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(en) Anarchist Age Weekly Review No. 592 26th April ­ 2nd May 2004

From Worker <a-infos-en@ainfos.ca>
Date Wed, 28 Apr 2004 13:43:33 +0200 (CEST)

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The Age's Health Editor, Tom Noble is wrong to suggest that doctors are set
to exploit a Medicare loophole (Age 26/4). Doctors are not exploiting a
loophole in Abbott's much vaunted, Medicare Plus package, they are
exploiting a package that is fatally flawed. Defend and Extend Medicare
Australia has consistently stated that the passage of the Medicare Plus
legislation by the Senate would lead to decreased bulk billing rates and an
explosion in health care costs that would be borne by the taxpayer and
individual consumers.


The two premises that the legislation is based on do not stand up to even
the most cursory examination. The introduction of a differential rebate
will lead to decreased not increased bulk billing rates. Increasing the
rebate by $5 and $7.50 for concession card holders and children under 16,
will not encourage doctors who have abandoned bulk billing to bulk bill
patients because the average out of pocket expense for patients who are not
bulk billed is around $14. What the changes will do is force doctors who
continue to bulk bill all their patients to stop bulk billing non-concession
card holders and children because the rebate for non-concession card holders
has been left at the old level. These changes were introduced to destroy
Australians universal access to health care, not improve it.

Abbott's Medicare Plus package will lead to an explosion in health care
costs because there is no cap on what the government pays, or what doctors
are able to change. The Health Minister has given doctors a blank cheque to
charge consumers what ever they like and the government promises to pick up
most of the bill. The Safety Net will pay 80% of the non-hospital costs of
all families that spend more than $700 per year and concession cardholders
who spend more than $300 per year.

There is nothing in the legislation to stop a doctor charging $300 or $400
for a consultation so that their patients can quickly access the safety net
and then continue to charge them whatever they like, offering their patients
a 20% discount and relieving them of the necessity of paying the 20% gap.
The Medicare Plus package is totally flawed; Abbott has failed his first big
test in the health care portfolio. He does not seem to be able to grasp the
issues involved. For the sake of all Australians and his Cabinet
colleagues, he should resign and let someone in the Liberal Party who has a
better grasp of the issues take over the health portfolio. If he refuses to
resign, Howard should transfer him to a less taxing Cabinet position before
the health care costs that the taxpayer is expected to meet as a result of
Abbott's totally flawed Medicare Minus package, bankrupt the country.

The fourth estate's power lays in its ability to set the agenda. Just think
about the major stories in the Australian media over the past week.
Howard's visit to Iraq, the fourth estate's effusive coverage of ANZAC Day,
sexual assault allegations against two St. Kilda players and the ins and
outs at the Thorpe saga, have been deemed to be news stories worthy of
blanket coverage.

The fascinating aspect about many of the subjects that garner extensive
fourth estate coverage is that they are peripheral to real issues. The
other interesting aspect about the agenda that is set by editorial teams,
both in the corporate owned media and the government gelded ABC, is that no
serious questions are ever asked about the assumptions that our society are
based on Capitalism, parliamentary democracy and corporatism are all taken
as givens.

Discussion and debate is limited to subjects that do not challenge the
status quo. Every word that challenges the assumptions that the communities
we live and work in are based on, is buried in an avalanche of trivia. The
fourth estate distracts, misinforms, lies and deceives all in the name of
maintaining freedoms and liberties that exist only in the imagination of
those who wield power in society. The world view that is presented as
logical and legitimate is the world view that's held by those who own the
means of production, distribution and exchange. Everything else takes
second precedence. It's no wonder that almost 80% of Australians are
politically disengaged.

As long as the fourth estate is able to contain debate with parameters that
they set, people will continue to be disengaged from the political process.
Trivia and distraction has a role that few radical activists seem to
appreciate. The fourth estate's strength lays in its ability to maintain
people politically disengaged by drowning them in a sea of trivia. No
wonder activists face so many hurdles when they attempt to bring important
issues to the public's attention.

Those readers who still watch commercial television, listen to commercial
radio or continue to read the corporate press, may have been intrigued by
the number of 'feel good' medical ads that are cropping up all over the
place. I assume readers may have been lulled into a false sense of
security, some may actually be thinking that somebody really cares about
them. I hate to disappoint you, but if you can't get it up, have herpes,
are overweight or have bad skin, they're not interested in you, but your
ability to buy their products.

