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(en) Anarchist Age Weekly Review No. 589 5th April ­ 11th April 2004

From Worker <a-infos-en@ainfos.ca>
Date Wed, 7 Apr 2004 10:49:45 +0200 (CEST)

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Royal Commissions, the establishment of a permanent corruption commission,
increasing the powers of the Ombudsman and increasing police powers, are
some of the suggestions that have been put forward to stop the current spate
of gangland murders. Although these suggestions may help to overcome the
current dilemma faced by the authorities and the community, they do not
tackle the underlying reasons why such situations continue to occur.
The illegal drug trade is fuelled by strong community demand for drugs.
Senior criminal figures involved in the drug trade, can be viewed as astute
businessmen and women who, seeing the community demands for these products
and the enormous overnight profits that can be made from the illegal drug
industry, see the drug trade as a very viable business proposition. People
smoke cigarettes, drink alcohol, smoke marijuana, snort coke, take and
inject amphetamines and heroin and use L.S.D., ecstasy and other designer
drugs because drugs make them feel good and in their opinion helps them face
their personal demons.


Many of the major community problems surrounding the drug trade occur
because the trade is illegal. Exorbitant prices force those users who have
become dependent on drugs to start trading in drugs and become involved in
the commission of both petty and major crimes to feed their habits. The
explosion in the prison population is directly linked to the growth of the
illegal drug trade and the expansion of the gangs that control this
business. Gang leaders are normally not addicts or users; they are usually
astute business people who spend as much time laundering their profits into
legitimate business as they do in securing supplies.

The vast sums that are made, enter the legitimate business world with the
assistance of lawyers, accountants, stockbrokers, financial advisors and
businesses that aren't too fussed about where their money is coming from.
The legacy of death, destruction, personal misery and corruption is just as
much linked to the illegal nature of the trade than it is to the problems
that drugs cause. The legalisation of drugs would transfer the control of
the trade from the criminal world to governments. The problems caused by
drugs would no longer be considered a criminal justice issue. It would be a
health issue.

The enormous amounts of taxpayers money that is now directed at fighting the
current "drug wars" could be redirected at funding campaigns and health
initiatives to regulate and control the industry, educate the community
about the dangers of particular drugs and provide the necessary health
resources to help those who have developed health problems as a result of
their drug use.

Tony Abbott the Federal Health Minister should be transferred to a less
taxing ministry as he seems to be having a great deal of difficulty in
coming to grips with the complexity of the health portfolio. His Medicare
"Minus" package marks the end of Medicare as a universal health care
delivery system. His much vaunted safety net has so many holes in it, that
a pregnant sperm whale could fall through one of the holes.

Instead of concentrating his efforts on ensuring that all Australians have
access to health care services, he seems to be more interested in
propagating his religious fundamentalist view points to a community that
long ago tired of fire and brimstone sermons. Abbott's elevation by Howard
to the Health portfolio has given him the opportunity to use the substantial
resources of the Health department to pursue his ideological obsession to
remould society in his own image.

Australia doesn't need religious zealots who want to impose their will on
people heading government departments. It needs men and women who are
willing to work with the people they represent to provide much needed
services to a community that is crying out for these very same services.
Abbott has succeeded in destroying the single most important innovation
since the introduction of pensions Medicare. The public hospital system
lurches from crisis to crisis as he pontificates about the country's morals.
He is unsuited for the current portfolio and should, for the good of the
Australian people, resign his commission.

Abbott seems to be both unwilling and incapable of coming to grips with the
important health care issues of the day. His diversion into an intellectual
cul de sac of his own making, is an indication that he does not understand
how important an issue 'affordable health care' is to most Australians. If
I were John Howard, I'd give him his marching orders today.

I'm a bit perplexed when I hear Alexander Downer and John Howard say they're
not going to 'cut and run and that they're going to stay in Iraq till the
job is done'. I can't help asking myself 'what job?' I thought Howard and
Downer supported the invasion of Iraq to remove Saddam Hussein's weapons of
mass destruction and to rid the world of 'terrorism' (whatever that means).

