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(en) Russia, Moscow, VOLJA - issue #16 materialized...

From Worker <a-infos-en@ainfos.ca>(http://volja.nm.ru/english.htm)
Date Mon, 6 Oct 2003 11:13:09 +0200 (CEST)

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Volja (Russian word meaning "freedom" and "will") is an
international anarchist paper that was founded by several
anarchists in Moscow in 1989. From the very beginning and
throughout its history Volja was a sort of "additional" publication
for Moscow-based anarchists, or a "replacement" paper that was
issued during the times of the main publication's crisis. This can
partly explain the long periods of silence between issues.
The "international" character of the paper, manifested in its
subtitle, has a complicated set of reasons, including the fact that
editorial collective consisted and still consists of people from
various nations, the desire to cover political and cultural events as
well as development of anarchist and liberation ideas
internationally, and not recognizing state borders legitimate, as
they are becoming more and more transparent for goods while the
people have a hard time getting through.

Volja tried to cover and intends to keep covering the protest and
liberating movements in political, social, gender, environmental,
cultural and other spheres of life, the most interesting events and
phenomena that are relevant for the former USSR territory at each
particular issue's publishing date. Volja does not follow any
organization's "party line" but it keeps an eye or two open for
various individuals, groups and movements of anarchist,
libertarian and antiauthritarian left orientation, including antiwar
movement and movement against the capitalist globalisation.

It is worth noting that in 1989-1990 Volja has been a companion
paper for anarchist magazine Obschina ("Community"). There
were 49 issues and 3 unnumbered special editions of Obschina
published between 1987 and 1993. In 1994 and 1995 Volja was
being published to at least partially cover the hollow space that
existed after Obschina stopped publishing and before another new
big publication took off. Volja was temporarily halted as some of
the collective's members took part in publishing
anarcho-environmental paper Hraniteli Radugi ("Rainbow
Keepers") - issues 6 through 10 in 1996 and 1997. Then the
attention was turned to Utopija ("Utopia") magazine: issues 1 and
2 in 1998 and 2,5 as a part of compilation zine Evrobutylka
("Eurobottle") in 2000. When Utopija temporarily ceased to be
published, Volja has been revived in 2000, the year that the
Moscow anarchist movement has been relatively active. In
autumn 2000, at the suggestion of the editor of Moscow's
anarchist paper Anarhicheskij Vestnik ("Anarchist Courier"), the
failed experiment of merging Volja with Anarhicheskij Vestnik
started - it did produce one issue of "urban counterculture and
antipolitics magazine" Asfal't ("Asphalt") in March 2001. Volja's
15th issue has been provoked by the hostage crisis in Moscow;
the simultaneous analisys of the events (the issue was published
on October 24, 2002) was combined with materials that were
chosen for another publication due to be released in September
2002 that failed to materialize.

So far 15 issues were done, all in Russian language:

"Volja" #15 (October 24, 2002): hostage crisis in Moscow, S28
protests in Washington DC, anarchism and other obstacles on the
way to anarchy (by Bob Black), historical materialism and modern
culture (by Alexander Brener and Barbara Schurz), feature on
Russia's political punk band PTVP (by Vlad Tupikin), Stewart
Home's "Blow Job" (by Vlad Tupikin), postmodernism as
globalisation of art (by Ljoha Nikonov), social forums and
antiglobalisation movements.

"Volja" #14 (January 2001): direct speech of a fire-fly (by
Oleviste), what to read (by M.C.), secrets of the magic (by
Alexander Malinovskij), not a fresh theme (by A. Boroda), is it
worth writing to the bosses (by Nabljudatel'), hot time in the US
(by Alexander Malinovskij), "youth for president" (by Tanya),
Adolf Hitler TM (by Ivan Petrov), musicians and the society (by
Volod'ka Plagiator), new periodicals (by Ivan Bazarov).

"Volja" #13 (latter half of October 2000): out of touch (by Vlad
Tupikin), who are IMF and World Bank, Prague-2000, protests in
Kiev, Moscow salutes the comrades in Prague (by Vasilij Liven'),
advice for beginner demostrators (by Pavel Sentjabr'skij), Prague:
some conclusions (by M.E.), women's questions and women's
answers (by tov. Homochka and Tuuli), Moscow - Temelin -
Moscow (by V.S. and V.T.), photo from Kommersant (by Pavel
Chernomorskij), we are anarchists and we have nothing to lose
(be Sergey Fomichov), the creation of "Anarchist Party", lyric
stuff (by Vlad Tupikin), abolishing the tsar in the head.

"Volja" #12 (first half of May 2000)

"Volja" #11 (latter half of March 2000): why we are against the
war in Chechnya, don't live in Oceania, time to jingle glasses (by
Vlad Tupikin), election politics (by Sergey Fomichov), trap for
political technologists (by Marginal), 2K: life behind the
looking-glass (by Maxim Sobakevich), capitalism ain't a joke (by
Vlad Tupikin), what is anarchy, radical news.

"Volja" #9 (April 1995)

"Volja" #8 (January - April 1995)

"Volja" #7 (October - November 1994)

"Volja" #6 (October 10, 1990)

"Volja" #1 (August 1, 1989)

Copies of the following issues are available: #1 ($0,85), #2
($0,85), #4 ($0,85), #5 ($0,85), #6 ($0,98), #7 ($1,10), #8 ($1,10),
#9 ($1,10), #11 ($1,10), #12 ($1,35), #13 ($1,35), #14 ($1,10), #15
($1,35). All prices include postage internationally and are in US
dollars. Send well-hidden cash or offer trade.

If you want to contribute articles, comments, pictures, or anything
else you feel is relevant, you can contact the editorial collective at
volja@nm.ru or obschtschina@pisem.net or at the following
address: Vladlen Tupikin, PO Box 80, Moscow M-208, 117208,
Russia. Please note that as of now we are only ably to
communicatite in Russian, English or German.

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