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(en) UK, London, Update, anarchist bookfair 25.10.2003 08:00 - 22:00

From dr.woooo <dr.woooo@nomasters.org>
Date Sun, 28 Sep 2003 11:41:17 +0200 (CEST)

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venue change from other years see site : http://www.anarchistbookfair.org
The very first Anarchist Bookfair was in 1983. It's happened every year since,
getting bigger and better each time. This is our 22nd Anarchist Bookfair and it
is the largest and most important regular gathering of Anarchists ...
Room & Event
Lower Hall (First Floor) 35 Tables Stalls
A Distribution, AF, AK, ASS, Aufheben, Chronos, Class War, Corporate Watch,
Cunningham Amendment, Freedom, Women's Strike, HSG, Haven, Hobgoblin, Hole
books, Housmans, KS Library, London Rising Tide, Northern Herald Books, Norwich
Anarchs, Total Liberty, Untamed Distro, Veggies. (No further stalls in this hall)

2A (Second Floor)
30 people Creche
The Play and Freedom @ Creche was created following MayDay 2000 when a group of
us felt that we could set up and run our own creche for the Anarchist Bookfair
rather than relying on an organisation that charged us a lot, but paid their
workers a low salary. We welcome children from 2 to 8 years. Children under 2
years are welcome as long as their carer attends with them as our insurance
does not cover children under 2 years of age.

30 people Meeting Room
12.00 Open source revolutionaries (Provisional)
The experience of J18 produced a debate on whether to "Give up activism". The
argument ran that our protest activism wasn't up to the job of overcoming
Capitalism as a set of social relations. The debate was never resolved and most
of our activity still appears to be "militant lobbying". But if we give up the
activist mentality what do we replace it with?
This workshop looks at the free / open source software movements to see if
their attitudes and techniques of distributed cooperation can be transported to
political movements and whether they might provide clues to a new model of
1.00 The Future of LDMG?
The Legal Defence & Monitoring Group was reformed for J18 and has continued to
provide Legal Observers since. We are now considering the future of LDMG. Do
Legal Observers help or hinder direct action? Doesn't it lead to an unhealthy
specialism? Shouldn't we all be legal observers on actions? Please come and
join the discussion.
2.00 An introduction to Radical Routes
Practical information on how to set up a co-operative - housing co-op/workers'
co-op / social centre.
We want to see a world based upon equality and co-operation, where people give
according to their ability and receive according to their needs. Where work is
fulfilling and useful and where creativity is encouraged, where decision making
is open to everyone with no hierarchies and where the environment is valued and
respected in its own right rather than exploited. We want to take control over
all aspects of our lives.
3.00 Advertising Hoardings piss me off!
Haringey Solidarity Group
Bloody adverts are taking over every part of our streets. I thought 20 foot
billboards were bad enough. Now they are even larger, brighter and "in your
face". Add to this the adverts stuck in the middle of the pavement, on
telephone boxes, the backs of bus tickets and even beamed onto the side of
But people are fighting back. Subvertising is a glorious way of getting a
different message across and gives you a good buzz as well. But is it enough?
Will it actually get rid of this visual pollution?
Both for pixies of the night and for those wanting to start.
4.00 Palestine and the role of the International Solidarity Movement.
Caroline Gelenter
I am going to Palestine from the August 6th to 22nd October working with the
international solidarity movement and the international women's peace service.
As I will have just returned from the occupied territories I will focus on what
I have witnessed and what role internationals are able to play in supporting
the Palestinians in their struggle.
5.00 Mass Anarchist Graves in Spain
More than 25 years after the so-called `transition to democracy', thousands of
victims of Franco's repression remain in mass graves all over Spain. In the
last few years, volunteers from various countries have assisted relatives and
local people to dig up these graves, once again bringing the crimes from the
Franco regime to light. A look at the history and the reactions at present,
while asking questions about the future.

