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(en) Anarchist Age Weekly Review No.566 29th September ­ 5th October 2003

From Worker <a-infos-en@ainfos.ca>
Date Tue, 7 Oct 2003 09:35:38 +0200 (CEST)

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Any shopkeeper worth their salt, faced with the dilemma of moving last
year's un-sold Christmas stock, would be committing economic suicide if they
attempted to sell it as last year's stock. The key to successful Christmas
sales in this situation, lays in repackaging the old stock so it looks grand
spanking new. The Prime Minister, unlike the Collingwood Football Club,
understands the difference between media hype and reality. He knows that
irrespective of the Labor Partyıs internal squabbling, his government's
policies are alienating an increasing number of Australians.


Knowing that it's foolhardy to pin his electoral hopes on another Tampa
steaming over the horizon, he has decided to repackage the government's
message by conducting an extensive Cabinet reshuffle. The same old faces
and the same old policies have been repackaged in bright, colourful, vibrant
colours that shout buy me now!! The job of selling the Howard government's
ideological agenda has been given to Howard's chief spruiker Tony Abbott.

Those electors that are attracted by the new packaging and Abbott's antics,
run the very real risk of buying last year's discredited policies.
Unfortunately they won't be in a position to know what they have bought
until after the next Federal election. If the contents of the package they
have purchased does not meet the specifications on the label, they can't run
off to Consumer Affairs, or the Small Claims Tribunal and complain they've
been duped. Even if they can pressure the government to admit that the
contents doesn't meet the specifications on the label, they will be told the
bright, shiny package they voted for, contained non-core promises and that
the packages with the core promises never actually left the Prime Minister's

Itıs fascinating watching Tony Abbott and Amanda Vanstone strutting the
stage extracting money from welfare recipients on behalf of the Australian
taxpayer. Irrespective of whether the fault lays with a government
department or the recipient, a debt is a debt is a debt. Taxpayers money
cannot be squandered, every dollar is precious. Abbott and Vanstone have a
duty to the Australian people to ensure that nobody gets a cent more than
theyıre entitled to.

Social Security benefits in this country are normally means tested. Social
Security beneficiaries have to fill out a mountain of paper work and prove
they have minimal income and assets before they can get their greedy little
hands on one cent. That is unless you have enough disposable income to buy
private health insurance. The 30% health care rebate, that is paid to the
private health insurance industry on behalf of the 43% of Australians who
have taken out private health insurance, is a classical case of reverse
welfare. The rebate is not means tested, it is automatically given to
anyone who takes out private health insurance. If you earn $10 million a
year you are entitled to the rebate, no paper work, no messy trawling by
government departments through your financial affairs.

It's yours, itıs a God given right if you have the money to buy private
health insurance. The private health care rebate is not just limited to
private hospital care. If you can afford to take out extra cover, you can
get a taxpayer subsidy to access all those health care services that people
who donıt have the disposable income to buy private health insurance donıt
have access to ­ dentistry, massage, complementary medicine, occupational
therapy, physiotherapy, provision of spectacles, medications and the list
goes on and on.

It would be nice to think that the Abbott and Vanstone side show would turn
their attention to this extraordinary situation and initiate a debate in the
Cabinet room to slap a means test on the private health care rebate. The
introduction of a means test would release much needed funds to a public
hospital sector that lurches from one crisis to another. The money saved by
the introduction of a means test could also be used to halt the decline in
bulk billing rates. Unfortunately, Abbott and Vanstone are having too much
fun and are much too busy making the lives of some of the most disadvantaged
people in this country a misery, to turn their attention to the inequities
highlighted by the taxpayer funded non means tested 30% health care rebate
paid to the 43% of Australians who can afford to buy private health

The great helmsman, our beloved Prime Minister, is all smiles as he waxes
lyrical about the ability of his new Health Minister to sell his
indefensible health care policy ­ the $2.5 billion of taxpayers money that
is given to the private health insurance industry on behalf of the 43% of
Australians who can afford to take out private health insurance. It seems
that John Howard, not Tony Abbott is punch drunk.