Trans-national drug pharmaceuticals are reinforcing marketing drives
directed at the medical fraternity with a simultaneous add campaign aimed at
consumers. Pharmaceutical corporations in Australia are not allowed by law
to directly advertise to potential consumers. In an attempt to overcome
this ban, they produce non-specific add campaigns that advertise
pharmaceutical solutions to medical problems. By targeting their advertising
campaign at people with specific health problems, they are aiming to
generate a market for their products.

The purpose of their campaigns is to encourage consumers to make an
appointment with their medical practitioners so they can discuss a possible
pharmaceutical solution to their problem. Companies that have developed
products that are protected by 25-year patents have a virtual monopoly on
the manufacture of specific health care products. If they can frighten or
convince consumers to see their doctors, the doctor will only have one
pharmaceutical option at their disposal.

No wonder pharmaceutical companies are directing more and more advertising
at consumers that have been programmed to expect that every health problem
has a pharmaceutical solution.

In one last desperate attempt to stall the increasing opposition that's
building up in Iraq against the United States occupation of the country,
Paul Bremer the Bush appointed dictator has handed out an olive branch to
Baath Party bureaucrats. Concerned about the rising tide of Shia opposition
to the US rule, he is making overtures to professionals in the Sunni
minority to support his administration.

One year after the Iraqi occupation began the Bush administration is
counting the very people they vowed to crush. The situation on the ground
is becoming so desperate, Paul Bremer is being forced to use Saddam Hussein
political supports to control the increasing opposition to the US occupation
of Iraq. Their attempts to foist a puppet administration on the Iraqi
people has failed because Paul Bremer has no intention of allowing
democratic institutions to be built in Iraq.

The growing opposition has been fuelled by the rhetoric reality gap that
exists in the country. The last thing the US administration wants to do is
give the Iraqi people the opportunity to select their own rulers. The push
to establish an interim government on the 30th of June will not transfer
sovereignty to the people of Iraq. The US will continue to make all the
major decisions in Iraq and will continue to impose its will through its
armed forces. The so-called transfer of power is a transfer in name only.

The US administration is fighting to maintain its control over the second
largest supply of oil in the world. It has no intention of giving any
future Iraqi administration the power to renationalise the oil fields. The
Bush administration will not allow any democratically elected government to
strip it and it's corporate friends of the war booty they have captured.
The primary reason for the invasion of Iraq was oil. No future Iraqi
government will be allowed to exercise power by the US until it is willing
to use any power it has to maintain the US control of the oil fields. No
wonder Bremer is begging former Baath Party bureaucrats to join his
administration. Without their active support, Bremer's days are numbered.

Recently released research by the Australian College of Emergency Physicians
has identified that 9000 acute public hospital beds have been lost in the
past decade. Public hospitals are running at 100% capacity with many public
hospitals having to hold patients who require acute admission in accident
and emergency departments for up to several days until a bed is found.
Technological innovations and an ageing population are increasing pressures
on an Australian public health sector that is under staffed, under resourced
and under financed.

The current crisis in the public hospital sector is directly linked to the
$3 billion of taxpayers funds that are diverted every year to the private
health insurance industry. A 30% taxpayer funded rebate for private health
insurance was introduced to encourage Australians to take out private health
insurance and relieve the pressure on the public hospital sector. This
experiment has failed dismally, only 43% of Australians continue to take out
private health insurance. Of those that have private health insurance, a
little over 20% of those who earn $20,000 or less have taken out insurance
and of those that earn more than a $100,000 per year only 75% have private
health insurance. These figures are very similar to the figures that
existed before the rebate was introduced in 1998.

Instead of wasting $3 billion per year of taxpayers money to lift the
overall number of Australians taking out private health insurance by 6 or
7%, it's time that both the government and the Labor opposition bite the
bullet and re-examined the private insurance taxpayer funded rebate. If the
Howard government was serious about increasing access to the private health
sector to concession card holders and the working poor, it would make much
more economic sense for the Howard government to increase the rebate for
those who earn less than $20,000 per year and remove the rebate for those
who pay the top marginal tax rate.