I seems that they're wrong on both points. There are no weapons of mass
destruction in Iraq and the invasion of Iraq has spawned a host of bin Laden
clones that pose a greater threat to western interests than existed before
the overthrow of Saddam Hussein.

You have to ask yourself, what job are they talking about? I note that the
rationale for the overthrow of the Saddam Hussein regime now seems to be
tied up in a crusade to introduce freedom and democracy to Iraq. The only
trouble with free and fair elections is that the 'wrong' people ­ Muslim
fundamentalists would most likely win power. So instead of holding
parliamentary elections to decide who the Iraqi people want to represent
them, the 'coalition of the willing' wants to hand pick a few sympathetic
people to rule Iraq on their behalf.

It seems they want to introduce the Iraqi people to the joys of free market
economics. They want to privatise their health and education system. They
want to remove State subsidies from essential food items and most
importantly of all, they want the nationalised oil fields to be placed into
the hands of foreign owned trans-national corporations.

No wonder a year after the invasion of Iraq, the Iraqi people aren't dancing
in the streets, fraternising with the occupation forces or singing the
praises of the invading army. I wonder how many insurrections will have to
occur and how many people will have to die before John Howard and Alexander
Downer believe the job is done and they can 'cut and run'.

One people, one armed force, one voice, two immigration policies, two
economic polices, two futures sums up the agenda at the Pacific Forum that's
being pedalled by John Howard. A review of judicial systems, law
enforcement and security arrangements has been foisted on Fiji, the Cook
Islands, Nauru, Palau, Papua New Guinea, Kiribati, the Federated States of
Micronesia, Solomon Islands, Tuvalu, Vanuatu, Samoa and Tonga by the forum's
leading members, Australia and New Zealand.

Dangling a bag full of cash and threatening dissident States with the
possibility of an economic boycott, the Forum has backed the establishment
of a review group headed by that old conservative, the former Prime Minister
of Papua New Guinea Sir Julius Chan, that will trade sovereignty for
economic assistance. The smaller Pacific Island Forum nations face
unprecedented environmental catastrophes, increasing greenhouse gas
emissions, long line trawling, an economic system dependant on tourism and
minerals that's dominated by outsiders has caused major difficulties for
most of these smaller nation States.

Using the bait of a future European style community and the possibility of
increasing foreign aid, Island leaders have little choice but to hand over
sovereignty to Australia and New Zealand for economic aid. The Australian
government wants to create a climate that will allow it to militarily
intervene in the affairs of its Pacific neighbours. The model that is being
floated is the same as was used in the Solomon Islands. In the Solomon
Islands, the Australian government has taken over policing, the judiciary,
the public service and the military. Australia has created an artificial
air of security by imposing a neo-colonial supra structure on the Solomon
Islands that protects Australian interests on the islands and denies the
people control over their resources and the ability to rule themselves.

by United States Forces
The use of helicopter gun-ships by United State Forces on Shiite protestors
in Baghdad marks the beginning of the end of the Iraqi occupation forces
attempts to win the hearts and minds of the Iraqi people. While the US was
able to contain resistance to the Sunni triangle, it was able to portray the
illusion that resentment against the Iraqi invasion forces was limited to
Baath loyalists and foreign fighters.

The predominantly peaceful protests organised by Sheikh Muqfada al-Sadr's
supporters against the closure of the al-Howza newspaper and the arrest of
Mustafa Yocoubi, one of al-Sadr's principal advisors, has dragged radical
elements of the Shia majority into the war against the occupation forces.
The spectre of civil insurrection has clearly rattled the coalition of the
willing. Nearly one year after the invasion, their much vaunted exercise in
freedom and democracy has sunk into a quagmire of its own making.

As the rhetoric reality gap widens and an army of foreign mercenaries flocks
in to protect US trans-national corporations control of Iraq's oil supplies,
more and more Iraqis are beginning to realise that the invasion had little
to do with overthrowing the Baath Party and everything to do with stealing
their oil. The mounting discontent marks a watershed in the relationship
between the occupation forces and the Iraqi people.

