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(en) Anarchist Age Weekly Review No.565 22nd September 28th September 2003

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Date Sun, 28 Sep 2003 09:25:53 +0200 (CEST)

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"CRIMINAL" - The Age’s editorial (22/9) about the $2.5billion taxpayer funded private
health insurance rebate, raises important questions concerning the use of
tax payers money to bankroll the private sector.
It’s extraordinary that both the Howard government and the Labor opposition
continue to support a system where large amounts of taxpayers funds are used
to automatically subsidise the private health insurance costs of the 43% of
the population who are able to afford to take out private health insurance.
While Australians who are not insured have difficulty in accessing health
care services and cannot access dentistry, occupational therapy and
physiotherapy treatment, a person who earns $10million a year, who has taken
out private health insurance, can access these services and enjoy a taxpayer
funded health care rebate to access services that poorer Australians can’t
access. The very least the Howard government could do is means test the
government funded private health insurance rebate and divert the money saved
back into the disintegrating public hospital system.


Although the 30% rebate may seem to be a superficially attractive
proposition to people who take out private health insurance, it is in fact a
long term liability. As few private hospitals have the facilities to treat
people with catastrophic injuries and major life threatening medical
problems, it is in everyone’s interests, both insured and no-insured, to
have a well staffed and funded public hospital sector.

The amount of taxpayer’s money that is being diverted to the private health
insurance industry, will escalate if the Howard government’s Medicare
package passes through the Senate. The rebate will be extend to those
families who take out private health insurance to cover their general
practitioner, specialist and investigation costs. The current situation is a
disgrace, why should the poorest members of the community subsidise the
health care costs of the richest sections of society when they are denied
access to the same services.

Access to health care should be a right, not a charity, or a luxury. Defend
and Extend Medicare – Australia is trying to establish a Defend and Extend
Medicare group in each of the 150 Federal electorates in Australia to keep
the issue of access to health care in the public mind. What type of health
care delivery system we have, is ultimately a matter of political will, in
an era when our elected political representatives don’t seem to be
interested in looking after the needs of their constituents, public pressure
is the only avenue available to those Australians who are concerned about
this important issue.

Defend and Extend Medicare is committed to holding monthly rallies to keep
this issue uppermost in the public mind until the next Federal election is
called. The next public rally will be held outside the State Library in
Swanston Street, Melbourne at 5.00pm on Friday the 3rd of October.


Unable to get its individual contract legislation through Federal
parliament, Mr. Abbott, the Minister for Workplace Warfare and Dr. Brendan
Nelson, the Minister for Mis-education, have just released workplace
relations requirements for universities. As expected, the push to introduce
individual contracts into universities, forms the centrepiece of the Abbott
and Nelson proposal. Using the smokescreen that they want to introduce
flexible working conditions for staff (code for we want to replace staff who
don’t support the government’s ideological agenda), they have made a series
of demands on university Vice Chancellors, that if made by you and me would
land us in court answering blackmail, intimidation and stand over charges.
The demands are clearly designed to stamp out collective bargaining in
universities, reducing the role of the country’s tertiary education unions
to a rubber stamp, creating a university employment framework that destroys
any notion of staff tenure. These proposed changes give university
authorities the power to terminate a staff member’s employment if they don’t
toe the line.

Using tactics that would make your average stand over man smile, the Abbott
and Nelson sideshow has tied their demands to the release of $400 million of
much needed tertiary education funding. The scenario goes something like
this. "Nice university", "pity if anything should happen to it". "You know
that money which we promised to give you on behalf of the Australian
taxpayers to keep the university open – you need to turn a few tricks to get
your hands on it". "Nice university", "pity about that money". "We know you
are not keen to turn a few tricks for us, just close your eyes and think of
England, it will all be over before you know it".

If I used the same tactics refusing to handover money, which had been
earmarked for a particular project, it wouldn’t take long before I found
myself before a court accused of blackmail. It seems that as in most aspects
of life, there is one law for us mere mortals and another law for those who
wield power. As in all blackmail situations, refusing to give into the
blackmailers demands, collective action and solidarity is the best way to
deal with the bover boy tactics employed by the Abbotts and Nelsons of the


If anybody in the world still believes in the rhetoric that market forces
determine the direction the economy moves, they are in urgent need of
medical attention. The 20% rise in the value of the Australian dollar over
the past eight months, is a classical example of what little role market
forces play in the economy. The current rise in the Australian dollar is
linked to the G7 (the world’s richest seven countries) decision to allow the
United States dollar to fall to help stimulate the world economy.