If the coalition government is not willing to introduce a means test to
decide whose access to the private hospital sector should be subsidised by
the taxpayer, it's time both the government and the opposition considered
scrapping the rebate and transferring the $3 billion per year savings into
the public hospital sector. The transfer of $3 billion per year into the
public health sector would be more than enough to open the 1000 public
hospital beds that have been closed over the past ten years.

A. Definitely. Unless people want to go back to the good olde days when
women who were accused of witchcraft were thrown into the local pond ­ if
they survived they were burnt at the stake because they must have been
witches, if they drowned they were innocent and their souls went straight to
heaven. People need courts, a series of mediation centres, tribunals and
courts would exist to provide a mechanism that allows difficulties between
families, neighbours, communities and regions to be tackled and resolved.
There is no place for arbitrary justice in an anarchist community. Due
process provides the mechanism by which everybody in an anarchist society is
able to access and receive justice. The jury system plays a central role in
anarchist tribunals and courts. It's important that judicial positions are
rotated and that juries are chosen randomly. The more people involved in
the justice system the more likely people are to accept decisions that are
made by these institutions.
Mediation would always be the first part of call in any dispute where
questions about guilt or innocence are not the central issue. Institutions
where questions about guilt or innocence are important, juries would always
be involved in the process. Courts play a central role in any society. The
major function of courts in an anarchist community is to provide mechanisms
that ensure that disputes are tackled fairly and resolved non-violently.
Any interested party can take any matter to mediation or court at any time.
People need to be both in control of the judicial process and feel
comfortable using it. It needs to be both seen to be as well as be part of
the community. The closer the system is to the people it deals with, the
greater the chance the process will be used, accepted and trusted by those
who come into contact with it. Courts, like death but unlike taxes, will
always be an important part of the human experience.

If only I was younger. If only I was older, if only I had a job, if only I
had more money behind me, if only I was intelligent, if only other people
cared and the list goes on and on and on. Change only occurs when people
fight and organise to bring about change. You can read about it, think
about it, dream about it, pray for it nothing happens unless you're
willing to take that first step.
I hate to state the bleeding obvious, but every journey starts with a first
step. Irrespective of whether you're involved in a campaign to have a set
of traffic lights set up in your local community or whether you want to
change the world, nothing will happen until you take that first step. You
can keep saying 'if only, if only, if only' or you can do something about
it. Groups, organisations and mass movements don't spring from no-where,
they grow and eventually become a serious threat to the status quo because
individuals have taken that first step.
If you understand and are happy with the ideas, if you want change then you
need to get the ball rolling. Forget about finding a 'friend' or a few
other people to work with. If you have the ideas and take up the first
step, other people will join. You only need one person to organise a mass
meeting. You only need one person to bring an issue to the attention of the
general public. You only need one person to hold a vigil, organise a rally
and form an organisation. If you have anarchist contacts, approach them
before you embark on a long bitter campaign. They may be able to help you
with resources and possibly they may be able to share experiences with you
about campaigns they have initiated or been involved in.
You may decide you're not ready, you don't have the confidence to take that
first step. If you haven't the confidence, don't worry, continue thinking
about the issue, you'll soon know when to take that first step. If you have
taken the first step and failed, don't throw in the towel. While there's
life, there's hope and while there's hope anything is possible.