30 people Meeting Room
12.00 Organising locally in working-class communities
Members of Hackney Independent Working Class Association (IWCA) will be leading
a discussion on organising locally in working-class communities. They
will start off by briefly outlining some of the activities they have been, and
are involved in, before opening up, what will hopefully be an honest and
thought provoking debate.
1.00 Corporate Structures, Corporate Crime and Corporate Propaganda
The legal structure of UK corporations encourages selfish and irresponsible
behaviour. Public Relations tries to hide this. Discussion of these issues and
more with Corporate Watch.
2.00 Everything you wanted to know about The Law, but were afraid to ask...
A couple of lawyers explain their dirty job defending the guilty and
prosecuting the police. A guide to the criminal law and the civil actions that
can be taken following acquittal.
3.00 The Zapatista communities in resistance
The struggle by the indigenous people in Chiapas, Mexico to create autonomous
self-managed communities reached a new stage in August 2003 with the public
inauguration of five Zapatista "assemblies of just government". What can we
learn from this struggle? How can we link with this struggle? Introduced by
Edinburgh-Chiapas Solidarity Group and, also the Zapatista solidarity group in
4.00 Workers versus Bosses
Organising at work. North/East London Solidarity Federation on anarcho-
syndicalism in the modern workplace.
5.00 Emmas, London Social Center (Provisional)
Where now? What to do? and how? A chance to find out if London can create a
Cowley Club or 1 in 12 Club of its own?
30 people Meeting Room
12.00 Permaculture - Revolution disguised as Organic Gardening?
A participatory workshop led by Ron Bates and Graham Burnett (Land & Liberty
Permaculture offers a radical approach to food production and urban renewal,
water, energy and pollution. It integrates ecology, landscape, organic
gardening, architecture and agro-forestry in order to create rich and
sustainable ways of living. So how can individuals and communities use
permaculture design to reconnect with the land?
1.00 Police Information Guide
A talk and discussion on police organisation, tactics and strategy on demo's
and protests as part of a project to produce a police information guide of
useful info and handy tips to foil their dastardly machinations.
2-5.00 What is Anarchism?
The Anarchist Federation is convening a series of three meetings at the
Bookfair explaining what we think anarchism (and what it isn't). It's intended
as a handy introduction for those becoming interested in anarchist ideas for
the first time. As a bonus a French anarchist will hopefully be speaking about
the recent wave of unrest there. There will be time for questions and
5.00 Workers Councils
30 people Meeting Room
12.00 Queer Mutiny
Come along and meet the London-based anarcho-queer group. Find out what we've
been doing since last year and what we're planning for next (including another
issue of the spoof 'Pink Pauper').
1.00 Capitalism, Animals and Anarchism
How do we break open the cages? A debate on how we can build a libertarian
society by fundamentally transforming the realtions between humans and animals.
2.00 Getting our Message Across
With direct action weekly newsheet 'Schnews' and Worthing 'Porkbolter'. Of
course Anarchists can't rely on corporate media whores to promote our ideas. So
how exactly do we go about establishing direct and fruitful communication with
a public that may not exactly be gagging to hear from us?
3.00 Prisoner Solidarity, Prison Survival
Mark Barnsley
As Blunkett's Police State continues to get stronger and stronger, as a
political activist it is more likely that you will spend time behind bars than
during any other period in recent history. As a movement we need to be able to
deliver real solidarity to our political prisoners, and Anarchists also need to
survive and maintain their integrity while locked up. Mark Barnsley has spent
nearly half his adult life behind bars as an Anarchist prisoner, serving 10
years in more than 20 high security prisons, with around 2 years of that time
spent in solitary confinement. He has also been involved in prisoner support
work for 25 years.
4.00 Is it better to burn out than to fade away, and why do people do either?
Discussion for disillusioned and/or exhausted anarchists. How/when did we lose
the spark? How do we deal with it in a way that doesn't cost us our sanity, but
doesn't just mean giving up?
5.00 Setting up a co-ordinated network of anarchist students (Provisional)
Anarchist Youth Network
As well as lots of young people, universities have lots of money for political
student societies. With the upsurge of political activity in universities, an
organised anarchist students' network could do a lot for Anarchism in Britain.
If you're going to Uni, come and help start one up!

3A (Third Floor)
60 people Performance Space
2-7.00 The Performance Club
Tony Allen, Mr Social Control, Yap (the ranters' ranter) and friends. Rolling
cabaret, on the hour, every hour.
60 people Meeting Room
12.00 Anarchy in Academia
This is an informal session for students and academics (or prospective ones) to
meet and chat. How can we use anarchist theory? How do we resist university
beauracracy? Can one be 'academic' & 'anarchist' simultaneously? How can
academic writing/teaching serve anarchist purposes? What can we learn from each
1.00 Thessaloniki 8 Prisoner Solidarity Campaign
Eight activists, including London anarchist Simon Chapman, were beaten and
fitted up, during the EU summit in Thessaloniki. They are now facing up to 25
years in Greek prisons. See the evidence of this fit up and discuss solidarity
work. Alternatively, we hope Simon is freed, so he can speak!
2.00 MayDay 2004
A meeting to reflect and learn from all things mayday 2003, and to consider the
possibilities for mayday 2004 leading towards a mini conference in November.
Everything is open for 2004 at this stage so cunning plans are top priority.
3-5.00 New Video- Mumia Lawyer Speaks
Video showing Eliot Grossman, one of Mumia's lawyers, discussing the legal and
political dimensions of the case of Mumia Abu-Jamal at a public meeting. The
video also includes the confession of Arnold Beverly who says he killed the
policeman whose death Mumia was framed for. Followed by an update on the legal
situation and discussion.
5-6.30 Demo Safety and Basic First Aid.
An introduction to the concept of street medics and their role on Demos. A
roundup of some basic police tactics in public order situations, some advice on
how to stay safe and some basic first aid for the times it goes wrong.