The collateral damage caused by this decision will be felt around the
country as the value of the Australian dollar continues to rise. The G7 have
decided to manipulate and sabotage the rest of the world’s economies to
bolster their bottom line. When the value of the local currency escalates,
countries that rely on exports have difficulty in accessing foreign markets
as their products are priced out of the market place. A high local currency
results in an increase in imports. Decreases in exports and increases in
imports have a direct effect on the labour market leading to increased
unemployment and bankruptcy levels.

When the G7 tries to stimulate global growth by manipulating markets they
are trying to create conditions that will result in an increase in exports
from the G7 nations. The increase in the value of the Australian dollar is
collateral damage that the country will have to wear. Talk about market
forces, deregulation and free trade is just rhetoric which is designed for
consumption by the gullible gullible tribe. Packs of economic gurus,
analysts and experts with their hands in other peoples’ pockets, sing the
praises of a private economy, while they grow their nest egg at the expense
of those people in the community who believe the rhetoric that market forces
play an important role in the corporate world.

Nothing could be further from the truth, we live in a world where a few
dozen transnational corporations and few rich Nation States, lay down the
rules and change them when they feel like it to ensure that they both
dominate and control a world economy that has been designed to bolster their
profits at the expense of the living standards of the rest of the world.


If you ever had any doubts about the reasons the United States invaded Iraq,
they should be dispelled by the edict that was issued this week by the Bush
administration’s puppet government.

Iraq is open for business. Foreign investors (code for US transnational
corporations) are to buy (code for given) any enterprise, infrastructure,
government provided service or private business in Iraq (except oil).

Foreign companies are able to repatriate any profits they make to head
office. Iraq, a country that under the Saddam Hussein dictatorship provided
free education and access to health care, will now provide the best
education and health care money can buy. The privatisation of finance,
banking, health, education, electricity, gas, roads, security and a 101
other enterprises is a "god send" for US transnational corporations. The
Bush administration hopes to attract foreign investment, decrease
unemployment and create a capitalist Mecca in the Middle East by giving away
the country’s institutions and infrastructure to the private sector.

If there were any doubts about the US intentions for Iraq and the Iraqi
people, they will have been dispelled by this initiative. This decision,
more than any other, spells the beginning of the end for the US occupation
of Iraq. The people of Iraq have long harboured the suspicion that the
invasion of Iraq was linked to the US need to tap into the second largest
reserve of oil in the world. The privatisation of State run enterprises that
provided access to much needed basic resources will confirm the Iraqi
peoples’ suspicions that the invasion of their country had nothing to do
with weapons of mass destruction and the liberation of the Iraqi people and
everything to do with the theft of their resources. If there is one decision
that will strengthen the opposition forces in Iraq, irrespective of whether
they are motivated by religious or secular concerns, it’s the decision by
the Iraqi interim administration to welcome foreign investors into the


The Australian government’s success blackmailing the Papua New Guinea
government into accepting 200 Federal Police to help maintain law and order
in PNG, has extraordinary consequences for both PNG and Australia. Since
independence, the PNG defence forces have played an important role in the
country. On a number of occasions they have left their barracks and have
sided with the people in protests against the government.

Over the past few years the PNG government has attempted to demoboilise the
PNG defence force and cut the number of troops from 4000 to 2000. This
attempt at demobilisation has been met with resistance by troops, who, have
occupied their barracks and seized weapons.

The feeling within the PNG military is that the attempted demobilisation has
been carried out as a result of direct pressure from the Australian
government and intelligence agencies. It’s commonly believed in PNG that the
struggle by traditional land owners to obtain a fair share of the profits
made by the activities of transnational corporations in their country (many
of them Australian) have led to foreign investors turning to Australia to
make PNG safe for foreign investments.

