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(en) WARHEAD #18 - fuck all governments

From ClassWarrior <soja2@poczta.onet.pl>
Date Fri, 21 Nov 2003 09:24:47 +0100 (CET)

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Hello everyone! There has been some very worring develpoments in Poland in
last month. Thats why apart from usual news (not so many, sorry!) there will
be also commentary about present situation here. Enjoy reading!
11th November in Poland!
This day is national holiday here, called Inedendence Day. Of course like
with all this kind of patriotic shows, this is perfect opportunity for all
sorts of right wing scum to show their" pride" from being Polish and all
connected shit. We are happy to announce that this year there were not
many incidents with nzi scum around. In Bialystok about 30 nazis
gahtered on the city- this time people from antifa have to admit that they
let them gather without any problems. Rare mistake, but sometimes
happens. Nazi scum didn't do anything except from hanging around and
trying to look dangerous.
In Warsaw after "official" demonstration of right wing, about 30-40 nazis
decided to attack squat FABRYKA. To their surprise they were warmly
received by "special comittee" inside. After few molotovs were thrown on
nazis (not even one exploded though- obviously they were made by
"professionals" ha ha...) nazis decided that its time to show their white
pride in different part of city and tried to run as fast as possible. Few of
the got caught and they received some lectures about mistakes of racism,
unfortunately those important lessons were interrupted by cops, who
detained 4 squatters and about dozen of nazis, releasing everyone
without charges.
In Rzeszow few nazi clowns appeared on "official" celebrations and
shouted some of their lame slogans, before departing somewhere else not
to be seen anymore (we hope forever!)

Meeting of Anarchist Federation
Next meeting of Anarchist Federation took place in Poznan. It was quite
crucial meeting for whole organization, as Federation was recently in a
big crisis and apathy. Some new decision were made. There is collective
of translators being formed, to make info and texts of AF available in
other languages, so international contacts can be better!
There was no agreement whether international secretariat and national
"info bureau" should be formed or not, so those ideas were dropped.
there will be bulleting edited and new web site with acces for every AF
chapter is being set. There were many discussions, such as one about
possibilities of avoiding legal regulations and taxes when putting your
publications to official distribution. Many contacts were reneved, some
internal regulations were set up (or rather it was decided to keep them to
minimum) and kind of ideological platform had been produced, composing
some old texts and few new ones. Probably in next WARHEAD you will
have a link to full text in English when collective of translators will
translate it.

Two ex-squatters from DeCentrum sentenced!
Roman and Cimek ,two ex-squatters from DeCentrum were sentenced to
1 year of prison suspended for 2 years probation time, 90 zlotys fine (20
euro) and costs of trial (50 euro more probably). They were charged with
unlawful breaking and attempt of robbery . Their supposed "target" was
police transmitting station placed near the squat. Trial was set up from
the beginning, judge never let defenders finish their sentences and
listened gladly to cop's version.
Solidarity with Thesaloniki 7
Action is growing slowly as state of hunger strikers in Greece goes
worse and worse. In rather poor show of solidarity 8 people strong group
appeared outside Greek embassy in Warsaw and spoke with embassador
stating our demands for release of all Thesaloniki protest prisoners.
Embasador said that he will inform his bosses about our visit. Leaflets
explainging whole case were distributed on the street and posters hanged
on the lamposts and other places. Poor turnout can be explained by
general inactivity of Warsaw movement in last time ansd also fact, that
action was organized very spontenaously. Apart from that there are
already hundreds of protest letters, e-mails and faxes being sent to
embassy, consulate and also to Greek ministry of (in)justice. Those
institutions even asnwer every mail sent to them, what basically means
that someone in front of computer have lots of work with us:)))
Regular info about progress of hunger striker's situation is translated and
put into most of Polish alternative info web sites on daily basis.

and short comment:
Anger on the streets is growing. First miners smashe cops in front of
Ministry of Interior, breaking dream of ruling bastards that workers can
be fucked over continuoulsy and they will never realize it. More and more
protests are announced and although reformist trade unions try to play
with workers in their own dirty games of comrpomises with power. Now,
when rulers saw, that people resist their attepts to destroy their lives and
they resist efficiently, they decided to use another weapon they have-
law! Some people in government proposed new law about demonstrations-
in short, it will change everything. Most important points are that yo ucan
legalize demo only 7 days before day of action, not 3 like it is now. Also
any masking or even hiding your identity in other way, will automatically
end whole demonstration- what a paradise for police provocateurs! And
whats more- if there will be any riots, property damge etc during
demo-organizer will be responsible exactly like perso
n who did those "crimes". This is even better possibility for cops to
frame up people into huge fines and prison terms in more drastic cases.
Also private companies and people according to this new law proposition
can sue organizer of demonstration for any financial losses they had
becasue of damage etc. It means that if you break old good McShitter,
now someone will have to pay for it and it will not be a corporation itself!
Council of Ministers already approved new propositions and passed it to
parliament. Will it be passed? We will see, but what is clear at least for
some of us, that entering E.Union is really becoming a nightmare. Of
course lots of people see now, that EU is totally fucked in many ways,
but as old saying goes, "Pole is wise only after loosing something".
Seems that this is a case also now...
On the other hand, whatever laws they will put, we will find ways to avoid
them- sooner or later! We are ungovernable and we will stay

PO BOX 43, 15-662 Bialystok 26, Poland

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