Core and non-core man is hailing the governmentıs private health care rebate
as the cornerstone of his governmentıs health care agenda. For Howard and
Abbottıs information, it doesnıt matter how they package their grubby little
health care policy. Nobody is going to buy the line that giving a 30% non
means tested taxpayer funded health care rebate to somebody who earns $10
million a year to access essential health service that people who cannot buy
private health insurance cannot access, has anything to do with fairness or

Although the fourth estateıs analysis doesnıt normally extend beyond the
governmentıs media releases, people at the receiving end of the health care
mess know the diabolic state health care services are in. Whether Abbott or
Patterson are the governmentıs health care spruikers doesnıt matter. What
matters, is the type of services people have access to. Think about it,
have you used Medicare services in the past two weeks? Over 10% of
Australians will have seen a doctor during the last two weeks. What would
you do if you had to pay for those services? Would you have gone to the
doctor or would you still be waiting in an accident and emergency department
for treatment?

What is an academic point to Howard and his merry band of ideological bigots
in Cabinet, is a matter of life and death for most Australians. Dismantling
Medicare by destroying the universal nature of the Australian health care
delivery system is a recipe for both personal and community pain and
suffering. Any government that attempts to take away what we have fought
for and won in the past, needs to be vigorously resisted by all of us.

It's time that a little bit of lateral thinking was introduced into the
public debate about the $2.5 billion per year of taxpayers funds that are
being used to prevent the private health sector from imploding. The
Australian people are told that the more people who take out private
insurance, the less pressure will be placed on the public hospital sector.
Even if we accept this dubious argument, the question that should be asked
is whether the people with the greatest need have access to the Private
Hospital system?

Currently the 30% non-means tested private health care rebate is paid to the
43% of Australians who can afford to take out private health insurance.
Irrespective of whether they earn $10 million per year or scrape and save
and do without essentials to buy private health insurance, they receive the
same taxpayer funded rebate. As most people with catastrophic injuries and
major life threatening problems continue to use the public health sector
because of a shortage of critical and intensive care beds in the private
sector, the majority of admissions in the private sector are elective
surgical admissions and admissions for semi-elective medical problems.

At the same time, the public health sector is overloaded with elderly
patients with chronic non-life threatening medical conditions that block
access to much needed public hospital beds. A simple way of overcoming this
bottle neck and ensuring both the long term viability of the private and
public sector and meeting the health care needs of all Australians, is by
reviewing how the current 30% rebate is administered.

If the rebate is means tested for all people under seventy who will take out
private health insurance and the government meets the private
hospitalisation costs of all people over seventy who require hospital
treatment (as it now does with Veterans Affairs gold card holders), the
pressure would be removed from an under funded and under resourced public
hospital sector and the viability of both the private health insurance and
hospital sector would be guaranteed. Most importantly of all, those
Australians over seventy who, through their blood, sweat and tears have
built this nation would be rewarded for their contribution by knowing that
their health care needs would be met by Australian society at the most
vulnerable time of their lives.

Branch stacking isn't just a Liberal, National or Labor Party peccadillo.
They are the new kids on the block and couldn't, even if they tried, lay a
hand on the masters of the game, the Roman Catholic Church. The Pope's
appointment of 31 new cardinals, including Australia's very own George Pell,
is the Pope's latest attempt to stack the College of Cardinals with
intellectual and theological clones. The Pope, God's representative on
Earth, isn't chosen by divine intervention but as a result of the petty
ambitions and vanities of the College of Cardinals.

Stacking the College with your own men is a tactic that is used to ensure
that the next Pope reflects the previous Pope's ideological position. Yes
Virginia, the College of Cardinals is a hotbed of political intrigue. Deals
are done and undone, factions are formed and reformed, all in the name of
the one true God. When this Pope meets his maker and is shoved into a
corner somewhere in the Vatican, the College of Cardinals will come together
electing one of their own as the new Pope. Politics, ideology and ambition,
not theological arguments, decide who will be God's next representative on

Although every Pope attempts to stack the College of Cardinals with men who
share their theological and political leanings, there is nothing to
guarantee that all the wheeling and dealing will result in the election of a
Popal clone. Human beings have free will. More importantly, some human
beings owe others favours and it's highly probable that these favours will
be called on to be repaid in full at the College of Cardinal meeting, that
elects the new Pope.