60 people Meeting Room
12-2.00 Fighting Forced Labour - The Campaign Against Prison Slavery
Slavery has NOT been abolished in Britain, behind high walls and locked doors
it still flourishes. Working class people are being forced to toil in poor
conditions, beyond the reach of health and safety inspectors, denied even the
most basic employment and trade-union rights, and severely punished if they
refuse to work. In British prisons, there have been savage cuts in education
budgets over the past half-decade, any pretence at rehabilitating prisoners and
empowering them with trade skills has been abandoned. They are now seen as a
readily exploitable labour force, a Third World colony in Britain's own
backyard, cheap, non-unionised, available, and literally compelled to work.
Indeed David "Workhouse' Blunkett is now looking to extend this forced labour
to those unable to pay fines.
2.00 Anarchist Workers Network
Industrial organisation is a vital element of Anarchism. The LWG, which is
being launched at the Bookfair, is a network which aims to link anarchists in
workplaces and unions, as well as raising the black flag in the labour
movement. Come and hear about it!
3.00 What is Anarchism?
This session is aimed at people who are new to anarchism, or those whose first
contact with anarchism is the Anarchist Bookfair itself. It will be led by
Toby, one of the editors of Freedom newspaper. As well as outlining the roles
of direct action and class struggle in anarchist theory and practice, he will
try and show how the groups represented at the Bookfair are related to each
other. What, in other words, is the essence of being an anarchist?
4.00 Freedom Users' Meeting
This will be a chance to discuss the development of Freedom the newspaper, as
well as the publisher and bookshop of the same name (which are attached to it).
It will also be an opportunity to discuss the Autonomy Club, our new social
5.00 Concerning Stirner
Many anarchists probably know something of German writer Max Stirner without
actually reading his work. This meeting is for people who are interested
in "Saint Max", whether they've read him, are wondering if they can face it, or
have no intention of reading him but would like to know more about this
controversial figure. There'll be a short presentation, followed by discussion.
No previous knowledge required.

100 people Meeting Room
12.00 Wombles
Over the years since WOMBLES has been in existence we have become a meeting
ground for revolutionaries, anarchists and anti-authoritarians and have never
shyed away from confrontational actions. We are currently involved in Social
Centre projects like the Autonomie Club @ Freedom, setting up squatted spaces,
alternative media, helping to organise events like MAYDAY for the past 3 years,
anti-war actions, prisoner solidarity, anti-fascist activity, Reclaim the
Future raves, benefit gigs, film showings, alternative press publications and
continue to hold public meetings every week in central london. Despite the
press bullshit, special branch/pig harrassment, we are still here fighting, not
for our 'right' to protest, but for our lives. Come and get involved, whether
your from london or further afield we want to meet up and further expand the
limits of our collective struggles.
3.00 Learning the Lessons of the Anti-War Movement
There has never been more opposition to a war than there was to Bush's and
Blair's invasion of Iraq - but could we have done things better in Britain? Did
the marches achieve anything? What about direct action? Why did school students
do more to oppose war than the unions? Has opposition to war evaporated?
SchNEWS investigates...
4.00 G8 in UK 2005: Mobilising without leaders
In 2005 it's the turn of the UK state to host the annual G8 summit. It's up to
us to make sure they have a rough ride!
5-6.30 'Now get out of that': Self-Defence for Young Revolutionaries
Workshop on basic self-defence techniques for street situations.

100 people Art and Exhibition Space
35 Tables Stalls
1 in 12 Library Collective, Active, ALF Supporters Group, Anarchist Arguments,
Anarchist Black Cross, Anarchist Youth Network (provisional), Black Flag,
BWHIC, Catholic Worker, Counter Information, Do or Die, Entartete Kunst,
Godhaven Ink, Institute for Social Ecology, ISM, London Animal Action, News
from Nowhere, NE London Sol Fed, Northern Anarchist Voice, Notes from the
Borderland, Radical Routes, Re-Pressed Distribution, Religious Anarchism,
Schnews, Socialist Patients Collective, Solidarity Federation, Spare Change
Books, Stair, Walthamstow Anarchist Group, Wombles, Workers Councils.

Palms (Fourth Floor)
150 people
Videos all day

Getting full now. We're holding meetings from 10 to 6 and the cost is 20 an
hour, unless you require the large meeting room (3D) where the cost is 40 an
hour. If you want to book a slot just click on Booking, or if you are
interested in our Art or Performance space please email.

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