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(en) Mexico, Consejo Indigena Popular De Oaxaca, Ricardo Flores Magon (CIPO-RFM)* - Press Release on Repression of Comrades

From Worker <a-infos-en@ainfos.ca>
Date Thu, 23 Oct 2003 13:02:13 +0200 (CEST)

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Hello all, Consejo Indigena Popular De Oaxaca, Ricardo Flores
Magon (CIPO-RFM) is an anarchist organization which
organizes for the rights for indigenous people in the Southern
Mexican state of Oaxaca. Following is a translation of a press
release that they sent off a few days ago. At the end of the
English translation is the Spanish. Please pass this along to as
many people as possible, and e-mail the addresses at the end of
the Spanish section of this e-mail. (Translation by Allie and Marcos)
> Why do we struggle for life if death is on the prowl?
For State, National, and International Media For Human rights
organizations For public opinion For people who struggle for peace

Once again the members of the Popular Indigenous Council of
Oaxaca, Ricardo Flores Magon (CIPO-RFM), have proved that
the language that is spoken by the corrupt elected officials of
Oaxaca is full of lies, deceit, and death.

We denounce an event that happened on October 15th. Four of
our education workers were detained arbitrarily by the federal
agency of investigations (FAI.) They were pulled from their
classrooms for the simple act of protesting against the corrupt
directives of CONALEP 039.

Today, October 16th, 2003, at 11:00, paramilitaries from Tanetze
de Zaragoza by the order of Jacobo Chavez Yescas and Cesar
Toimil Roberts of CROCUT, protected by the Governor of
Oaxaca, arrived at Santa Maria Yaviche community where our
companeros were having a meeting. They yelled that they were
going to "fuck us up" for being rebels and members of CIPO.
They shot at our companeros with exclusive army weapons
which resulted in the death of one person, and the wounding of
nine others, four seriously.

The climate that currently prevails is of fear and anxiety
because the paramilitaries have continued firing at houses and
approximately 50 paramilitaries have blocked the entrances of
the town, preventing the people from getting into their houses.

We have asked for protection from the state governor and the
secretary of the governor, but they have done nothing, and have
not sent security for the zone even though we have been
notifying them since 12:00 P.M.

This situation is related to the entire aggressive climate that we
have been suffering under as an organization; and has the
following history: Since January of 2002 the government of the
state has had the idea to target the Santa Maria Yaviche
community for having declared their autonomy and actualizing it
through their work.

The first to act were the federal representatives, now the state
government secretary of indigenous affairs CANDIDO
COHETO MARTINEZ, the local representative Jose Manuel
Mendoza Miguel as the delegate of the governor of the Sierra
Norte. These men, in collaboration with the paramilitary,
kidnapped and tortured 46 brothers of the communities Reforma,
Yagallo, and Yaviche on January 1, 2002 as they walked on the
community road.

However, at the request of National and International human
rights organizations, the state commission on human rights was
obligated to make the recommendation number 15-2002. This
relates to the aforementioned kidnapping and torture , but has
still not come to justice. We blame the state prosecutor and the
governor Jose Murat. They are left to run free though they are
responsible for massacring our brothers.

Also, the State governor has made arrest orders appear against
community authorities and representatives from CIPO-RFM in
the community. At the same time, in the press notes are
appearing with death threats from paramilitary groups against
members of our community.

On the 26th of February: an official document announced that
Raul Gatica was going to be covered in mud, hung, and then
buried alive.

In the 13th of July 2002, in the daily news, Jacobo Chavez
makes it clear that he is going to incite violent actions against
CIPO and its communities.

On the 7th of August, 2002, in the daily news Jacobo Chavez
announces that in the Sierra there will be another Xochiltepec
and that ambulances should be prepared to transport the CIPO
dead. Cesar Tomil Roberts, leader of the CROCUT shows that
he will do away with CIPO and is not afraid of Raul Gatica.
Today they have begun to actualize their threats. Exposing
themselves in the following ways:

On the 15th of October Eustorgio Ruiz Yescas, Leobardo
Chavez Chavez arrived in the community. Provocateurs of this
paramilitary group with knife in hand, they tried to kill the local
authorities from the community. The next day, after this
situation, we organized a community assembly to resolve the
problem. At 11:30, during the assembly, the aggressors: Cesar
Toimil Roberts, Equidel Ruiz, Hector Chavez Martinez, Lino
Filiberto, Victorino Salas Martinez, Tomas Martinez Chavez,
and approximately 60 other people many of whom are not from
this region, arrived in a bus and a red truck armed with rifles,
shouting, "All members of CIPO are fucked."

They started to shoot at the men and women who were gathered
at the municipal court of the community, resulting in the death of
Bartolom Salas Chavez from a machete cut in the neck.

Injured: Francisco Flores Manzano, who had seven gunshot
wounds, four in the stomach, and three on the legs. Eliseo
Marquez, who had a bullet wound on his kneecap, Onofre
Manzano Yescas with a bullet wound to the leg, Noel Ramos
Herrera with two bullet wounds to the foot. Octavia Yescas
Flores with a bullet wound to the knee, Asiel Ramos with a
bullet wound to the knee, Anselmo Peres with a bullet wound to
the arm, Simon Yescas Manzano with a bullet wound to the
shoulder and to the leg. Arnulfo Marquez with a bullet wound to
the shoulder and the arm. All wounds were caused by 16 calliber

At this moment, those missing are: Aristeo Flores, Maurilio
Martinez, and Hesiquio Manzano. The community was able to
detain some of the paramilitaries: Eustorjio Ruiz Yescas,
Leobardo Chavez, Chavez. When the ministerial authorities
arrive, the paramilitaries will be brought to them. From
everything that has happened and will continue to happen to our
organization, community and representatives we blame: 1. The
governor of the state of Oaxaca, Jose Murat, the secretary of
the government, Hector Anuar Mafud and we demand the
immediate resignation of the government officials as the
promoters of violence and repression against indigenous
communities. 2. The dismantling of the paramilitary groups that
operate in the Sierra Norte under the command of Cesar Toimil
and Jacobo Chavez and the detention of all those who murdered
our brothers and sisters. 3. Punish with all the weight of the law
those who organize, order, and executed the aggression against
our brothers and sisters.


For the reconstruction and free association of the indigenous
communities For the organizing council of CIPO-RFM Dolores
Villalobos Cuamatzin Leonor Heredia Marin Rosario Gomez

* [ Ed. Note: CIPO-RFM are affiliated to the
International Libertarian Solidarity (SIL) network]

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