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(en) Norwey, Oslo IWA-Secretariat - First of May 2004: NO WAR BETWEEN PEOPLE - NO PEACE BETWEEN CLASSES!

From secretariado@iwa-ait.org
Date Thu, 29 Apr 2004 21:48:19 +0200 (CEST)

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From the city of Fallujah west of Baghdad,
to several Shiite towns across southern
Iraq, US forces are facing the most intense
resistance since the occupation of Iraq
began a year ago. US troops, increasingly
bitter and demoralized, are being ordered
on extended deployments. We see armed
uprisings, kidnappings, attacks on oil-
pipelines and convoys, and a desperate US
is asking the UN to take a broader role.

While this is written, the outcomes of the
situation in Fallujah and Najaf are
uncertain, but in Nasiriyah city a group of
armed gangs belonging to Muktada Al Sadr
has, according to ”The Federation of
Workers' Council and Unions in Iraq” –
FWCUI, attempted to evacuate factories and
workshops in order to turn them into
bastions and military positions to fight
the American and Italian forces.

The answer from both the aluminium and the
sanitary supplies factory workers in
Nasiriyah have been to refuse to evacuate
their work places despite many threats made
to their lives; declining from turning them
into battle fields which would mean either
destroying them or open them for robbery
and looting. They insisted on remaining
inside their factories in order to defend
them. The statement from the FWCUI says:

”We completely reject the turning of
workers’ and civilians’ work and living
places into reactionary war-fronts between
the two poles of terrorism in Iraq; the US
and their allies from one side, and the
terrorists in the armed militias, well
known for their enmity to Iraqi people’s
interests, from the other. We will confront
the attempts of these militias aiming at
disturbing the security and stability of
the population, and curtail their attempts
to push society into civil war and further
destruction and pain.”

As in Iraq, all over the world there is
going on a class struggle. What totally
differs the working class from the
capitalists, is that we don`t need the
capitalists, but they desperately need us
for the death machine called capitalism.
They need us to produce their goods and
services in order to make their profits.
They need us as soldiers to kill other
fellow workers and they need us to keep the
weapons industry going on, to transport
their equipment and troops, to supply them
with food, to produce the lifeblood of
global capitalism the oil.

The capitalist powers are acting as oil
junkies desperately searching for a “fix”,
especially when we are approaching 2010.
The period from 2010 is characterized as
“Peak Oil”, where the consumption will
increase sharply more than the production,
especially due to the emerging need of
energy from states as China and India. The
imperialist battle is, as it is in Iraq,
not only about present resources, but
highly about future energy resources and
the control of the competitors, oil-trade
currencies, oil-price mechanism and spheres
of influence.

This makes a reminder to the controversial
draft study made in 1992 by Wolfowitz, the
present US Deputy Secretary of Defence. It
asserted that the key objective of US
strategy should be “to prevent any hostile
power from dominating a region whose
resources would, under consolidated
control, be sufficient to generate global

Today, US planners are talking about
establishing semi-permanent or permanent
bases along a giant swathe of global
territory, referred to as ''The Arc of
Instability'', from the Caribbean Basin and
the Andean region, through Africa, Middle
East to Central Asia and South - East Asia.
Observers will note that this “Arc”
corresponds well with main regions of great
oil, gas and mineral wealth.

It is no coincidence that Colombia, with
its vast natural sources, borders to the
oil-exporter Venezuela and strategic door
to the genetic material in the Amazons and
the markets in South America, is heavily
militarized in order to continue the bloody
war. Plan Colombia and the extension called
Andean Regional Initiative, is for the US
the military component of the Free Trade
Area of the Americas (FTAA)

And if we draw the line to Africa we see
the US plans of increasing the military
presence with permanent or semi-permanent
bases in Djibouti, Algeria, Morocco,
Tunisia, Senegal, Mali, Ghana, and Kenya. A
key mission for US forces in Africa is,
according to US officials, to ensure that
Nigeria`s oil fields are secure.

"The Arc of Instability" goes further to
the Middle East, and these days we see that
the “Road Map for Peace” openly has
revealed itself as a “Road Map” for
occupation and war. In this conflict, as in
the capitalist wars in Iraq, Colombia,
Afghanistan and Chechnya, it is the
ordinary people who are the victims. In
Central Asia, the Great Game and rivalries
of capitalist powers makes it a permanent
area of high tension, and the control of
South East Asia is vital for keeping Japan
loyal to the US and to undermine the rising

And to underline the historical times we
are living in: The significance of the
horrible train bombings in Madrid March the
11th 2004, is that they will be used as a
catalyst for the continued EU integration
and militarization of foreign and domestic
politics, just as September the 11th 2001
was used as a pretence for the US geo-
political interests and a dramatic
onslaught against workers conditions and
rights. The new member states of the EU and
NATO will be used by the US as buffer zones
to undermine Russian and German/French
interests, and we can expect increased
tensions between the capitalist powers.

The EU is now building Rapid Reactions
Forces, which within 60 days shall be
operative with flexible and mobile units
all over the world, and Fortress Europe is
tightened against asylum seekers and
immigrants. The new proposal from the
European Commission of liberalising the
“Services in the Internal Market” will be a
vital part of the capitalist expansion
against the conditions of the working
class, just as the campaign against the
pensions and public “welfare”.

Global capitalism reveals clearly that the
reformist unions are not built to counter
todays offensive. These bureaucratic,
centralist "service-corporations" are
dependent on subsidies and legislative aid
from the capitalist states, which are
directing the so-called "war against
terrorism" towards a permanent war against
the working class and its rights. All over
the world we see development of repressive
security states, privatization of
"welfare", mass layoffs, union busting,
measures against the unemployed and poor,
tightening of the anti-immigration regimes
and flexibilization of the labour market

As an anarchosyndicalist International the
IWA does not support any capitalist,
imperialist power or dictatorship. The
IWA, the inheriting of the First
International, recovers the anti-militarist
tradition and proposes boycotts against the
manufacturing of arms and general strike
against the war. Since the warfare more and
more is outsourced to private companies, it
is important to focus on the military-
industrial complex and companies profiting
from wars.

The capitalists and the state need
predictable opponents being dependent on
the legal framework, structures, and
subsidies. All in order to direct, control,
reduce, split and eventually crush the
organisations. The answer from the
anarchists and anarchosyndicalists must be
a permanent involvement in the struggles
and direct actions we as workers are a part
of, and by refusing integrating our free
associations into the capitalist system.

Direct actions, propaganda and solidarity
must be based on our own strength, not on
class collaboration, as e.g. union
elections to enterprise committees.
Economic independence can only be secured
by members fees, not on subsidies from the
state. Federalism means that we do not
build centralist structures and funds
managed by paid union professionals.
Contrary to the reformist unions, the IWA
is fighting on an economical, social,
cultural, and anti-militarist level to
replace the capitalism and state by the
free federation of workers free
associations - libertarian communism.

The best way to commemorate the Haymarket
Martyrs is to speed up working for their
ideas. The Sections and Friends of the IWA
have been, and are active against the
capitalist wars in Iraq, Colombia,
Afghanistan and Chechnya. And by fighting
social- and economical exploitation in
Latin America, opposing repression as e.g.
the repression against the Thessaloniki 7,
supporting direct actions as the Spanish
CNT-AIT Tomares workers strike, and by
initiating general strikes as the USI-AIT
in Italy- to mention some examples, the
International Workers Association is on a
coherent path in struggling for workers

No war between people - No peace between

Long live the IWA!

Oslo the 26th of April 2004


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