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(en) Venezuela today: El Libertario #34 - Sept. Oct. 2003 - Editorial

From Worker <a-infos-en@ainfos.ca>
Date Tue, 14 Oct 2003 13:50:44 +0200 (CEST)

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[This editorial expresses the views of the Comision de
Relaciones Anarquistas (CRA) of Venezuela concerning
the possible Revocatory Referendum on the mandate of
Hugo Chavez, promoted by his Social-democrats and right wingers opponents]
Michael Bakunin, big because of his height but also of his
ideas, said in 1874 that it was impossible to carry out any
type of social emancipation via centralist and authoritarian
systems. The Russian thinker, one of the basis of the
libertarian thought, led an intransigent polemic against
Marx's ideas. Even though they both agreed on the
suppression of inequalities taking the anti-capitalist
struggle until the very end, the bearded anarchist opposed
the idea that the only source of power was private
contrary to what Marxists claimed. Bakunin went further in
the understanding of human nature by introducing social
and psychological elements in the revolutionary struggle.

The setting up of forms of domination are not only found in
the private property over the means of production, but also
in the monopoly of information and the taking over of social
life by the State. Marxists thought that a transition period
was needed,
the "dictatorship of the proletariat", to create their
promised ideal society. Bakunin, decades before their
negative results, declared: "It is a lie that hides a leading
minority more dangerous because it claims to be the
expression of the so-called will of the people.
But this minority, according to Marxists, will be made up of
workers. Yes, surely, of ex-workers that, as soon as they
become leaders or representatives of the workers, will stop
being such and will look down at the world of manual
workers from the heights of the State; they will no longer,
from now on, represent the people but themselves and their
pretensions to govern the people. Whoever doubts this
knows nothing about human nature. The "revolutions"
carried out under the influence of those ideas have brought
to power a new oligarchy that monopolizes directive
functions of social life, thanks to the control of intellectual
technical resources.

We, the anarchists, are convinced that the struggle against
injustices demands a fight against any kind of
incontestable power. The State is not the product of
society nor the result of class confrontations, it is rather
its cause. If the Capital is confronted as the
centre of the economical power, us, libertarians, fight with
the same energy the State as the epicentre of the political
monopoly. "Wherever there is a State - quoting once more
Bakunin - there is inevitably domination and, as a
consequence, slavery; the State
without slavery, public or hidden, is unconceivable:
because of this we are enemies of the State."

Therefore, after each election we observe the
re-composition of a managing bureaucracy that leaves
untouched the basis of the State and the unjust economical
relations. Power is the goal of those who claim that
account votes is the magical solution to a
crisis whose roots are to be found in the system and the
structures. A new political and cultural matrix is never born
spontaneously in the ballot boxes, it has got to bring with it
a complex and coherent project for society. The lack of this
was the reason why the Fifth Republic (the Chavez'
regime) has been the exact copy of the Fourth (the old
parties' system). For this reason: ¡Que se Vayan tod@s!
(Let them all go!)... with their populisms, exclusions and
demagogies. We are many that stay, organizing wills and
affinities from below to truly revolutionize our

As anarchists we support any process where the people
participates and where it is consulted. But, the revocatory
referendums would be a more fertile and interesting
process if it did not have the present limitations. Those
who write the questions, limit beforehand the possible
answers. "Yes" or "No" do not resolve anything. Both
sides only want that the discussion ends with these
irrelevant possibilities. Presently, the undeniable lack of
truth opens up an array of all possible answers (ecological,
feminists, anti-militarist, farmers.) are necessary to build,
horizontally and from below, a tomorrow based on
solidarity and freedom. This construction depends greatly
on the destruction of the old structures. For now, here and
in the rest of the world, we have to confront lies and black
mailing of, as Bakunin wrote in one of his letters, "the most
disgusting and scary shit of our century: the red
bureaucracy." We do not think any less of those on the
other side. QUE SE VAYAN TO

[Translation: Julio]

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