The 30th of June deadline for the handing over of power in Iraq, is a
deadline in name only. The occupation forces will soon find that the threat
posed by Baath remnants and foreign Muslim fundamentalist fighters, is
nothing compared to the threat posed by civil insurrection by a people who
have lost what little faith they had in the US led "coalition of the
willing". With every day that passes, the Iraq situation takes on an
uncanny resemblance to the Vietnam fiasco.

A. Nothing, they will be afforded the same rights and access to resources
as every body else in that community. You don't have to be an anarchist to
live in an anarchist society. People with different viewpoints are welcomed
to make their home in an anarchist society. Non-anarchists are at liberty
to propagate their ideas, form their own organisations and agitate for
change. If significant proportions of the population abandon their
allegiance to anarchist ideas, that society will no longer be an anarchist
Problems will arise if non-anarchist elements within an anarchist community
attempt to impose their will on people. In such a situation, anarchists
have the right to resist any attempt by any group within their community to
impose their will on them. Force will, if necessary, be met by force. An
anarchist society is first and foremost a voluntary society as long as a
significant proportion of the people in an anarchist community adhere to the
principles, that society is based on that community will prosper and
survive, that is unless it is attacked by an overwhelming external force.
The strength of an anarchist community lays in its ability to satisfy the
human needs of most of the people that make up that community. Why would
anybody who has access to the wealth created by that community and who is
involved in the decision making process, want to voluntarily give over their
future to some body else? It's highly unlikely that people who are able to
live free lives and develop themselves to their fullest potential, would
want to hand over their autonomy to a ruler or give their share of the
community's wealth to somebody else.
Anarchists welcome non-anarchists into their community because they are
confident that once non-anarchists experience life in an anarchist
community, they would be loath to allow rulers to continue to exert their
authority over them. Non-anarchists living in an anarchist community have
nothing to fear but the fear of freedom.

If you want to keep friends, don't 'talk about religion or politics' is the
mantra many Australians follow in their public and private lives.
Expressing your thoughts at social gatherings, sporting fixtures or work
should not be limited to talking about the weather, your garden, the house,
the kids or the grandkids. Life is too short to waste indulging in social
That doesn't mean you should jump in feet first and alienate every body
around you. Conversation is an art that many of us have forgotten. The
increasing number of single households, 'chatting' on the internet and the
one way interaction between people and the television screen, has destroyed
the art of conversation. The 'shared' experiences that people have over the
water cooler are normally limited to what's happened to their sporting team
or what people saw on the television screen the night before.
Discussion has become a forgotten art form. People's ability to think about
particular issues is limited by the manufactured consensus that is presented
as reality by the fourth estate. Every time you open your mouth and outline
what you are thinking, you are introducing a perspective that many people
may not have thought about. Just opening your mouth could be the catalyst
that's needed to change people's attitudes or perspective about a particular
issue or topic.
You don't do anybody any favours by keeping your mouth shut. The initial
discomfort, possibly hostility you may experience, is well worth the final
result. If you hadn't opened your mouth, people may have continued to limit
their opinions and thoughts about a particular issue with the parameters set
by the fourth estate. Open your mouth, articulate your ideas, argue the
point, and bring a fresh and exciting dimension to current debates in the
community. Open your mouth, you owe it to yourself and the people around
you. Go on ­ TALK.

