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(en) Organise #61 - Letters

From Worker <a-infos-en@ainfos.ca>
Date Sat, 25 Oct 2003 10:19:48 +0200 (CEST)

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Last issue’s article on fatherhood was thought-provoking but
had little to do with anarchism or, more particularly,
anarcho-communism. The article starts by proclaiming the
‘inequality’ of adults compared to children and goes on to
urge us to "totally give ourselves to our kids", subordinating our
will and needs to theirs. No Gods, No (Little) Masters indeed!
Must the biological parents of the future give up everything they
want to do for two, five, seven or however many years
‘parenting’ is meant to last? Or should we be free to be
who we want to be, no matter what?

The article seems to suggest that biological parenthood is some
universally transformative event, good for adult and child, ignoring
the diversity of humanity for whom either condition may be
inimical. Sure we will need and win a radical change in
consciousness before, during and after the revolution but it will
come from the transformation of social relations not procreation.

Of course men can be carers, they can nurture. But that is a human
condition not restricted to parents alone. Full socialisation as free
human beings comes not from the family but from the free society,
through our relations with all other humans we encounter .
Patriarchy and the nuclear family, where so much abuse occurs and
which are so destructive, will have to be destroyed and deserve to
be destroyed by their victims, those "apathetic, crushed, damaged,
sore people" the author speaks of. But what of all the other
victims? Must we wait until a ‘revolutionary parenthood’
has created the fully-formed and imagined free people of tomorrow?
Must we accept a decades-long ‘holocaust of the
innocents’ while waiting for the waves of love and compassion
emanating from the last sane people on the planet to cure all
sickness and usher in the jubilee? Is the author a secret supporter
of Natural Law?

In choosing anarchism I have endorsed myself. I demand no
unconditional love from other anarchists – I’m not a fascist
after all - but expect to share in their comradeship, solidarity and
mutual aid to whatever extent they choose. This isn’t lunacy.
It’s not competitive egotism. It’s not dominance games.
It’s freedom.

At the end of the day this article was about spirituality and faith, a
strange position for someone who obviously rejects the tired
dogmas of religion. It ignores all the basic principles of freedom in
favour or notions of unconditional love that are as much creations
of capitalism (to bind us with bonds of blood to a social
relationship that serves the ruling class far better than it does us
– or where do the slaves of tomorrow come from?). We’re
not on Walton Mountain, after all. It ignores all science in favour of
the quack nostrums of a few feminist thinkers. And it turns its
back on the need to transform social relations not individual ones.
Once more we’re back on the individualist terrain of ripples in
the pond or butterfly wings causing hurricanes around the world.
Jesus couldn’t do it, and nor did Gandhi. Only the millions of
people of the oppressed, if necessary with guns in hand, can. What
is the use of love if I can still see the bars around me? I cannot
carry my child on my shoulders while fighting for freedom. I’m
an anarchist and my life is struggle, not games by the fireside.

Odessa Steps

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