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(en) US, Chicago Anarchists report from DC weekend actions against the IMF/WB and the march for womyn's liberation

From Worker <a-infos-en@ainfos.ca>
Date Wed, 28 Apr 2004 09:23:13 +0200 (CEST)

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On our experiences going to DC to participate in the demonstrations against
the International Monetary Fund / World Bank and the March for Womyn's
Liberation, complete with pictures from the front lines.
April 24: Actions against the IMF / World Bank
Event kicked off with rally and speakers at Franklin Park.
Anarchist drum corps was meeting by a tree where a womyn
wearing a captain america ski mask was waving a big black flag.
March started soon after with festive drumming and flag waving.
[ pic: crowd shot of gathering at Franklin park ]
pictures are on http://www.infoshop.org/inews/stories.php?story=04/04/27/8532386

There was lots of minor property destruction. A few anarchists
were hitting up cop cars, traffic signs, the streets, expensive
SUVs, and sides of buildings with spraypainted anarchy signs and
other messages. Hundreds of anti-IMF stickers were deployed on
all nearby surfaces. A few people were also keying some windows
and cars. A few climbed light posts and attached black flags,
chanting 'Who's pole! Our pole!'

Demonstrators also burned a U.S. flag, condemning it as the
largest international terrorist organization to chants of 'brick by
brick, wall by wall, we'll tear the U.S. empire down'. We oppose
the idea of man-made borders to keep people divided: we are all
one humanity fighting one struggle. Even an anarchist tossed a
black flag into the fire to oppose the idea of flags altogether.

At one point cops pulled someone out from the crowd and
arrested him. The black bloc locked arms and rushed the pigs,
shouting 'today's pig, tomorrow's bacon! . The cops quickly pulled
back while dozens of photographers rushed in and started taking
up-close pictures of the bloc. Foolishly so, we just allowed them to
photograph us while we stood perfectly still.

The radical cheerleaders / pink bloque also had a large presence at
the demonstration with festive dances and cheers to add liveliness
to the march.

Passing by a McDonalds, crowds chanted anti-McDonalds
slogans as the black bloc spraypainted anarchist signs on their
wall. Humorously enough, some stalinists left the march for a bit
to grab a burger at McDonalds, and while they were eating they
waved the USSR flag against the window towards the march.
Some anti-corporate globalization protesters indeed...

[ pic: communist consumers unite! ]

Festival of Resistance / Really REALLY free market
The march returned to Franklin Park to be greeted with live
music, book giveaways, rally + speakers, etc. Free vegan food and
drink was served by Food Not Bombs. Open mic sessions where
people read poetry and There were several open mic sessions with
drumming and dancing.

April 25: March for Womyn's Liberation

Radical cheerleader / black bloc march
After morning food servings, the radical cheerleaders and the
black bloc marched from Stanton Park to the rally site, filling the
streets with pep and joyful resistance. We marched through some
of the neighborhoods, through the ranks of the mainstream
liberals at the main rally area, and then by several federal buildings
in downtown DC.

[ pic: radical cheerleader / black bloc march ]

Tearing it up with mad dancing and festive drumming, the radical
cheerleaders added some much-needed festive resistance to the
day's events which was otherwise filled with mainstream liberals
holding mass-produced picket signs. Much joyful dancing,
spontaneous make-out sessions, and banners reading 'end the
occupation of our wombs', 'we're pro-choice and we riot', etc.

[ pic: radical cheerleaders get down! ]

At one point several pigs on motorcycles tried running through
our ranks from behind. Locking arms, and with much pushing, we
were able to prevent them from passing for several moments while
a few anarchists kicked their cycles, temporarily disabling one. We
were closely followed by several obvious undercovers standing
behind police lines and talked to cops and pointed out people in
the crowd. Several U.S. flags were burned as well, receiving good
responses from the crowd and massive booing when cops tried
stamping out the fire.

[ pic: we don't need no water, let the mother fucker burn ]

[ pic: police trying to run through the black bloc ]

Anti-choice bigots
Rows of motorcycle cops protecting ignorant moralists, right-wing
extremists, and religious fundamentalists(seperation of church
and state?). Numbering in the hundred or so at best, they made
disgusting attempts to startle people by showing doctored photos
of messed up aborted fetuses, catering to blind emotions and
moralism instead of providing rational arguments. Most were
uttering ridiculous prayers and religious dogma. They were met
with a rowdy bunch of radicals who and got up in their faces and
made out with each other. A few water balloons were chucked at
their signs on their trucks during the march.

[ pic: Bigots / getting up in their faces ]

Mad dancing / flag waving on truck
Several anarchists climbed a nearby truck and proceeded to wave
black flags, fill the air with colorful bubbles, play drums and dance
joyfully, contributing to the festivity of the event. Press people also
climbed aboard after realizing that was the most fantastic view of
the rally with crowds of people spanning as far as the eye can see
in every direction. We expected to eventually be kicked off the
truck by the pigs, but we had more to worry about the mainstream
liberal organizers. The 'security' for the march, composed by
authoritative march organizers, demanded that people get off the
ban. Even though the crowds were digging it and press people
were taking some of the best photos of the rally, the mainstream
organizers actually called the cops on us. When we asked them to
join us, they gave us the finger. Who's side are they on? Later on
they had paid volunteers to circle the fan for hours, physically
preventing people from climbing the van. Someone attached a
sign that said 'you may take our lives but never our truck!', which
really irked the authoritative march organizers.

[ pic: waving that black flag on the truck ]

Festive dance circles

During the rally, several drum circles broke out by where the black
bloc / radical cheerleaders were hanging out. People started
playing all sorts of random instruments and danced about in a very
lively festive fashion. It was a very empowering experience and
even some older people not part of the radical contingent joined in.
Everyone we talked to later today said that the presence of
energetic young people was an inspiring sight to see.

[ pic: festive dance circles ]

The placement of both events on following days helped foster
discussion between issues. The streets were flooded in days in
advance of people coming down for the March for Women's
Lives. This helped bridge the gap between these linked struggles
against patriarchy and global capitalism, since these issues are
tightly linked - it's all one struggle.

Because the WB/IMF demonstration were less militant then
previous actions, the corporate media has tried to spin it saying
that the anti-corporate globalization movement is dying and
becoming irrelevent. Turn off your TV. The streets of DC were
filled with creative resistance, and the actions were a very
empowering experience to those who attended. Joyful dancing
and festivity can be a more uniting, empowering experience than
smashing windows. Even though there was little direct action or
property destruction, it does not mean that this were not effective
actions. In the words of Emma Goldman, "If I can't dance, then
it's not my revolution".

Report-back from HackThisSite.org. Photographs courtesy of
fetusinbloom.com(more pics available there).

Please add comments, personal accounts, and photos if they are
related to some of the above events.

Link: http://www.fetusinbloom.com

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