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(en) Greece, Solidarity to the 7 imprisoned demonstrators of the june EU Summit. The leaflet from the occupation of Macedonian News Agency in Thessaloniki

From Worker <a-infos-en@ainfos.ca>
Date Mon, 13 Oct 2003 13:24:34 +0200 (CEST)

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> From: Dimitrios Tasioulas <tasioul-A-psy.auth.gr>
-Antiathoritarians occupied, for half an hour, the building of the Macedonian News Agency
in Thessaloniki. The agency's information flood was blockaded while a huge banner was
hanged up and printed material was distributed, in solidarity to the Saloniki 7.
On the way to June's demos and immediately after them

Already from spring 2002 the greek government and the municipality of
Thessaloniki had made well known their concerns regarding the facing of the
demonstrators against the EU summit that was to take place in June 2003. In May
2002 the first offical agreements between the municipality,the mass media and
the police are made, in order for the co-ordinated "coverage" of the demos. In
the meantime the Greek Social Forum and the Greek Communist Party publicate
their intentions to cooperate with the police, in exchange to the hospitality
that was to be offered to the "plural " and the "anti-imperialist human sea".
During the following months the police's announcements in the press and tv
media are multiplied. In the begining of 2003 the place to host the summit is
announced (which would also set the "red zone"). Preperations for colloseal
security measures are taking place at Porto Karras Hotel, in Chalkidiki. From
April and onwards, the whole of the greek left overcomes all expectations and
cooperates with the municipality and the police up to the smallest detail
concerning the housing and feeding of their demonstrators. They hand them the
whole listings of their actions and demonstrations. Insurance companies go
around the shops of the greater centre of Thessaloniki and negotiate higher and
higher antiterrorist security deals. The local public tv channel ET3 launches
an everyday show in which state schools and leftists of most fades parade,
chanting neoliberal arguments masked up in humanitarian appeals. Their only
enemy: The ghost of violence and destruction that is wandering over the
mobilisations of the "antiglobalisation" movement. Fived days prior to the
summit of the EU prime ministers, some people that don't bend to the new
religion of security and property have already started, in various coalitions
and with a variety of plans, to discuss and organise in the universities'

On June 19, 20 and 21 the police is in full gear, the army in high alert
everywhere and Thessaloniki and the Sithonia peninsula are in an emergency
state. On Thursday June 19 a red/black immigrant solidarity demo takes place in
the city of Thessaloniki, with the participation of more than 4,000 people. On
Friday, an organised clash with the police in Chalkidiki on the way to the red
zone and a solidarity action at the camp of roma people, at the greek-
macedonian border. On Saturday the police, who act in a rather advantageous
international field of revenge and publicity, return to their headquarters
after having accomplished very specific aims, according to the orders they were
given: carefully chosen arrests, with a paneuropean profile. Arrests aimed to
terrorise and show their power the following day, outside the courts.

The displaying of power and attrocity from the state's -police/law- side is
accompanied by the displaying of fear and antiterrorist innitiative of every
single citizen who baricades his window, switches on his tv set and awaits to
listen to an opinion he has already shapped concerning the "events" of these
three days. Next to the cops and the judges and inbetween insurance companies
representatives, ministers, demagogues and the rest of the safety ideologues,
the mass media played their own, extremely important role in retaining public
order. During the whole week of actions the mass media's game -with their
cameras shooting on us- was played inbetween the falsification or ommitment of
what we are saying, what we are trying for, what we are willing to beccome. The
police-led reportages of this week were followed by the instructed silence for
Thursday's demo and following this was the crudeness of the director on Friday:
On this side, look carefully, the terrorists clash with the police. On the
other side -forget about it- some people behind their fortress in the
conference centre want to reign and will not hesitate to kill in order to do
so. On Saturday? The long awaited finale. All around the burned bank or the
smashed windows, a whole lot of ground to be used by blood-thursty journalists,
freaked-out middle-class people, exhausted tv viewers- they all come out happy
in the end. They eben surpass their bosses in zeal.

In the following days the terror-climate reaches its apogee. In order for the
arrested to get a terrorist appeal, tv reportages reveal the anarchist
conspiracy of the meditterenean. A spanish demonstrator is transformed into a
chief-terrorist who is supposed to be wanted by all european police. In the
same attempt, they lyingly try to connect one of the recently arrested in Spain
with someone of those detained in Thessaloniki. Under these circumnstances they
underlying willingness of the "public opinion" for revenge and terrorisation of
aspiring imitators: in one night, all (30) arrested are charged with the same
extremely serious charges and seven of them are held in prison unfounded
charges. In the mass media reality there never were any beatins, nor the
humiliation of the arrested. There was no desperation of prison, nor chocking
atmosphere and chemicals. There are no real people for them, only enactments.

Before, during and after the 'incidents of June", mass media did, on ime and in
accordance and cooperation with cops, judges, poticians and leftist parties:

* created threats and a regime of terror in order to spread fear and hatred
with their predictions of repeatance of the "fire of 1917"
* upgraded, with statistical and sociological theories the propaganda about
security and property
* showed pacifists "antiglobalisation" leftists chanting for the punishment of
the forthcoming destructors who spoil their declerations of faith to the state
* insisted on the necessity of an antiterrorist cover in every shop window of a
* described, in full detail, the technologically advanced repression means
* civilised the cop figure
* set up and danced the dance of demonisation of the arrestees


As long as the seven remain in prison, as long as we leave the state and mass
media take their revenge, the society is dying slowly from the poison of


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