The departure of McGill's Californian Ranges meant that only around 120
miners remained in the stockade. Those that remained had about 100 rifles
and pistols. Ammunition was in particularly short supply. The diggers were
forced to rely on the rudimentary pikes made by the blacksmith who was
situated in the Eureka stockade. When the stockade was attacked, McGill and
most of the Californian Rangers were still out on their fruitless decoy to
stop reinforcements coming from Melbourne.
Interestingly, although McGill was second in command only to Lalor, Governor
Hotham did not issue a reward for the capture of James McGill. Hotham's
relationship with the American Consul Tarleton, may have influenced his
decision to release those Americans arrested (apart from the Afro-American
John Joseph) and not offer any reward for McGill.
Charles Ferguson, another member of the Californian Rangers, had led the
remaining Rangers out of the stockade site at 1.00am to look for a cache of
arms and ammunition. He had his men returned in time to take their
positions in 'shepherd holes', from which they were able to slow the British
advance. Charles Ferguson was one of the 113 arrested on Sunday night.
Although he had played a prominent part in the rebellion, no spy trap or
trooper gave evidence against him and he was released on Tuesday the 5th of
Hotham was clearly involved in the decision to release Ferguson and grant
James McGill immunity from prosecution. The Americans non-involvement in
the attack turned the tide in favour of the British. 149 years later, it's
still a mystery why McGill and to a lesser degree Ferguson, left the
stockade at such a critical time and why Hotham decided not to charge the
Americans for their involvement in the Eureka stockade.
James McGill was disguised as a ship's officer and put aboard the Arabian
moored in Port Phillip harbour. He was removed from the vessel before it
sailed and was hidden at the Health Officers quarters at Point Nepean until
the treason trials were well and truly over. McGill remained in Melbourne
for another year or so and in January 1856 attended a meeting in Ballarat
that discussed the erection of a monument for those who died at the 'dawn of
a new and hopeful era'.

by C.H.Currey, Halstead Press Sydney,
1st Published 1963, This Edition 1983,
ISBN 0 909 134 57X
The story of Mary Bryant (nee Broad) is one of those stories about the
European colonisation of Australia that every Australian should be, but
isn't, familiar with. It is the story of ordinary people overcoming
overwhelming odds in the face of extraordinary obstacles and human cruelty.
Mary Bryant was sentenced to be hung for robbery in 1786. Her death
sentence was commuted and she was transported to Australia in 1787 on the
First Fleet.
She gave birth on the Charlotte when she was 22 to a daughter Charlotte
Spence. The First Fleet arrived at Port Jackson on the 26th January 1788.
She was married to William Bryant on Sunday the 10th February 1788.
William, a skilled fisherman was also a convict, was given a hut and a boat
and ordered to catch fish for the newly established settlement. On the 4t
February 1789, he lost his privileges and was sentenced to 100 lashes for
trading some of the fish he had caught for spirits. In March 1790, Mary
gave birth to a son Emmanuel Bryant.
Faced with famine, William Bryant, his wife Mary, their 2 children Charlotte
and Emmanuel and 7 other male convicts William Allen, John Butcher, James
Cox, Nathanial Lilley, James Martin, William Morton and John Simms stole a
6-oar cutter from Sydney harbour on the 29th March 1791. Sixty nine days
and 6000 kilometres later, they had rowed and sailed around the East Coast
of Australia to Kupang in Timor, an extraordinary feat in anybody's words.
The Dutch Governor who believed they were survivors from a whaling boat that
had sunk welcomed them.
In one of those strange twists of fate, 14 of the Bounty mutineers had been
rounded up in Tahiti by Captain Edward Edwards and were being transported on
the Pandora back to England when it sank. Ten of the mutineers were picked
up from the water by Edwards and taken to Kupang. When Edwards' party
arrived in Kupang, the Dutch Governor handed over the 8 convicts, Mary
Bryant and her 2 children to Edwards, as the Governor had discovered they
were escaped convicts from Port Jackson. They were taken to Batavia in leg
irons, William and Emmanuel Bryant (who was only 20 months old) died as a
result of the deplorable conditions in Batavia. The 10 surviving mutineers
and the 8 surviving escapees were slowly transported back to England.
Mary's daughter Charlotte died at sea on Sunday 6th May 1792. Mary and the
4 surviving escapees were sentenced to indefinite imprisonment when they
returned to England.
The London press picked up the story of the escapees and launched a public
campaign to have them released. Public pressure forced the Government to
grant Mary Bryant an unconditional pardon on May 2nd 1793. Mary returned to
her home town Fowley, the home of one of her sisters. She then disappears
from public sight, the author's account of what happened to her when she
returned runs dry. The other 4 escapees were eventually released on
November 2nd 1793. John Butcher, one of the surviving escapees, joined the
New South Wales Corps, returned to Port Jackson and was granted 25 acres of
land at Petersham Hill in Sydney on September 5th 1795.
C. H. Currey's account of May Bryant is both fascinating and incomplete. If
any readers know of any other accounts please let me know. I suggest you
try your local library if you want to read this interesting account about
the life of Mary Bryant, an ordinary woman who displayed extraordinary
courage in exceptionally difficult circumstances.