This Pope has lived long enough to make his mark on the College of
Cardinals. Whether the new Pope that's elected, will follow the path laid
out for him by "His Grace" the current Pope (it's strange how people in
authority like to remind us mere mortals about their importance), or break
out on his own, will to a large degree be determined by the factional deals
that are being engineered as we speak. Historically, radical Popes follow
conservative Popes. Considering the conservative nature of the present
Popacy, I wouldn't be surprised if the next Pope turns out to be a raving

Q. Demonstrations donıt achieve anything?
A. The apparent failure of the anti war movement to stop the development of
Œcoalition of the willingı troops in Iraq has been hailed by some radicals
as the end of the use of the demonstration as a tactic to achieve change.
This myopic view doesnıt take into account the role of the demonstration as
a positive force for change. It also doesnıt examine how the anti war
demonstrations have created the climate that has put Bushıs, Blairıs and
Howardıs actions under the public microscope.
The anti war movement failed to create enough momentum to change government
policy but it created a reservoir of resistance within the community which
is reflected by the increasing number of people who believe Bush, Blair and
Howard lied about the need to go to war. Over the next few years, all these
leaders will be hung out to dry by their respective constituents. If there
was no anti war movement and no demonstrations against the invasion of Iraq,
the tune that Bush, Blair and Howard would be singing, would be very
different indeed.
Demonstrations are important, the momentum created by a series of
demonstrations can bring governments down and radically transform society.
A few succeed to transform society, most doesnıt. Whether they succeed or
not doesnıt really matter, what matters is that they create a climate of
resistance in society that bolsters solidarity and builds new grass root
organisations. The failure of a particular tactic in one situation does not
negate its importance and usefulness in the wider struggle. Demonstrations
keep the struggle uppermost in the public mind, they give people the
opportunity to meet like-minded people and most important of all, they put
those who wield power on notice that the people can challenge their hold on
If demonstrations did not challenge the authority of those who wield power,
the authorities wouldnıt spend so much time trying to discredit and contain
demonstrations. The World Trade Organisation would never have failed to
reach a consensus on the opening up of national boundaries to trade if their
meetings had not been dogged by demonstrations. Demonstrations are an
important part of the festival of the oppressed, they empower people and
give them the opportunity to influence what is happening around them and in
some cases helps people to radically transform their lives and the lives of
the people around them.

Itıs easy to forget the big picture when youıre involved in the everyday
minutiae of living. Somebodyıs sick in your family?, youıve lost your job?,
the banks are hassling you for money?, the social and political
organisations youıre involved in are getting nowhere?, expending energy in
petty squabbles that will never amount to anything? Stop, take a few days
off. Yes, you can do it. Sit back and review the Œbig pictureı.
Do you still believe in the Œbig pictureı? Do you think itıs achievable?
Is it still relevant? These are the questions we need to ask from time to
time to maintain our sanity and change the course we have embarked on.
Thereıs no point in paddling up shit creek without a paddle. Occasionally
reassessing how your life is going, whatıs important to you and what youıd
like to achieve, is an essential task for the activist. The last thing you
want to do is wake up at 70 (if youıre lucky enough to live that long) and
realise that everything youıd believed, everything youıve worked for, was a
total waste of time.
Tacking stock of our personal situation is an integral component of radical
social change. We need to be able to understand whatıs happening around us,
whatıs happening in society as a whole and whatıs happening to us. The
sooner we assess and reassess where we are, the happier we will be and the
more energy we will have to pursue the bigger picture. You may find that
events have overtaken your life and you no longer have the energy or the
will to do anything outside your personal circle. You may find that
reassessing the situation has allowed you to plough through the minutiae of
everyday existence and allowed you to devote yourself to a wider struggle to
change things, both for yourself and the people around you.
Irrespective of how difficult things are, do not take your eye off the
bigger picture. You became a radical activist because you had a belief that
went far beyond everyday reality. Reassessing the ideals, hopes and
aspirations that helped you begin that journey, is one way of keeping your
footing on the path you have chosen to follow.