The idea that workers should celebrate on the 1st of May was first raised at
a Federated Trades and Labor Union's of the United States and Canada meeting
in 1884. The Congress decided that over the next 2 years, they would
encourage their members to become involved in struggles for the 8-hour day
that would culminate in widespread action on the 1st of May 1886. This
decision resulted in a bitter struggle at McCormack Harvesters in Chicago
that led to the deaths of over 20 workers and the execution of 4 anarchists
­ The Haymarket Martyrs ­ for their participation in the 8-hour day
Interestingly, the Melbourne Anarchist Club the first anarchist group
established in Australia was formed on the 1st of May 1886. Its highly
likely that this day was chosen as a result of their correspondence with
activists in the US involved in the 1886 campaign. The Melbourne Anarchist
Club celebrated May Day with a lecture and meeting during 1887, '88 and '89.
The US workers involved in the 1886 struggles sent delegates to an
international Labor conference (the inaugural meeting of the Second
International) that was held in Paris on the 14th of July 1889. John
Norton, an Australian delegate, attended this conference. The Congress
decided to make the 1st of May 1890 ­ MAY DAY ­ a 'day of international
Labor demonstrations'.
Victorian workers held a May Day meeting as a result of this call in 1890,
that was chaired by 'the little doctor' Dr. Maloney, a member of the
Knights of Labor. The first May Day processions and demonstrations were
held in Australia during the 1891 Shearers strike in Barcoldine and Ipswich
in Queensland. Over 1,000 people took part in Barcoldine demonstrations,
over 600 were mounted on horseback. The May Day procession was led by four
of the leaders of the Shearers strike, they were followed by the Odd Fellows
Band. Behind the band, the shearers and their supporters marched behind the
Australian Labor Federation banner. Eureka flags were flown, possibly the
first time since 1856, by participants in the first May Day march. The end
of the demonstration was brought up by a wagon driven by a shearer, in which
a young woman vigorously waved a Young Australia flag.
The first May Day procession was held in Melbourne in 1892. A public
celebration was held at the Yarra bank that year. The Yarra bank
celebrations had been preceded by a march that began at the Burke and Wills
monument. Participants in the demonstration marched behind two huge red
flags. Chummy Fleming, the well-known Melbourne anarchist and agitator,
chaired the Yarra bank meeting in 1892. Chummy Fleming asked the Knights of
Labor to call a delegates meeting from Melbourne's radical groups to
organise the 1893 celebrations. In one way or another, Chummy continued to
participate in May Day celebrations until his death in the early 1950's.

An Australian Political Conspiracy'
by Ian Turner, Alpha Books Sydney
1969 Edition, 1st Printed 1967, National Library of Aust. Registry Nos.
Don't call to tell me I've reviewed this book previously. I know I've
reviewed it in the past. Every ANZAC Day my thoughts turn to the men and
women who were involved in the anti war and anti conscription struggle in
World War One. The contribution of those who participated against the war
has been forgotten. 'Sydney's Burning' is one of a handful of books that's
been published that gives the I.W.W's side of the story.
Ian Turner, a senior lecturer in History at Monash University, became
interested in the forgotten history of the I.W.W. when he was researching
material for his book 'Industrial Labor and Politics ­ A Study of the Labor
Movement in Eastern Australia' between 1900 and 1921. 'Sydney's Burning',
his second major work is a tribute to the dynamic men and women in the
I.W.W. that the Prime Minister Billy Hughes described as 'anarchists and
enemies of society'.
The book is divided into 4 sections. Part 1 ­ 'The Trial and Imprisonment
of the Twelve', Part 2 ­ 'The Case Against the Twelve', Part 3 ­ 'The
Release of the Twelve' and Part 4 ­ 'Tailpiece''. Turner examines the
history of the I.W.W. in terms of the fate of the I.W.W. twelve, a dozen
members of the Sydney local who were arrested for 'conspiracy to commit
arson and sedition' a few weeks before the first Conscription referendum was
held in December 1916.
The fate of the I.W.W. in Australia is a powerful testimony to what happens
when ordinary people unsuccessfully challenge the power of those who rule
them and the State. The I.W.W. was banned, their members imprisoned. Their
assets were seized and those who were born overseas were deported. It's
important that we remember their contribution to Australian society. It's
no exaggeration to say that without the I.W.W., hundreds of thousands of
Australians who are alive today would not have been born. Their fathers
would have been slaughtered on the European killing fields if the
Conscription referendums held in 1916 and 1917 had succeeded.
Ian Turner died many years ago while playing a friendly game of cricket.
'Sydney's Burning' is a testimony to his desire to share the truth about the
role that Australia's forgotten heroes, the I.W.W. played in the history of
this country.
The special May Day issue of 'Direct Action' distributed by the I.W.W. on
the 1st of May 1917 calling for the release of the 'twelve', quoted Spies
(one of the Haymarket Martyrs who was executed in the 1880's for his role in
the struggle to win workers an 8-hour day in Chicago) on its front page:-
'There will come a time when our silence will be more powerful than the
voices you strangle today'
­ That time has come, it is ANZAC Day, a day when history is rewritten to
suit the agenda of those who exercise power over us. ­ TRY YOUR LOCAL