The PNG people do not hold the PNG police force in high regard. They have
repeatedly been involved in direct confrontations with the military, this
has occurred when the military has decided to protect community and
political activists from an overzealous police force. The placement of 200
Australian Federal Police within PNG is not just an attempt to re-establish
law and order in the country. It’s an attempt by the Howard Government to
turn the PNG police into a paramilitary force that could be used as a front
line force to attack the PNG armed forces, if the levels of dissatisfaction
within the military boils over and results in a publicly supported military

The presence of Australian Federal Police within PNG would give the
Australian government the excuse it needs to deploy Australian troops in PNG
to support the police and tackle the military. The current strategy being
pursued by the Howard government, is a high risk strategy that could see
Australia become involved in a costly guerilla war that will result in
significant loss of life on both sides, destabilise the Australian economy
and make Australia the pariah of the South Pacific.



A. You have to ask yourself, who would bother being an anarchist?
Historically anarchists have been abused, humiliated, ignored, ostracised,
imprisoned and executed. Today, anyone who comes out of the closet is likely
to find that they will be shunned by their communities and lose their
livelihoods. It’s no accident that many anarchists today, like in the past,
are self-employed. No government or private employer is going to give an
anarchist activist a job.

So why do people bother to continue the struggle to create a society without
rulers when their activities have major consequences for themselves and
their families and friends? The answer is very simple, anarchists don’t put
out their necks for other people. They’re not martyrs. They continue to
organise and agitate because they want to control their own destiny.
Anarchists understand that their destiny is intertwined with the destiny of
their fellow human beings, that’s why they struggle to create a society
where their needs, not the needs of those who control society, are met.
Their actions require sacrifice, daring and most of all courage. They need
to become involved in a struggle that transforms the communities they live
and work in, into communities that give each individual the power to
determine their own destiny.

Individual self-development is intrinsically linked to collective action.
The individual may prosper in a society that does not support collective
action but they will never be able to enjoy the wealth they have acquired
through the exploitation of other people. Paradoxically, individual power is
intertwined with collective decision making processes. People bother because
they are keen to rid themselves of the authoritarian attitudes and
structures that dominate every aspect of their lives. They know that the
feeling of self worth that comes from controlling their destiny is
interlinked with the ability of those around them to control their destiny.

We bother because we want change. We bother because we believe change is
possible. We bother because we want a better life for ourselves and for
those around us. Finally, we bother because we are sick and tired of seeing
our future destroyed by those elements in society that control the decision
making processes and use the wealth generated by all of us to feather their
own nests and dominate every aspect of our lives.



I know it’s self evident, but I’m surprised at the number of people who are
involved in protests, rallies and picket lines who just stand around.
Anybody walking or driving by, would have little idea about what’s going on.
It’s important that if you’re involved in some type of protest activity,
that people know what’s happening. You don’t need professional looking
banners or placards. A hand written cardboard sign will do. A piece of
calico with a few words written on it will do.

The corporated media and the government gelded ABC need pictures for their
television cameras. The need background information. They need ‘visuals’ for
the talking heads on their programs. A few placards or banners are just the
background material these media maggots crave. The idea behind a protest or
a rally, is to get your message across to as many people as possible, the
more the merrier. Leaflets and posters are all very well but placards and
banners can be a much more effective way of generating interest in the
campaign you’re involved in.

Hand written placards and banners are a cheap, effective way of getting the
message across, the more the merrier. Don’t think that you need some
professional sign writer or banner maker to do the job for you. You can do
it yourself. More importantly, you can organise a banner or placard
workshop, where material is provided for people to make banners and
placards. Many of the banners that were used to mark the Australian
Anarchist Centenary Celebrations in Melbourne on the 1st May 1986 were made
in a warehouse space in Footscray, Melbourne. Workshops can be held at the
site of the protest, a few paint pots, brushes and a few pieces of cardboard
are all you need.

I know it’s obvious, but sometimes people forget the obvious. So if you’re
going to a protest, rally, vigil, sit-in, occupation or picket line spend
half an hour making a banner, you’ll be surprised at the effect it can have.


The 3rd of December 2003 marks the 149th anniversary of the Eureka
rebellion. This year like last year, many readers of the Anarchist Age
Weekly Review will be going to Ballarat to join other activists from around
Australia, who will be reclaiming the radical spirit of the Eureka
rebellion. From 4.00am to 4.00pm on Wednesday the 3rd of December,
celebrations will be held at Eureka Hall, the site of the Eureka rebellion.
Participants will be marching to Bakery Hill, the place where the Eureka
flag was flown for the first time and the Eureka oath was sworn by the
miners at Ballarat in 1854 – "We swear by the Southern Cross to stand truly
by each other and fight to defend our rights and liberties!" Over the next
few months the ‘Australian Radical History’ section in the Anarchist Age
Weekly Review will concentrate on the lives of some of the participants in
the Eureka rebellion.