The 3rd of December 2003 marks the 149th anniversary of the Eureka
rebellion. This year like last year, many readers of the Anarchist Age
Weekly Review will be going to Ballarat to join other activists from around
Australia, who will be reclaiming the radical spirit of the Eureka
rebellion. From 4.00am to 4.00pm on Wednesday the 3rd of December,
celebrations will be held at Eureka Hall, the site of the Eureka rebellion.
Participants will be marching to Bakery Hill, the place where the Eureka
flag was flown for the first time and the Eureka oath was sworn by the
miners at Ballarat in 1854 ­ "We swear by the Southern Cross to stand truly
by each other and fight to defend our rights and liberties!" Over the next
few months the ŒAustralian Radical Historyı section in the Anarchist Age
Weekly Review will concentrate on the lives of some of the participants in
the Eureka rebellion.
Phoebe Watson was born on the 15th December 1832 at Weardale County, Durham
England. Phoebe married George Emerson and opened up Emersonıs Store at
Eureka. Her husband fell ill soon after the store was opened. She ran the
store and looked after George during the events that led up to the Eureka
rebellion. Phoebe Emerson was known to be a scrupulously fair shopkeeper,
she kept several savage dogs and carried a loaded gun to deter any
Phoebe hid Alfred Black and George Scobie , two of the major insurgents in
the Eureka rebellion in the store, hiding one in a crate and another under a
pile of wood, as soldiers with drawn bayonets were hunting, arresting and
killing survivors of the Eureka massacre. The soldiers warned her that if
she gave assistance to a stockade escapee, she would be shot.
Later that morning, a few hours after Black and Scobie had made their
escape, she left the store to investigate why her dogs were barking. She
found a semi conscious miner in the bushes. Recognising him as Peter Lalor,
the miners elected leader, she tore strips off her petticoat, binding his
arm to stop the bleeding. She rolled a barrel to where he was hiding,
helping him into the barrel and covering his feet with branches, all within
earshot of troops and police who were looking for survivors of the massacre.
She went looking for George Scobie and when she found him, told him about
Lalorıs plight. Scobie returned with a dray and took Lalor to a campsite a
few kilometers away. Phoebe contacted Mrs Hayes, a customer and the wife of
one of the other leaders of the rebellion, about Lalorıs plight. Mrs Hayes
contacted the local Catholic priest Father Smyth, who eventually collected
Lalor from the campsite and took him back to the presbytery in Ballarat
where he was operated on by Dr. Doyle who was assisted by Dr. Stewart,
Sutherland and Gibson.
The next day Phoebe was assaulted by a senior police officer, who questioned
her about some blood stained petticoat which was found near her store. Her
invalid husband George, died on the 10th September 1857. She married George
Scobie, the stockader she had sheltered in her store in 1854, in 1860.
Phoebe lost 3 children while they were still young and her second husband
George died in an accident in 1874 just before the birth of his youngest
daughter Barbara Georgina. She single handedly raised 5 daughters and saw
them all marry and have families of their own, before she died at Bullarook
near Ballarat in 1899 aged 67 years.
Phoebe Watson/Emerson/Scobie is buried next to George Scobie and his brother
James, in the Old Ballarat Cemetery next to the Eureka Soldiers Memorial
Bob OıBrien, Revised 1998 Edition, 1st Published 1992, ISBN 0909874190.
The Sovereign Hill Museums Association,
Sovereign Hill Post Office, Ballarat, VICTORIA 3350.
Tel: (03) 5331 1944, Fax: (03) 5331 1528

Arms Trade Comics by Donald Rooum, Freedom Press, September 2003,
(in Angel Alley) 84b Whitechapel High St, LONDON E17QX, ENGLAND, ISBN 0
904491 01 4
This offering is the latest in a long line of WILDCAT ­ Anarchist Comics by
Donald Rooum. The 1st Wildcat anarchist comic book appeared in 1985 (ISBN
0900384301). This issue has the same list of major characters that appeared
in the first series.
The revolting pussycat, the central character of Wildcat, is at it again
raising uncomfortable questions about the arms trade and the duplicity and
lies surrounding life in the post modern world. Itıs hard enough trying to
encapsulate complex ideas in a 300 word article. Itıs much harder
encapsulating the same sentiments on an A5 piece of paper. Rooumıs latest
offerings tickles the funny bone, bursts the hypocritical hyperbole of post
modern existence, while providing a glimpse about an alternative. No mean
feat for a cartoon strip.
Rooum has mastered both the visual and verbal aspect of cartooning. Some
cartoonists rely on the power of the line forming an image that the reader
connects with, others use an occasional word to reinforce the lines message.
Rooum continues to use the 1950ıs comic strip formula, a formula that needs
words to reinforce the lines message. This latest offering, although both a
visual and intellectual feast, is not easy to read. The reader needs to
read the word balloons accompanying the drawing and move from left to right
to grasp what Rooum is trying to say. Fortunately for Rooum in this issue,
the immediacy of the invasion of Iraq gives an extra dimension to the
material presented.
Rooum is no Leuing or Tandberg, the roots of the Wildcat series lays in the
popularity of the comic strip as an entertainment art form. He has
successfully melded the comic strip with the political and social realities
faced by all of us. He needs to be congratulated for attempting to make
anarchist ideas accessible to people that would never come into contact with
them. Would I part with a little bit of cash to get a hold of a copy? Iım
sure I would. Would I recommend it? Of course I would, not just because
Rooum is an anarchist and the sentiments expressed are anarchist sentiments.
I would recommend it because it tackles the central questions about life
with humour, a commodity we need bucket loads of to survive in a world where
there is very little to enjoy or celebrate.
Check your local anarchist literature outlet to get a hold of Rooumıs latest
Wildcat. If they donıt stock it, contact the publishers Freedom Press in