Friday night Take-Away night. Forty metres, two shops, two eras, a Noodle
shop across the road, a Japanese Take-Away down the street. Sedate and
sombre white and red, bright and brash yellow and red. Hustle, bustle,
humanity shoulder to shoulder forty metres away, nothing but white
concentration camp silence. Money making machine, meet the rent, pay the
bills, good ordinary food meets razzle dazzle cuisine.
Black and white, chalk and cheese, forty metres apart. White venetian
blinds, paper Chinese lamps peek through. Take-Away zone up front, eight
mortals waiting for Chinese morsels for their tea, the restaurant full of
people, waiters scurrying taking orders, the din assaults the cold night
air. Forty metres away ­ fifty two steps silence, nothing, Venetian blinds
partially open, hand painted 'OPEN' sign on the door. I don't want to
become the ninth mere mortal waiting for Chinese morsels, no one behind the
counter, no one sitting at the black and white laminae tables.
Plastic black and white squares on the floor, two typed menus in red plastic
covers sit on the two laminex tables closest to the counter. Four
ubiquitous Chinese scenes reminiscent of a forgotten era line the walls, two
fluorescent lights trigger memories about stories of Chinese water torture
in Korean War prisoner of war camps. For one dreadful moment, I thought I
wouldn't be able to place an order as I'd forgotten to bring a pot to put
the food in. I need had not worried, I saw a pile of plastic Take-Away
containers as the hostess, hiding behind a plain apron, took my order -
Mongolian beef, Singapore noodles, Prawn dumplings and steamed rice.
The kitchen sprang into life, familiar noises burst through the curtains, a
1950's yellow fridge hummed, the cook shouted in Chinese at no one in
particular. Hey presto, three hot plastic containers and one brown paper
bag materialised from behind the faded curtain. I paid cash for my 1950's
experience, thankful that the black economy allowed the elderly coupler
running this living museum to eke out a living and provide an experience
(apologies to Mastercard) that money can't buy.

The story about how many dairy farmers are doing it tough Sunday Age (25/4),
is a salient reminder of the perils of partial deregulation. Dairy farmers
voted to deregulate the industry in 2000, seduced by stories of the profits
that could be made by exporting fresh milk and milk products to Asia. The
National Party pulled out all stops to convince farmers who made a
comfortable living from dairy cattle that they would be better off, if
guaranteed prices for milk were abolished.
It hasn't taken farmers long to realise that throwing themselves at the
mercy of a monopoly controlled market was financial suicide. Solidarity was
the single greatest strength that dairy farmers enjoyed. When they voted to
deregulate the industry, they lost the marketing power they were able top
Overnight the balance of power was transferred to buying monopolies. Dairy
companies and supermarkets now set the agenda. Those dairy farmers who
believed that the good times would go on forever, have found that an
increasing Australian dollar, drought and the power exercised by buying
monopolies means that viable businesses have now become marginal. Many
smaller dairy farmers will be forced off the land. Dairy corporations that
are setting up large-scale dairy farms will snap up their quotas.
Men and women who owned their own farms are now are faced with the prospect
of working as employees for dairy monopolies that have bought their farms.
The plight of many dairy farmers is a remainder that solidarity is the only
weapon that they are able to use to maintain their incomes and way of life.
The ultimate responsibility for the situation they find themselves in, lays
in the hands of the National Party and those organisations that represented
them in the past, who have sold out their members for thirty pieces of
silver. Re establishing links between dairy farmers and setting up
organisations that represent their interests, is the only way they can
successfully bargain with the monopolies that currently control the dairy

Joseph TOSCANO / Libertarian Workers
For A Self-Managed Society.