Anne Duke, the second youngest daughter of James and Bridget Gaynor, came
out with the rest of her family as a child from County Meath, Ireland on the
emigrant ship ‘William Sharples’ in 1842. A few years later the family came
down to Melbourne then moved to Bendigo, Ballarat finally settling at

Anne Gaynor married George Duke at Forest Creekin, March 1854. They moved to
Ballarat to see if they could make their fortune panning for gold. George
and Anne became involved with the Ballarat Reform League. Anne was one of
the three women who sewed the Eureka flag. George and Anne were in the
stockade when it was stormed on Sunday the 3rd of December 1854. Anne was
nine months pregnant and hid behind a trunk in their tent. George Duke was
involved in the fighting, when it became obvious that all was lost, he and
Anne somehow escaped from the carnage.

They began to make their way on foot to her parent’s farm at Woodend. Anne
had their first child on the 13th of December while they were hiding from
the troops that were still looking for participants in the battle. They
eventually found their way to her parent’s farm and sheltered there till
things died down. Anne’s brothers, John and Thomas Gaynor were also involved
in the rebellion. They are credited with hiding Peter Lalor under a woodpile
in the stockade when he was wounded.


‘MASSACRE AT EUREKA – The Untold Story’,

Bob O’Brien, Revised 1998 Edition,

1st Published 1992, ISBN 0909874190.

The Sovereign Hill Museums Association,

Sovereign Hill Post Office, Ballarat, VICTORIA 3350.

Tel: (03) 5331 1944, Fax: (03) 5331 1528



– How Animals Think’

Stephen Budiansky, Phoenix 1998,

ISBN 0 75380 772 6

‘If A Lion Could Talk’ although not an easy book to read, is a fascinating
one. Budiansky attempts to review in a little over 220pages, the literature
and experiments surrounding this interesting topic. His finding are
encapsulated in the quote at the beginning of the book by Ludwig Wittenstein
- "If a lion could talk, we would not understand him".

The author’s central point is that we see animals as an extension of
ourselves and interpret their behaviour in terms of our own behaviours and
needs. If animals had language, we believe we could penetrate their lives,
as we are able to penetrate the lives of other human beings. Language allows
us to ask a peasant in Bangladesh and a supermodel, questions about how they
feel, their desires, wants and needs.

Anthropomorphism – ‘the tendency to view an animal’s actions in terms of our
own conscious intentions, thoughts and motives’, does not increase our
understanding of what an animal is thinking, let alone what makes it tick.
Some scientists consider that the evolution of language in humans occurred
is part of an evolutionary arms race driven by the need to counter rivals
within human society.

Budiansky’s premise is very simple, - ‘It’s always dangerous to draw moral
lessons from the blindly amoral process of evolution". Animals are animals,
humans are humans, each has evolved in its own way, each survives when left
in its own devices. No one species is greater than the other. To define
animals as extensions of ourselves is both shallow and counterproductive.
Each species, each subspecies has evolved and survived.

Human evolution has had catastrophic consequences for animals, many have
simply ceased to exist as a result of their interaction with humans, others
have adapted and survived – anthropomorphism their lifeline. Budiansky’s
argument although intellectually powerful, doesn’t take into account how
humans have hijacked the evolutionary process in animals. Domestication,
selective breeding and genetic engineering have reduced the animal kingdom
to a historical footnote in the history of the planet. Anthropomorphism
although scientifically dishonest and emotionally inane, may be the only
thing that is protecting animals from the evolutionary sword of Damocles
that is being fashioned by the human race.

If you’re after a copy try your local library or one of the larger
bookshops. It retails for around AUD$20.00.


I was a little surprised to hear that the total wild lion population in
Africa has dropped from around 250,000 to 25,000 in the past decade. I
assume the competition between lions, which normally live in national parks
and the surrounding population, has resulted in their death as they augment
their diet with people’s goats and cattle. When you think about it, why
shouldn’t the wild lion population fall dramatically, every other wild
animal population has decreased in Africa.