It starts off with the birds, they seem to enjoy a monopoly in the morning,
that even the din of passing traffic canıt overwhelm. Morning is synonymous
with the cacophony of our feathered friends going about their business.
Open one eye then the next, sunshine streams into the room beneath the
curtains. If you ignore the birds long enough, theyıll stop singing and you
can catch a few more minutes sleep. At least you know youıre alive.
Yesterdayıs problems come tumbling back into your head, todayıs schedule
stretches out before you. Sleep is replaced by wakefulness. The sounds of
morning stir the muscles and impregnate the brain with a template for the
The birds have stopped singing much sooner than they should have, maybe a
lionıs escaped from the zoo and is helping its urban moggie cousins eat up
our feathered friends. The sunlight disappears, I decide I must be
dreaming. It can be difficult to know whether youıre dreaming in the early
hours of the morning that mark the time between darkness and light. The
electric clock in the corner flashes 5.52, way too early in the morning to
try to find out whether youıre dreaming or not.
6.32, I must have been awake but have gone back to sleep. The sunshineıs
gone, its presence has been replaced with rattling trees, howling winds and
an assault on the window pane by raindrops herded by an angry wind. I go
back to sleep. 7.04, itıs getting serious now, itıs time I stirred, duty
beckons, bills need to be paid, appointments need to be kept, life needs to
be doled out in little self contained parcels. The wind has stopped, the
sunshine has streamed back under the curtains, the birds have come out of
their shelters and are once again welcoming the beginning of the day.
Suddenly, the sunlight disappears, the birds stop singing, the wind herds
the raindrops onto the window pane, symmetrical drops are instantly
transformed into replicas of overcooked baked beans. They run down the
window and fall onto the parched earth. 7.58, itıs serious now, internal
alarm bells start ringing. What would happen if I didnıt get out of bed?
Nothing, the habits of a lifetime die hard I get up and start another day.

The recovery is here!! The recovery has arrived!! Weıre saved!! Sounds
familiar doesnıt it, If you wish hard enough for something to happen, it
will happen. Well, Iım afraid the so called economic recovery in the United
States, is the stuff that dreams are made of. Even a cursory analyst of the
available economic data tells a very different story. While Bush plays his
foreign policy games, the US economy is disintegrating. Historically, low
interest rates or not, the US economy is heading in the wrong direction.
While Bush fishes round for a few more hundred billion dollars to prop up
his invasion of Iraq, tax receipts continue to plummet. In 2001, the income
of Americaıs top 1% fell a staggering 18%. Their income tax contribution to
the US economy fell by $66 billion (about what Bush needs to pursue his
policies in Iraq for about 8 weeks). The decline in the fortunes of the top
1%, is due to the collapse of the stock market boom and the current
recession. Just in case youıre about to hand out the tissues to the top 1%
of US income earners, take a look at everybody elseıs situation.
In 2002, the number of people who live below the poverty line increased from
11% to 12%. The bulk of people living under the poverty line are non-white.
The highest increase in the number of people living below the poverty line
has occurred in the mid West ­ Bushıs major source of electoral support.
Just in case you think the problem is limited to the richest 1% and the
poorest 12%, think again. The medium household income fell US$500 to
US$42,400. The per capita income has declined to US$22,794. This is the
first real decline that has occurred in household income in the US since
These figures tell a story that the money markets and financial gurus are
not trumpeting. The US economic difficulties are due to the Bush
administrationıs foreign policy fiascos. Bush Jnr is beginning to learn the
lesson his father learnt when Bill Clinton swept him out of the White House.
"Itıs the economy stupid".

