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(en) Italy, Statement by Turin Anarchist Federation - FAI (it)

From Worker <a-infos-en@ainfos.ca>
Date Sun, 4 Apr 2004 13:47:40 +0200 (CEST)

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PRESS RELEASE - Pisanu's bombs: chronicle of an pre-announced explosion
Just a few days after the impressive demonstration against the war in
Rome on 20th March and a few weeks after the start of the trial of 26
comrades accused of rioting during the events in Genoa in July 2001,
the bombs arrive right on time.
Home Minister Giuseppe Pisanu has explicitly boasted that he had warned
of these months ago. This foresight is truly admirable. The minister
and the regime's media had also previously discovered the objectives of
the anonymous bombers who, unable to come up with an original name, are
taking refuge behind the name of the FAI. Security "experts" have been
warning since last December that police and prison guards would
definitely be targetted by those persecutors of rubbish bins and
postmen, and even went so far as to indicate the comrades of an
anti-prison group as being the font of this new rubbish tip

The guardians of state disorder hurried to cook up stories of a
conspiracy in order to criminalize any form of social opposition. The
Chief of Police in Genoa, Fioriolli, immediately drew a parallel
between the bombs in Sturla and the arrest several days previously of
three anti-fascist militants from the Orso social centre who were
charged with robbery after a clash with a group of fascists. This was
followed by a spate of police searches involving just about anyone
vaguely connected with the radical left in Genoa. Needless to say, the
searches failed to turn up anything, though they did contribute to a
rise in tension in what is rapidly becoming a militarized city.

And so once again the evil firebombers appear, to cast a thick cloud of
smoke over a country where bands of fascists roam freely, where
striking is considered a form of terrorism, where in order to throw out
some Roma who had taken refuge in a house in Via Adda in Milan it was
considered necessary to use 700 men armed to the teeth, where dozens
upon dozens of men, women and children are deported solely because they
are guilty of being born in the wrong place, of talking a different
language from that of the bosses, of being poor and powerless.

Chief of police Fioriolli was echoed by the dapper Pisanu, who
indicated that among those who had rioted violently in Genoa in 2001
there were also those responsible for the destruction of the
electricity substation and the rubbish bin. And for once we find
ourselves in agreement with the Home Minister. We, too, are convinced
that the authors and supporters of these acts can be found among those
who beat, gassed, tortured, shot and killed on the streets and in the
barracks of Genoa that July. They are trying to re-write the history of
those events.

But let them be under no illusions - we will not fall for it. Anyone
who uses the same initials we use is either on the police payroll or
would like to be. The Home Minister is trying to discredit all those
who oppose the ferocity of power, the State hierarchy, war and
militarism. In a country where war is called peace and where army bombs
are always humanitarian, the odd firebomb is required to stir things up
from time to time. And not only this. They also need a signature which
can be used to criminalize the action of all those who oppose war,
militarism, racism, exploitation and oppression. The need the signature
of the Anarchist Federation. But their lordships of the police force
and various supporters should not waste their time hoping for their
little games to work.

The same old burnt rubbish bin will not transform the people who were
tortured in Bolzaneto into doves of freedom. Perugini, who is today in
service in (where else?) Sturla, will not be able to re-invent his
virginity by hiding behind the contents of the rubbish bin. For us and
for all those who openly demonstrated that July without masks on the
streets of Genoa, Perugini is the brute who was photographed as he was
smashing a 14-year-old's eye with his knee while the boy was being held
tight by two sturdy cops. Perugini will always be remembered as one of
the torturers in Bolzaneto. All with the nodding aproval of Giuseppe
Pisanu, the fortune-telling minister who is able to announce bomb
attacks several months before they happen.

Our solidarity goes to the comrades who have been searched and
criminalized by the media and the police.

Our solidarity goes to the employees of the refuse service who are
forced to work overtime.

Our solidarity goes to the postal workers who are forced to handle
incendiary devices.

Our sympathy goes to the gentleman with the dog who was lucky not to
have been injured as he passed by that evening, turning this umpteenth
farce into a tragedy.

The comrades of the Turin Anarchist Federation - FAI
Turin, 2nd April 2004

Federazione Anarchica Torinese - FAI
Corso Palermo 46,
E-mail: fat@inrete.it
Tel. 338 6594361 or 011 857850
[translation by nmcn/ainfos]

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