I was sitting and chatting with a young man a few years ago who had more
money than he knew what to do with and a passion for killing wild game and
mounting and displaying their carcasses. Yes, I know he’s a 19th century
throwback, but the world’s full of people who can’t be described as
community models, who are part of the human family. He excitedly told me he
was going to Botswana to kill a lion. I laughed thinking he was joking, he
told me it was all legal, he had bought a licence from the government for
$25,000 to kill one. He told me that if you had enough money, you could buy
a licence to kill a rhinoceros. I laughed thinking he was pulling my leg.

It seems cash strapped African countries, whose people are starving, have
decided to sell off licences to rich Asian, European and US game hunters,
who have nothing better to do with their money and time. Their goal is to
join what’s laughingly called ‘The Big Five Club’, the pinnacle of the
hunter’s world, elephant, lion, rhinoceros and two others which I can’t
quite remember.

I thought nothing more of our conversation until I ran into him a few months
ago. I asked him how he was and as a joke asked if he had ‘potted’ his lion.
His eyes lit up, yes, he had killed one on the last day of the two week
hunt. I must have looked as if I didn’t believe him. He invited me to his
home to have a look at his game room. I still didn’t believe him, but
decided to go. His home could be described as middle suburban, not exactly
opulent, but it had been built with one intention in mind, to house his
kills. Attached to this non-descript suburban home is a room as big a two
homes, possibly 40 squares, high pitched roof, spot lights everywhere.

There stood the lion fully mounted, sharing the space with a bear, half an
American bison, numerous deer, his first kill a rabbit, a wart hog and many
other animals. All legally killed, their mounted carcasses all legally
imported. I wonder how many of those 225,000 lions that have disappeared
from Africa have found their way to some bored suburban hunter’s trophy
room. It may be more than we think.



Senator Kay Patterson the Federal Health Minister, who wants to be
remembered as the ‘Minister for Prevention’, has blotted her copybook by
refusing to finance the full course of recommended childhood immunisations.
The National Health and Medical Research Council has just added Pneumococcal
and Chicken Pox immunisations to the recommended list of childhood
vaccinations. For the first time in decades, the Federal government has
refused to finance a N.H.M.R.C. recommended childhood immunisation program.

Pneumococcal vaccination is an exceptionally expensive procedure. Children
need to be immunised at 2, 4, and 6 months for the vaccination to be
effective. On top of this, you need to add the doctor’s fees, as many
doctors no longer bulk bill. The cost to purchase the 3 injections is around
$450.00. The cost for the Chicken Pox vaccination, which should be given
around 18 months of age, is $60.00. Over 1500 children were treated for
Pneumococcal disease around the country. Even if the government is not moved
by humanitarian arguments, the cost to the community of admitting children
for Pneumococcal disease would be offset by the cost of the vaccine.

Although it costs around $450.00 to buy the Pneumococcal vaccine, the cost
to the taxpayer would be greatly reduced, as the Federal government would be
able to make bulk orders. The other tragedy about this decision is, that
it’s the children who are prone to develop Pneumococcal disease are whose
parents cannot find the money to vaccinate their children. The decision not
to fund vaccinations, is a direct consequence of the government’s policy to
make health care an individual not a collective responsibility. At one of
the most expensive times in a family’s life, the birth of a child, parents
are expected to find another 6 or $700.00 to vaccinate their children with
Pneumococcal and Chicken Pox vaccines.

It’s interesting that this government can find the money to finance its boys
own military adventures in the South Pacific and Iraq but can’t find the
money to look after the heath care needs of its citizen’s children. You have
to wonder what type of society we have become when bankrolling military
adventurism takes precedence over the health care needs of this country’s

Joseph ToscanO / Libertarian Workers

for a Self-Managed Society.


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Celebrate the important elements of the Eureka rebellion




"We swear by the Southern Cross to stand truly by each other and fight to
defend our rights and liberties"


4.00AM – 6.00AM – Gathering at Eureka Park to mark the 149th anniversary of
the battle on the site and at the time it occurred

6.00am – 10.00am – Breakfast Eureka Hall (Bring own food & drinks)

10.00am – 11.00am – Radio broadcast across Australia involving the
participants at the site on the National Community Radio Satellite

11.30am – 1.00pm – March from Eureka Park to Bakery Hill to re-affirm the
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1.00pm – 4.00pm – Lunch & conversation (bring own food & drinks)

Reclaim your history, use that history to change the future.



>From 4AM TO 4PM



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