Joseph TOSCANO / Libertarian Workers
for a Self-Managed Society.

Directed by Gregor Jordan.
Sergeant Bilko goes bad....If you liked Apocalypse Now & The Boys From
Company C (Vietnam war); Three Kings (Iraq Invasion by Prez Bush Snr c1991)
& other "ugly US" vistas of US troops amok this will get you laughing.
"War is hell but peace is fucking boring" says the lead actor (played by
Joaquin Phoenix) stuck at a US Army base in Karlsruhe, West Germany. Our
"anti-hero" makes $ by selling bulk cleaning supplies & weapons off base,
buying opium powder from Turkish gangsters & cooking it into heroin for sale
amongst the bored troops. There are competing drug gangs & a new
Authoritarian Sergeant (Scott Glenn) to mess up this racket. Needless to say
thereıs violence, roles for women awful, Afro-Americans dodgy & it all ends
tragically. But weıve waited over 2 years to see this. Why? Because Buffalo
Soldiers was released same week as the Sept 11 2001 NY terrorist attacks &
test audiences booed at showings as it was "unamerican". While entertaining
the politics is ignorant thugs exclaiming as the Berlin Wall is shown
falling on TV "where is Berlin, are we in East or West Berlin?" The baad
boyz (& some girls) now getting bombed & shot back at, stuck in Iraq must be
looting & getting out of it too. BUT we may have to wait awhile to see a
film on that; meanwhile we shall have to endure/try to ignore the Lie
Factory's Saving Private Lynch for TV saga etc. Gregor Jordan made Two Hands
before BS & after BS made Ned Kelly.

Director: Alexander Payne. 125 min.
A retired insurance business man finds his everyday life a failure, his wife
dies & his only daughter marries a bloke he loathes. No action scenes or
computer special effects, just emotionally repressed (but really angry &
lonely underneath) old & alienated in USA today. What will it take for this
man to cry you'll have to wait for the end.....A calming meditation after
the war flicks.

- TIERRA Y LIBERTAD No.182 SEPT 2003,, Periodico Anarquista, Apartado 7.056
de Madrid, 28080 SPAIN, Tel:917970424, Fax:915052183,
- UMANITA NOVA Vol 83 No.27 EL 7TH SEPT 2003, Settimanale Anarchico, C.50
Palermo 46, 10152, Torino ITALY. tel/fax (011) 857850 Mobile 338-6594361
- WILDCAT SEPT 2003, Anarchist Against Bombs, arms trade comics by Donald
Rooum, Freedom Press, (in Angel Alley) 84b Whitechapel High St, Laondon EI

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HERE WE GO AGAIN, ONLY TEN MONTHS INTO 2003 & we find ourselves struggling
to pay our bills & survive. Just in case youıre waiting for a renewal
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this responsibility & re-subscribe when their subscription has run out. We
need to raise $210.00 per week in order to cover typing, printing, postage &
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improvement occurs in our financial position during October and November,
the Anarchist Age Weekly Review will temporarily cease publication in
December 2003 and January 2004. If the position has not improved by then,
we will cease publishing at the beginning of February 2004. Our future now
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We are willing and would like to continue publishing, but financial
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Debt 01-10-2003 $2054.20

Has been awarded to the government gelded ABC and the corporate owned media
for promoting distractions while ignoring real issues. - If I see, hear or
read one more article about leadership tensions in the ALP or about the AFL
grand final, IıLL SCREAM!! Looks like Iım going to be screaming for the
next millennium.

Cnr Swanston & Latrobe Streets, Melbourne
Email: info@defendandextendmedicare.org
Postal: P.O. Box 5035 Alphington 3078, Victoria Australia.
Tel: 03 9766 8555
Encourage your family, friends and workmates to take part in the next rally,
without your active participation you and your fellow Australians will lose
access to a universal health care delivery system. Form your own Federal
electorate group, join the campaign today.