I noticed him on the other side of a T-intersection. He had that unhealthy
glow that people on significant amounts of steroids eventually develop.
Puffy cheeks, piggy eyes, no tell signs of aging. Wearing a tiny pork pie
hat much too small for his head, he sat on one of those 4-wheel scooters
that are becoming a favourite form of transport for the elderly and the
frail and the not so elderly and frail.
He waited, I waited, I wanted to turn right, he was parked on a strip of
grass underneath one of those ubiquitous urban electricity pylons. I had
right of way, but flagged him through with a shake of my hand. He shook his
head. That's when I noticed his 2 passengers. Two little wiry haired
terriers, one on either side sat snugly at the front of his 4-wheel scooter.
They looked in 7th heaven, their master was taking them for a runabout and
they weren't doing any running.
I've seen dogs on the backs of bikes, utilities, bicycles, sitting on
baskets at the back of wheelchairs, but I've never seen dogs sitting on the
casing of a 4-wheel scooter. They looked at me, I looked at them, he looked
at me, I looked at him. He wore tell tale garments of an elderly man who
had migrated from Southern Italy. The configuration of his body and his
facial features bore tell tale signs of waves of foreign Southern Italian
invaders coalescing into his genes. The dogs stood up to see what all the
fuss was about. He tapped his walking stick and they sat down.
I turned right and waved, he stared back, paranoia stamped all over his
face. What do I want with him? He didn't know me, maybe I wanted to rob
him. He waited till I had reached the end of the street before he
manoeuvred his scooter across the road.

The killing of four mercenaries in Fallujah, highlights the important role
that private for profit armies are playing in Iraq. Faced with the prospect
of escalating military deaths and trouble erupting in other parts of the
world, the British and US armed forces both in Iraq and Afghanistan are
relying on mercenaries to maintain security, guard administrators, provide
intelligence, logistic support, food, build staff and run prisons.
Private corporations in the US have cut their teeth on building, maintaining
and running prisons in America. Over 2 million prisoners find themselves
incarcerated in a vast prison Gulag to generate a profit for increasingly
powerful private corporations. The US administration has already signed
$300 billion of private contracts with transnational corporations that
employ, train and deploys vast mercenary armies that do everything but front
line fighting.
These vast networks of mercenaries that are euphemistically called 'private
contractors' are financed both directly and indirectly by the sale of Iraqi
oil. Very generous private contracts have been signed with many of the same
transnational corporations that provide mercenaries. The Iraqi resistance
is beginning to understand that the coalition of the 'willing' forces cannot
operate without the assistance of any army of private contractors.
They have stepped up their attacks both against local collaborators as well
as foreign mercenaries. As the number of Iraqis who are willing to
collaborate with the occupation forces decreases, the number of foreign
mercenaries will increase. Interestingly the Iraqis are making a
distinction between those foreign fighters that have infiltrated into Iraq
to wage war against the US occupation forces and those contractors that have
come to Iraq to line their pockets at the ultimate expense of the Iraqi

Joseph TOSCANO / Libertarian Workers
For A Self-Managed Society.

