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(en) Venezuela, El Libertario #34 - A consistent reply to repeated questions

From Worker <a-infos-en@ainfos.ca>
Date Tue, 14 Oct 2003 13:09:16 +0200 (CEST)

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A while ago we received an email from Germany from comrade Wayne, an
activist with the FAU, a German anarchosyndicalist organization. He
said: "As you know there are many people of the left in Europe who
support Chavez and his government. I know that Venezuelan anarchists
have been recently attacked by the right wing opposition but I want
to know if the Chavists have also attacked or threatened the anarchists.
I need some concrete examples of Chavez's actions, both good and bad.
I am familiar with the theorical reasons why the anarchists
oppose him, but theory is not enough. Health and anarchy".

In the name of the Comision de Relaciones Anarquistas
(CRA) of Venezuela and of the newspaper El Libertario,
we send this reply which we wish to publicize for the many
people who in many ocassions, within and without
Venezuela, have posed similar questions to us:

"As a starting point, let us inform you that we have
published many documents analyzing Chavez and what he
represents in Venezuelan politics. Although we publish
pamphlets and propaganda flyers on the subject, our
opinions about Chavism and the nation's political situation
have been expressed in more detail in our newspaper El
Libertario, whose 33 issues have come out regularly since
November 1996. In addition, from issue #10 to #28 we have
put on the "Samizdata" website
<http://samizdata.host.sk/LIB.html> the main texts of each
issue, and starting with #29 in our own El Libertario
website <www.nodo50.org/ellibertario> which contains in
several of its sections abundant information on this theme,
including a large section of documents translated to

Our position of uncompromising opposition to Chavism is
not simply the result of a mechanical application of
anarchist theory but is merely the consequence of our
experiences in the social reality of Venezuela these past
years that enabled us to verify with total clarity that
chavism has an authoritarian, militarist, corrupt and
demagogic praxis of submission to transnational powers
that completely invalidates the apparently leftist and
anti-globalization discourse that it sometimes presents,
particularly with a view to obtaining international political
support. Concrete evidence of these false practices by the
so-called "Bolivarian Revolution" has been timely exposed
in many articles published in El Libertario, which you can
find in the above mentioned web sites.

Since we have exposed the pseudo-progressive Chavist
game, government lackeys hurl the classical accusations
that the authoritarian left reserves for Anarchism in these
cases, saying for example that we are helping and abetting
an opposition that is presented as a whole as "right wing
and fascist". In that respect, it's enough to review our
public pronouncements, collected in our editions of El
Libertario, to verify that we have clearly differentiated
ourselves both from the coup-prone right and from the
socialdemocrats, the two wings of the authoritarian
opposition to Chavez. On the other hand, our experience
here in Venezuela tells us that the confrontations between
the authoritarians in power and those of the opposition
have very little to do with the struggle among
socio-political projects and a lot with the accumulation of
power for personal and class benefit, therefore the only
ways that we consider and promote as positive are those
that stand apart from those two gangs
engaged in a disgusting bureaucratic argument, working to
empower autonomous collective initiatives for building
liberty and equality in solidarity.

Regarding the verbal threats we have suffered, they have
come equally from both sides. To illustrate recent
examples that ocurred within only a few days, a
councilmember from a right wing party (Primero Justicia)
barks stupidly in a Caracas daily, while anonimous chavist
cybernauts systematically put in circulation shameless lies
and libels against us in Indymedia and other alternative
circles in the web.

In the media and among the voices of either, anarchism
continues to be presented as destructive irrationality and
anarchists as potential terrorists, thus creating the
ambience for future repressive assaults. It must be said
that up to date this atmosphere has not progressed to
direct aggressions (physical violence, imprisonment,
censorship, prohibition of publications and such) but it
would not surprise us if the growing spiral of verbal
belligerance would lead to such acts.

We hope this has been of help in answering your questions
which no doubt express the sentiment of many anarchist
comrades in Europe, where many people ignore what
Venezuelan anarchists have been exposing and doing.
Against such ignorance and against the deceit created by
the Chavist propaganda and its allies (which range from
exquisite opportunists such as Attac or monsieur Ramonet
to ridiculous throwbacks of marxism-leninism) we trust
that the libertarian people of Europe will denounce the
mess of opportunist infighting for state power that hides
behind the revolutionary farce that is on scene today in
Venezuela. Health, happiness and (A)!"

[Translation: Luis]

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