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(en) korean anarchists protesting to October 1 Military Day arms parade

From Worker <a-infos-en@ainfos.ca>
Date Wed, 8 Oct 2003 19:47:04 +0200 (CEST)

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About 20 anarchists and conscientious objectors and peace activists from
War Resisters' International(WRI)-Korea, International Solidarity
Movement(ISM)-Korea, Korean Anarchist Network and so on did an
anti-military demostration on October 1 in Seoul, South Korea.
October 1 is the Military Day and there was a big military parade in
downtown Seoul where lots of tanks and armored vehicles, soldiers,
missles and variuos high-tec weapons threaded their way through massive
crowd of right wing, waving to the symbol of state violence.

we wouldn't let this happen so we tried to stop them as the weapons were
passing by Kwanghwamun area, but we were soon stoped by the police.
About 100 riot police surrounded us in triple layers, makingg sure no
protesters leak out to the street.
Pigs took our banners and other demo stuff.
A fellow activist of mine, Kwangdae wouldn't let go of the big broken
rifle banner that many Anarclan ppl made together, cops hit Kwangdae in
his head very hard with their razor-blade-sharp sheilds.
Besieged and outnumbered by riot police, protesters continue to chant
and sing to make thier anti-war message delivered and heard as you can
see through the movie file.
Cops threathed us many times to leave, but we refused to leave until the
parade was gone.
We were fortunate because nobody was arrested.
here is a movie file of our demo.(click the link to download)

pictures below were extracted from the movie file.
for more info, go to the Anarclan English Board at

peace out
dopehead zo

<img src="http://dopehead.net/image/military-parade/PDVD_001.jpg";>

<img src="http://dopehead.net/image/military-parade/PDVD_003.jpg";>

<img src="http://dopehead.net/image/military-parade/PDVD_005.jpg";>

<img src="http://dopehead.net/image/military-parade/PDVD_006.jpg";>

<img src="http://dopehead.net/image/military-parade/PDVD_008.jpg";>

<img src="http://dopehead.net/image/military-parade/PDVD_011.jpg";>

<img src="http://dopehead.net/image/military-parade/PDVD_017.jpg";>

<img src="http://dopehead.net/image/military-parade/PDVD_019.jpg";>

<img src="http://dopehead.net/image/military-parade/PDVD_023.jpg";>

<img src="http://dopehead.net/image/military-parade/PDVD_027.jpg";>

<img src="http://dopehead.net/image/military-parade/PDVD_032.jpg";>

<img src="http://dopehead.net/image/military-parade/PDVD_033.jpg";>

<img src="http://dopehead.net/image/military-parade/PDVD_035.jpg";>

<img src="http://dopehead.net/image/military-parade/PDVD_038.jpg";>

<img src="http://dopehead.net/image/military-parade/PDVD_040.jpg";>

<img src="http://dopehead.net/image/military-parade/PDVD_041.jpg";>

<img src="http://dopehead.net/image/military-parade/PDVD_042.jpg";>

<img src="http://dopehead.net/image/military-parade/PDVD_043.jpg";>

<img src="http://dopehead.net/image/military-parade/PDVD_045.jpg";>

<img src="http://dopehead.net/image/military-parade/PDVD_047.jpg";>

<img src="http://dopehead.net/image/military-parade/PDVD_049.jpg";>

<img src="http://dopehead.net/image/military-parade/PDVD_051.jpg";>

<img src="http://dopehead.net/image/military-parade/PDVD_053.jpg";>

<img src="http://dopehead.net/image/military-parade/PDVD_057.jpg";>

<img src="http://dopehead.net/image/military-parade/PDVD_060.jpg";>

<img src="http://dopehead.net/image/military-parade/PDVD_061.jpg";>

<img src="http://dopehead.net/image/military-parade/PDVD_062.jpg";>

<img src="http://dopehead.net/image/military-parade/PDVD_064.jpg";>

<img src="http://dopehead.net/image/military-parade/PDVD_066.jpg";>

<img src="http://dopehead.net/image/military-parade/PDVD_073.jpg";>
From: Dopehead Zo <zo-A-dopehead.net>

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