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From rcdc@mutualaid.org
Date Mon, 12 Apr 2004 22:41:39 +0200 (CEST)

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WHO: the radical cheerleaders of DC and YOU! this action is open to EVERYONE!
WHAT: in response to the liberal and reformist action plan of the March for
Women's lives, the radical cheerleaders of DC have called for a radical
pro-choice cheer/noise bloc. we will assemble, eat some yummy free
breakfast, and have a feeder march from Stanton park, in Northeast DC, to
the national mall where we will join in solidarity with over 1,000,000
other pro-choice supporters. when we reach the mall, we will join the
main march and show them what radicals can shake!
WHY: because abortion access and women's autonomy is under attack. because
these problems cannot be solved in the courts, in a voting booth, or
through your local member of congress. because the recent signing of the
Unborn Victims of Violence Act and the Partial Birth Abortion Ban, has
confirmed our suspicions....there's a fucking war on!

we will meet this challenge by showing our support for abortion access and
women's autonomy without turning to the State for permission. we know
that true liberation cannot be won by asking permission from the police to
dissent. while we fully support the March for Women's Lives, we want to
show our politics in the streets! so, while they have their rally and
promote electoral politics as the key to emancipation, we'll have our
march. then both marches will join at the mall and we’ll show our
solidarity and strength together.

april 25th, 2004. we will meet at Stanton park at 9:00am (NOTE THE TIME
CHANGE) and begin serving breakfast. from 9:00 to 10:30 we will serve
food and people can hang out, listen to some live music, and get ready to
move. by 11:00 we're going to begin marching towards the national mall,
and by 12:00 we should reach the main rally/march. from there we will
join the main march with over 1,000,000 people.

we will meet at Stanton park at 9:00am. Stanton park is located on C st.
NE between 6th st. NE and 4th st. NE. the closest metro's are eastern
market or union station. check out the DC metro website for more
information at: http://www.wmata.com, for a map of Stanton park, check
out: http://www.jubiar.com/spna/about/map.phtml
for more information, check out: www.radicalcheer.org
for questions, comments, endorsements and other correspondence, email:

--please circulate, post and distribute widely--
From their web page:

Radical Cheerleaders of D.C. Principles Of Unity http://www.radicalcheer.org/about.htm

We, the Radical Cheerleaders of D.C., declare our ideology and
ourselves in the following Principles Of Unity:

Our purpose:

We as a group, view cheerleading as a celebratory method of
reclaiming our collective voices and harnessing them to express
our beliefs and ideologies in a progressive, creative and fun
manner. We promote a positive expression of our discontent.

In conjunction with our direct action campaign we strive to raise
awareness of often-overlooked local struggles.

Our structure:

We function as an affinity group: a decentralized, autonomous
collective of self-identifying non-violent, anti-authoritarians and
anti-oppression activists. Our group is based around the ideas of
cooperation, mutual aid, equality and active participation. We
arrive at all decisions through the process of consensus. All
members of the collective are equal in group status and stature.

We practice theoretical and tactical unity; these Principles Of
Unity are an organic expression of the purpose and motives of the
entire group, and guide our actions and decision-making process.

Our tactical philosophy:

We, as radicals, choose to work outside of all systems of
hierarchy, including all forms of political bureaucracy. We do not
need the permission of any entity to publicly express our political

We respect a diversity of tactics and support the use of a variety of
creative initiatives, ranging between popular education and direct

Our tactics stem from the tradition of direct action and civil
disobedience long used to counter State repression. We recognize
that there are risks inherent to all direct action, and we will not
limit our actions to those that are sanctioned by the State.

Our beliefs:

We oppose violence in all forms including violence against both
human and non-human animals, as well as our planet.

We assert all peoples' right to guaranteed food, housing,
healthcare and education.

We believe in the right to self-determination, which is the right by
which all peoples are entitled to freely determine their political
position, and to pursue their economic, social and cultural

We maintain a respect for diversity, and support self-selected,
personal autonomy.

We reject the idea that people are divided by national boundaries.
We see the world as a global community and family, and stand
opposed to nationalism both in the USA and abroad.

We actively oppose discrimination on the basis of sex, gender,
class, color, race, national origin, sexual identity, religion, culture,
physical ability or age, and we strive to dismantle those systems of
prejudice both within ourselves and in our global community.

We reject traditional roles placed on gender, and the social
construct of gender itself. We reject traditions that limit us by
keeping women powerless as homemakers, and enslave men as
familial breadwinners.

We reject the idea that a life partnership, regardless of
State-approved recognition, can only exist between a man and a
woman. We support the right of people to partner with the person,
or persons of their choice regardless of biological, or socially
imposed labels.

We support a woman's right to choose. We believe that abortion
and contraception should be made widely available through safe,
confidential, legal and accessible means. We deplore violence
used by anti-choice zealots in an attempt to coerce health care
providers into changing policy. We stand strong in our
commitment to non-violent resistance in the face of morally
motivated terror.

We oppose the State's attempts to chip away our civil liberties. We
deplore the United States' use of a terrorist attack to quicken the
erosion of our right to privacy, right to free expression and the
right of immigrants to live in peace and safety.

We reject all social and economic systems of oppression that
operate in an exploitative manner, and view human beings as
human capital, ecosystems as natural resources, and culture as
simply a commodity. We reject the idea that the world is only
valuable in terms of profit, competition and efficiency.

We reject class distinctions and struggle for a classless society.

We stand opposed to principles of neoliberalism and
corporate-sponsored globalization that place profit over the value
of humans, animals and the environment. We reject the idea that
corporations have a "right" to profit, and that secretly decided
multi-national trade agreements should override domestic laws.
These institutions perpetuate systems of inequality, poverty and
violence. Global "lending" institutions like the World Bank and
the International Monetary Fund are not candidates for reform,
and we support all efforts to oppose their self-perpetuating strategy
of permanent global indebtedness.

We oppose destructive Structural Adjustment Programs forcibly
implemented on indebted countries in the face of economic
hardship, and promote a system of support for nations in need
based on the model of a global community. We support immediate
solutions to poverty that are sustainable, while allowing the
impoverished to maintain their dignity and culture.

We support local labor struggles and living wage campaigns.

We are against all forms of imperialism and support the struggles
of peoples fighting for their freedom.

We strive for a systematic, broad based change in our social
relationships and social institutions to reflect more cooperative,
egalitarian and nonhierarchical ideals.

We oppose State initiated violence in all forms including the death
penalty, the war on drugs, political assassinations, covert military
actions and all forms of militarization and war. We oppose
governmental attempts to disguise imperialistic and monetarily
motivated attacks under the name of "humanitarian interventions"
or a morally guided crusade.

We oppose violence committed by police officers on our streets, as
well as violence created and maintained by policy makers in our

We oppose national initiatives that support - economically,
militarily or diplomatically - nations or organizations actively
engaging in any kind of oppressive actions. We oppose the
funding, training and protection of violent elements.

We recognize that, while we are confronting oppressive
structures, we also manifest oppressive tendencies and prejudices.
We will actively identify and confront these inconsistencies,
products of our socialization, as part of our group process. This
process of self-identification and evaluation will not be subverted
by our strategic and tactical goals.

We will no longer be spectators in our own world. We are now the
spectacle and the world is our audience.

For peace, with love, in revolution:

RCDC collective
www.radicalcheer.org / rcdc@mutualaid.org

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