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(en) UK, Their Payday - http://www.theirpayday.org/ - an anarchist inspired initiative

From Worker <a-infos-en@ainfos.ca>
Date Thu, 15 Apr 2004 17:10:08 +0200 (CEST)

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Between 26-28 April, a business conference entitled 'Iraq
Procurement 2004:Meet the Buyers' - sponsored by Shell,
ExxonMobil, ChevronTexaco, Raytheon and others - will be
taking place in Central London. In attendance will be Iraqi
ministers (who sit in the 'cabinet' chosen by the US-appointed
Governing Council), a representative of the US Coalition
Provisional Authority (CPA) in Iraq and Tony Blair's Special
Representative on Trade and Reconstruction Brian Wilson (who
was recently in Washington pressing for an expanded British role
in the 'reconstruction' of Iraq).

British corporations finally get to bid for their slice of the great
Iraqi privatisation carve-up. 13-years of a genocidal sanctions
regime which banned all imports and exports from the country,
including essential parts for repairing infrastructure such as the
electricity system and water purification plants plus medicines,
and sealing in the fate of over 25 million people, over a million and
a half of whom died, most of them children, from preventable
causes as a result of the embargo. The systematic wrecking of the
Iraqi economy has primed it perfect for a free market take-over
and multinational privatisation bonanza.

Whilst the massacres continue all over Iraq, in particular in
Falluja, still reeling and grieving from its 600+ dead, the architects
of the occupation, their representatives and profiteers are meeting
here in the UK to discuss profit stakes and capital, money and
power, whilst ordinary Iraqi people are dying and slaving away for
next to nothing and live in the same poverty and state of terror
from both the Occupation and the un-elected stooges and the
neo-Baathi managerial class it has re-imposed on Iraqi workers.

We want Freedom, Self Determination and Justice for the Iraqi

Let's meet the buyers and let them know that their agenda serves
nothing but more bloodshed, misery, war and exploitation.
"Invited Guests" will attend an official dinner on the evening of
Tuesday 27 April and it is envisaged that a large public action will
take place at the venue.

Ever since the Occupation unilaterally passed the illegal Order
Number 30 on Foreign Investment - the goal of the war and
occupation in writing which allows for 100% foreign ownership of
everything in Iraq above ground level and cuts corporate tax from
45% to 15% and allows for 100% capital flight from Iraq -
multinationals have been winning multimillion dollar
reconstruction deals (most of which have been unfulfilled and all
of which exploit ordinary Iraqi workers who for 13 years kept their
industries going through the US-UK-UN genocidal sanctions
regime and who still make the wealth in Iraq and keep their
country's bomb-smashed infrastructure (electricity, oil, gas, water
sector and docks) alive.

Acting president of Iraq Paul Bremer lll (how many Ambassadors
do you know who have veto over the creation of national
legislation and decisions and have passed over 70 de-facto laws
including (Order Number 30 on Reforms of Salaries and
Employment), which determines the wages of public sector
workers throughout Iraq, setting the national minimum wage for
an Iraqi public sector worker at 69,000 Iraqi Dinar per month
($40)- less than half of the recommended monthly wage of a Free
Trade Zone sweatshop worker in neighbouring Iran.

Most people's rents are 25,000 to 50,000 ID per month, rent,
meat, fruit, vegetables and fuel prices have rocketed and fluctuate
wildly (cooking gas prices rose from 500 ID last June to 12,000ID
in August. Most families go through about 2 such canisters for
cooking and heating water per month). The Occupation
Administration also passed laws on economic structure and
national budget (Orders 39 on Foreign Investment and Order 54
on Trade Liberalisation Policy), media and freedom of expression
restrictions (Order 14 on Prohibited Media Activity and Order 19
(modelled on British Public Order Law) on Freedom of

The Occupation has imposed an unrepresentative, and widely
rejected, ridiculed and redundant puppet government - The
Governing Council ( Inaugurated last June) - to mask its
continuing passing of illegal laws and re-empowerment of former
Baathists (10,000 intelligence agents and torturers plus numerous
industrial and ministerial bosses) and escalation of repression of
any dissent against its humiliating brutality and perpetuation of
trauma and disempowerment for Iraqi people.
We can show our solidarity with the ordinary people in Iraq, the
unemployed, the workers, women, families, children whose
futures are being mapped out for them, people who are resisting
the Occupation and its neo-Baathi elites and struggling not just
for self determination but survival itself as the Occupying forces
crack down on the burgeoning intifada - a popular uprising -
ungovernable by religious or Baathists forces although all of these
are represented but expresses the frustration, humiliation and rage
against an re-imposed system of exploitation and oppression
experienced by ordinary Iraqi families all over the country.

Affinity Groups, pressure groups, and all groups who take offence
at this outrageous sale of stolen assets are invited to plan their
own covert actions so that no delegate can be left in doubt about
the moral repugnance of their actions.

contact email:- info@theirpayday.org

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