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SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA, EMAIL:rworker@chaos.apana.org.au
FREEDOM Vol.65 No.3,7TH FEB 2004, Anarchist Fortnightly, 84b Whitechapel
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A cop working in an inner-city Sydney station (Surry Hills) has been charged
with sexually assaulting a prisoner. Constable Joel Kerde, is alleged to
have taken a prisoner home while on duty on the morning of April 6 &
sexually assaulted them. (Source: ABC news website)
About 1/2 of Iraqi security forces recruited by US govt in the cities of
Fallujah & Najaf have either walked off the job or have changed sides, acc
to the US military. 40% of Iraqi security forces walked off the job b/c they
didn't want to fight fellow Iraqis, said Maj Gen Martin Dempsey, commander
of the Army's 1st Armored Division. Another U.S. military commander said 10%
of Iraqi security forces "worked against" U.S. forces in the past 3 weeks of
fighting. (Source: USA Today [US])
A 24yo ex criminal may be deported to the country he left at the age of 6,
where he knows no one & doesn't speak the language, despite being
rehabilitated. Rodrigo Herrera came to Australia from Chile. Unlike the rest
of his family, he didn't apply for citizenship b/c he didn't realise he had
to. He has served a jail sentence & completed a methadone program to deal
with the heroin addiction that landed him in jail. He has said he would like
to learn a trade. However the govt has revoked his permanent residency &
intends to deport him to Chile. (Source: SMH)
2 US soldiers have deserted their units to live in Canada rather than go to
war in Iraq the same option taken by tens of thousands of US men during
the Vietnam War. 25yo Private Hinzman said the "crystallising moment" for
his decision to abandon the army was hearing a radio report while in
Afghanistan about the sharing out of oil revenue in post-war Iraq. 18yo
Private Hughey said "this is a war based solely on lies". The 2 men will be
the first US citizens to apply to become refugees in Canada. They'll be
helped by Canada's ban on deporting anyone who faces the death penalty.
Their lawyer, Jeffry House, was one of 60,000 US citizens to go to Canada to
avoid conscription during the Vietnam War.(Source: Telegraph [UK])
Aust intelligence services are biased towards the Indonesian govt, are
"unable to identify reality" & tailor their reports to what the govt wants
to hear, according to the Aust army's top intelligence analyst. Senior
members of the Defence Dept accused Collins of leaking confidential
material. An inquiry into the allegations has cleared him of any wrongdoing
& supported his claims of institutional failures in Aust's intelligence
system. Capt Martin Toohey, who headed the enquiry, said there was a
"pro-Jakarta" lobby within the army's principal intelligence office, the
Defence Intelligence Org, "which distorts intelligence estimates to the
extent those estimates are heavily driven by govt policy ... in other words,
DIO reports what the Govt wants to hear." In a letter to the PM, Collins
said his superiors in the military tailored their reports to fit govt policy
& had failed to respond accurately in the cases of supposed Iraqi WMD, the
Willie Brigitte case, the Bali bombing, the fall of Suharto, the situation
in the Solomons, the death of an intelligence officer in Washington, the
resumption of Indian nuclear testing & the testing of the sarin nerve agent
on an Aus farm by a Japanese religious sect. (Source: NineMSN News site)

Has been awarded to the fourth estate, both the government gelded ABC and
the corporate owned news outlets, for their one-dimensional portrayal of
ANZAC Day that flies in the face of historical reality.

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minutes of illusory power.

I'm afraid it's that time of year again. Yes, your nightmares have come
true. It's 3CR RADIOTHON time. Firstly I'd like to thank you once again
for your support over the past few years and hopefully your support this
year. As you most likely know 3CR is the only radio station in Australia
that has given anarchists consistent access to the airwaves. Over the past
26 anarchists have had a voice at 3CR. The money donated during 3CR's,
yearly radiothon is used to keep the station on air 7 days a week,
twenty-four hours a day.
So, get out that moneybox, stop consuming legal and illegal mind altering
substances and put your pennies aside for the RADIOTHON.
Enjoy the delicious irony of knowing that you can obtain a LEGIT tax
deduction for donating to the 3CR radiothon and supporting the Anarchist
world this week.
In order to guild the lily we are offering a weeks subscription to the
Anarchist Age Weekly Review for every two dollars you donate. If you donate
$100 dollars you will receive a years subscription to the Anarchist Age
Weekly Review. Everybody who donates to 3CR as a consequence of the
Anarchist World this week will also receive a poster that gloats about how
they received a legal tax deduction from the Howard government for
supporting the Anarchist World this week on 3CR and
All you have to do is either put a cheque or money order made out to 3CR in
the stamp addressed enveloped provided and send it off ASAP or You can ring
in between 10.00am to 11.00am on WEDNESDAY the 16th of June and make your
pledge to 3CR during the special radiothon program.
Telephone (03) 9419 8377 or (03) 9419 0155.

Reclaim the past to understand the present and change the future

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