ANARCHY, Vol.22 No.1 No.57 Spring/Summer 2004, A Journal of Desire Armed,
P.O. BOX 1446, Columbia MO, 65205-1446, UNITED STATES. www.anarchymay.org
CYIAYEHKOB 2004, RUSSIA ­ A.I.T. , Tel:8-0872-35-74-84
SEME ANARCHICS Vol.25 No.1 JAN 2004, Periodico di Pensiero Anarchico, C/-
Eisa Di Bernardo, C.P. 150, 56100 PISA ITALY, (Publication in Italian)
TIERRA Y LIBERTAD No.188 MARCH 2004, Periodico Anarquista, Apartado 7.056
de Madrid, 28080 SPAIN, Tel:917970424, Fax:915052183,
UMANITA NOVA Vol 84 No.9 EL 14TH MARCH 2004, Settimanale Anarchico, C.50
Palermo 46, 10152, Torino ITALY. tel/fax (011) 857850 Mobile 338-6594361

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Public money will pay for about half of a $12,000 internet bill, run up by a
Moreland councillor's son. Cr Stella Kariofyllidis' son spent hours
downloading music & movies on the laptop computer provided to her for
council business. In one month he accounted for about half the council's
broadband use. Despite breaching council policy on the personal use of
laptops, Cr Kariofyllidis has been ordered to repay just $6784 of the
$12,711 total. Moreland chief executive Peter Brown yesterday said the
council (ie ratepayers) would cover the remaining $5927 ­ b/c it should have
discovered the misuse sooner. (Source: Herald Sun)
St Vincent de Paul Society says John Howard was wrong when he claimed
Australia's poor are not getting poorer. Society spokesman Terry McCarthy
said Mr Howard's claim would be disputed by the 3.6 million Aussies living
in households with a weekly income of $400 or less & the additional million
who lived on less than $500. Mr McCarthy said the poorer 50% of households
had only 7% of the wealth. On current trends this would fall to 4.9% by
2030. 64% of the wealth is in the hands of the richest 1/5 of the people &
this would rise to 70% by 2030. (Source: The Age)
An ex cancer sufferer, whose surgery for breast removal has been cancelled
twice, described the delay as "totally devastating". The 59yo women,
identified only as Carol, doesn't have cancer but does have multiple cysts
growing in her left breast. She's been treated for breast cancer twice & has
already had a partial mastectomy. She said she has "dropped from 71kg to 54
in the past few months b/c of worry". "It's a traumatic decision for any
woman to make to have your breasts removed & then to have the operation
cancelled is devastating". Carol said she blames lack of govt funding,
rather than the hospital. "It just seems there aren't enough beds" she said.
(Source: Herald Sun)
Construction giant Baulderstone-Hornibrook will be sentenced this week in
relation to the death of one its workers at a Melbourne building site 3
years ago. Fred Smith, 53, was working on a partly built Southgate apartment
block when a tower crane's counterweight fell, crushing him.
Baulderstone-Hornibrook pleaded guilty to 3 counts of failing to provide a
safe workplace over Mr Smith's death. The charges include failing to ensure
the crane was safe & not providing adequate training or supervision. The
company is expected to be sentenced on Thursday. Meanwhile, building unions
have accused the Fed Govt's Industry Taskforce of harassing union members
over the practice of stopping work when a worker dies at a building site.
The CFMEU's Martin Kingham says such stop works are a long held practice in
the industry, "to mourn the loss of those workers, to have collections on
the job, to raise funds for family members". Mr Kingham says taxpayer money
would be better spent investigating safety at construction sites. (Source:
QUOTE OF THE WEEK: "They wrote in the old days that it is sweet & fitting to
die for one's country. But in modern war, there's nothing sweet nor fitting
in your dying. You will die like a dog for no good reason". Ernest
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Restaurants Etc.
The articles in the Anarchist Age Weekly Review reflect the personal
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All material in the Anarchist Age Weekly Review can be used by anarchists,
anarchist collectives and non-profit organisations as long as the source of
the material is mentioned in the article. The Anarchist Age Weekly Review
reserves all rights as far as commercial publications are concerned.


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