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(en) Croatia, PLAYING WITHOUT BORDERS - NO BORDER CAMP at MURSKO SREDISCE-CROATIA 30.04.-01.05.2004 & Text of the flyer

From International Secretariat of ASI <is@inicijativa.org>
Date Thu, 8 Apr 2004 06:37:15 +0200 (CEST)

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Several anarchist groups from the territory of Croatia- AFA, Food Not Bombs,
Anfema, R.A.I. and ACT- are organizing an No Border Camp under the name
źPlaying Without Borders╗ . No Border Camp is a way of protest but also a
positive action theat refers to numerous problems like borders, xenopfobia,
rasism, violation of human rights, and dismorality of global capitalism...
The time that is selected for the No Border Camp actions (30.4. and 01.05.)
is simbolic because on the international labour day the Schengen Border is
moving east as well as the ten new countries join the European Union. Trough
the diferent workshops, disscusions, lectures, direct and educative actions
we will try to speak more about the problems that come with approaching the
borders of źfortress Europe╗, how will it affect the people that remain on
the źoutside╗ but also what are the conseqences for the new-jojned
countries. The liberty of movement, immigrants, labour and women rights are
only a few of the issues...



Friday 30.04.2004.

10:30 h am; lectures and workshops ( in the camp )
Ě women and EU
Ě workers and EU
Ě EU and schengen border

02:00 pm ( in the camp )
Big meeting of all participators of the camp

03:00 pm ( in the town )
Food Not Bombs action

06:00 pm ( in the camp )
Lecture about GMO in the camp

Saturday 01.05.

11:00 am ( in the camp )
Ě civil dissobidience workshop
realisation with help of the Center For Peacefoul studies-Zagreb

Ělecture, workshop, film: źIllegal people in croatia╗
social and law aspects
realisation with help of the Center For Peacefoul studies-Zagreb

03:00 pm ( in the camp )
ĚLunch and film

06:00 pm ( in the town )
ĚRound table and disscussion: EU and Schengen border

Every day from noon till 06:00 pm there will be an Info Point in the city

Evening program for both days: performances, juggling workshops, film

Remark: programs are not still decised, the most time table

BICYCLE CARAVAN- Zagreb-No Border Camp
The date and time is still unknown-announcment will be set later


is a way of protest, but also of a positive action which refers to numerous
problems: borders, xenophobia, racism, violation of human rights...

MAY, 1st

is the day that symbolize workers' struggle for their rights, which
bureaucrates from sindicates won't assure for them, but only their own
direct actions will.


Slovenia will officialy become a member of European Union. The border of
''Fortress Europe'' moves to the East. How it effects to population of
new-joined countries, but also for the people who will remain outside of
the EU.


is a location of the camp. Subjects; BORDERS - WORKERS RIGHTS - EUROPEAN
UNION will be discussed througout the camp ( projections, meetings,
lectures, workshops, discussions, direct and educative actions...) and
direct actions in the center of the town .


''For free movement of people, goods and money'' is a motto of EU. In
reality it goes like this; money and goods move freely across the borders,
but when it comes to people, that's completely another story. Persons from
countries which are in process of joining the EU won't have freedom of
movement across EU the next 5-7 years, which depends on decision of ''old''
members. Money and goods certainly won't wait that long.


Instead of number of small countries, now there is a one ''super-state''
which keeps all their bad characteristics. Is the existance of ''island of
safety and wealthness'' possible, when it's surrounded by problems and
poverty? EU is trying to ''defend'' itself from the ones they call
''illegal immigrants'' using the new technology on Schengen borders;
assembling centres for immigrants and deportations. The truth is that
multinationals from EU need them as cheap workforce that has no posibility
to struggle for better working conditions. They also need experts, in whose
education they never invested. At the same time xenophobia, prejudices and
fear that ''foreigns will take over their work places'' etc. are present in
public. That is the way to keep immigrants in tough position and
unexeptance, and to present them as a couse of existential problems, which
are in fact mainly caused by the system.


What does future and Europe bring us? In the name of safety of citizens,
they are being monitored. Beggining with cameras all around (streets,
squares, parks, public transport, schools, and all other public
buildings..., for example, in London you 'll be captured by about 300
cameras in one ordinary day), chip cards which allow control of your
movement to police, laws that forbid unannounced gatherings of more than
three persons, planning of the city's public areas to make it simple for the
police to have a complete control (city parks, playgrounds...), controlling
troughout department for employment and system of social help, etc.
Discrimination and prejudices are present in many ways, through police
behavior and frequent ''controll check'' to which are exposed people with
different colour of skin, different chlothes...
People will accept all those humiliating procedures if they are kept in fear
of terrorism, which mainly is the consequence of economical and foreign
affaires politics of USA and EU goverments.


Eu economy is based on centrilazed planned production, which is not in the
harmony with local context and local needs, but instead of that it's goal is
bigger efficiency and bigger profits of big corporations. Consistantly we
can hear experts from IMF and WB who say that the production should be more
orientated on export. This in fact means;
- encouring monoculture instead of biodiversity,
- production for global trade insteda of satisfying local needs,
- intensive industrial agriculture and use of many chemical ingredients (GM
seeds also), instead of traditional way of production and organic
- dissapearanceof small and medium big family businesses because of a
competition of a big transnational corporations,
- it is also manifested through źquality control╗ of products, which is
adapted to conditions that only the big firms can fullfill. That is one more
way to remove local products from the market.
- production and market control; in other words control of the price of
products by export and import quotas.


Plan and vision of ideal źdevelopment╗ in the eyes of EU (and IMF and WB) is
based on decreasing social subventions and privatisation og health care,
education, retirement fond and even jails.
Funds and loans which are named as positive way to join EU, are used
exclusively for development that EU wants, and for investments in projects
which are going to gain profits for big companies in the future.
We can see transformation of of countries of social safety in countries
that defend only the profits of thr big companies, and the order is
maintained by surveillance and criminal law system.
Privatization of social security system forces people to accept any working
conditions, which is just one more way to ''pacificate'' workers and to
decrease their salaries.

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