>From 4AM TO 4PM
Celebrate the important elements of the Eureka rebellion
"We swear by the Southern Cross to stand truly by each other and fight to
defend our rights and liberties"
… 4.00AM ­ 6.00AM ­ Gathering at Eureka Park to mark the 149th anniversary
of the battle on the site and at the time it occurred
… 6.00am ­ 10.00am ­ Breakfast Eureka Hall (Bring own food & drinks)
… 10.00am ­ 11.00am ­ Radio broadcast across Australia involving the
participants at the site on the National Community Radio Satellite
… 11.30am ­ 1.00pm ­ March from Eureka Park to Bakery Hill to re-affirm the
Eureka Oath. March back to Eureka Park
… 1.00pm ­ 4.00pm ­ Lunch & conversation (bring own food & drinks)
Reclaim your history, use that history to change the future.
>From 4AM TO 4PM

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the envelope & send them to us. JOIN our $5.00 a month group & send us a
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Volunteers are urgently needed at Grasslands Groceries. Grasslands is an
alternative cooperative that uses all profits made, to fund innovative
projects such as the Resource Centre for asylum seekers. Come to an
information session at Grasslands, 205 Nicholson Street, Footscray.
Ring 93620830 to organise a suitable time.

Increasing financial problems have forced us to review how The Anarchist
Media Instituteıs finances are raised. Currently subscriptions and
donations only account for about 40% of the income necessary to cover our
costs. To overcome this problem weıve launched a:-
We are looking for THIRTY People, interested in our activities, to pledge to
ŒA Dollar A Dayı for twelve months. You can donate monthly or yearly. Make
out cheques and money orders to:- Libertarian Workers and send to PO Box 20,
Parkville. 3052. Melbourne. Australia. Those who pledge will receive a "I
Saved The Anarchist Media Institute" A3 poster which you can frame and put
up at work or home - A great talking point if nothing else. Weıve got the
ideas and energy but we need your financial assistance to keep going. Go
on, become one of the Magnificent Thirty that saved the Anarchist Media

187 MEMBERS ­ 363 TO GO
Politically manipulated and scorned? Sick of being a peripheral player
every time a Federal election comes around, then join:- VOTE INFORMAL
TODAY, DIRECT DEMOCRACY TOMORROW - a "political party" that is putting the
boot into the Australian Parliamentary Process. Send a stamp self-addressed
envelope to
PO Box 20, Parkville. 3052. Melbourne. Australia Telephone (03) 9828 2856
(24 hour answering service). We will send information about how to join
this unique 21st century Australian phenomena.
Written and authorised by Joseph Toscano
(National Convenor 205 Nicholson St Footscray 3012 Melbourne Aust.)
Current membership 187. We need 550 members to apply for registration as a
political party, so that members can stand at the Federal election in 2004
and show Australianıs that Parliamentary Democracy is nothing more than two
minutes of illusory power.

Broadcast across Australia on the National Community Radio Satellite.
The Anarchist World This Week is broadcast from 3CR (855khz AM dial) in
Melbourne between 10.00AM TO 11.OOAM every Wednesday. It is also broadcast
simultaneously across Australia to a number of community radio stations,
some broadcast it live, others later on during the week. Do you listen to a
community radio station? Want to listen to the Anarchist World This Week?
Then ask them to download it from the National Community Radio Satellite,
play it live or play it later on in the week.

EMAIL MADNESS - Have access to cyberspace? Want to help us save on printing
& postage costs? Then why donıt you receive the AAWR by email?
INTERESTED?? Then email us at anarchistage@yahoo.com & arrange to have the
weekly emailed to you.

If You Like What You Have Read, Photocopy This Publication and Leave It In
Doctors, Dentists,
Vets Waiting Rooms and In Railway Stations, Bus Stops, Libraries and
Restaurants Etc.
The articles in the Anarchist Age Weekly Review reflect the personal
opinions of the authors, they do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the
publishers, the Libertarian Workers for a Self-Managed Society/Anarchist
Media Institute.
All material in the Anarchist Age Weekly Review can be used by anarchists,
anarchist collectives and non-profit organisations as long as the source of
the material is mentioned in the article. The Anarchist Age Weekly Review
reserves all rights as far as commercial publications are concerned.

From: Phil McCrory <philmcc-A-melbpc.org.au>

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