our movement from the so called
non-governmental sector (in rare circumstances where that division hadn't
arisen yet spontaneously), the talk about the privatization also showed
almost identical experiences of the comrades from the entire Yugoslavia. In
that sense wee agreed on producing and issuing of the common pamphlet
containing the analysis of the process of the privatization in the former
Yugoslavia and representing the anarchist answer to the gruesome mass
pillage of the socialist economies. Besides the common pamphlet to be
distributed and presented in parallel throughout all former republics of
Socialist Federative Republic of Yugoslavia, we attained the agreement on
the concrete collaboration in the course of producing other propaganda
material - the common internet archive will be launched thus making
accessible drafts of the leaflets and pamphlets to be distributed in the
future on the part of the groups/organizations interested for such actions.
The selection of the site proper for the next Balkan bookfair of anarchist
publications - it is agreed that it is supposed to take place during the
march or April of the forthcoming year.

The feeling that the participants went back to their homes with is that the
movement made substantial progress in this past four years. The movement
undoubtedly reached certain maturity and the laborious task of surmounting
the obstacles in the struggle for freedom is yet before us. The gravity of
the situation which we as libertarians are confronted is obvious - this
type of meetings will help our struggle not to become isolated and will
advance the overcoming of the deep wounds afflicted by the numerous war
conflagrations, in the insistent march towards the achievement of our
goal - Anarchy.

To conclude, we would like to tank the comrades from Slovenia, France and
USA for providing the financial sustaining for this meeting by their

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