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(en) Anarchist Age Weekly Review No. 573 17th November ­ 23rd November 2003

From Phil McCrory <philmcc@melbpc.org.au>
Date Fri, 21 Nov 2003 08:55:09 +0100 (CET)

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The Howard government's disingenuously labelled Medicare plus package spells
the end of a universal health care delivery system that has, in one form or
another served Australians well for nearly 30 years. The proposed changes
if passed in the Senate by the Democrats and the independents will mark the
beginning of the end of the egalitarian principles that underpin Medicare, a
universal health care delivery system that allows all Australians
irrespective of who they are, where they live and how much they earn, to
access private out of hospital health services. The major proposals
advocated in Abbott's Medicare plus package will destroy what is left of Medicare.


The safety net proposed by the Howard government is both illusory and
dishonest. Abbott's claims that 12 million Australians will receive an 80%
rebate for out of hospital expenses when their bills reach $500 a year and
that the government will cover 80% of the costs of the other 8 million
Australians, when out of pocket expenses for out patient health care
services reach a thousands dollars, does not add up. Abbott's safety net is
tied to the government's recommended medical fees for particular medical
services. Doctors who charge up front fees normally charge more than the
recommended fee. This means that patients will continue to have out of
pocket expenses beyond those covered by the Howard government's proposed 80%

As the government does not have the constitutional power to fix doctors
fees, not tying the proposed 80% rebate to the recommended fee would lead to
a dramatic escalation of non-hospital medical costs. If the government
proposes to use taxpayers money to pay 80% of whatever fee a private doctor
chooses to charge, if a patient's out of pocket expenses are over a thousand
dollars, there is nothing stopping a doctor from charging $100, $200, maybe
$500 for a single general practitioner visit.

Abbott's proposal to introduce a differential rebate between concession card
holders and children under 16 and adults who don't hold concession cards,
spells the death of Medicare. General practitioners who continue to bulk
bill all their patients will find that they will receive $30 for concession
card holders and children and $25 for non-concession card holders for a
standard general practitioner consultation. Within a few months doctors
will stop bulk billing adults who don't hold concession cards and will
charge ever increasing up front fees. The bulk billing rate will plummet to
below 50%, not increase as claimed by John Howard and Tony Abbott. The
proposed changes are not just dishonest, they will create a two tier system
where those Australians with assets will be able to buy the best health care
money can buy, while the rest will have to do with a second rate system.

What was a highly efficient, affordable relatively simple system will be
transformed into a highly complex, expensive discriminatory health care
delivery system. Abbott and Howard are more interested in imposing their
user pay ideological agenda on Australians than ensuring that access to
health care in Australia is a right, not a charity, or a luxury. The
current drop in bulk billing rates is a direct consequence of government
policy. Bulk billing rates could be restored by one very simple measure ­
increasing general practitioner rebates for the services they provide. Over
80% of general practitioners bulk billed when rebates reflected the cost of
running a medical practice.

Howard and Abbott's proposals need to be resisted by all Australians, if
they are not vigorously opposed, the Australian Democrats and the
independents will roll over as they have done in the past and pass the
legislation in the Senate. The Australian Democrats and the independents
need to understand they face political oblivion if they allow Abbott and
Howard's Medicare plus package to pass through the Senate.

The Reserve Bank sent a shudder through the investment community, when it
raised the spectra of negative gearing as the principal cause of the housing
boom. A godsend for some, a potential disaster for others. For the first
time since the depression, it's nearly impossible for young people to enter
the housing market, unless their parents die leaving them a nice little nest
egg they'll be renting for the rest of their lives. Not that they expect
their parents to have anything left over when they die. Increased life
expectancies and the virtual privatisation of the old age pension, means
that elderly Australians will be forced to live off those nest eggs they so
carefully tended during a lifetime of sacrifices and frugality.

Seems like the investor led negative gearing housing boom is the reason the
Reserve Bank has jumped the gun and lifted interest rates, keeping the
Australian dollar artificially elevated. It won't be long before interest
rates are raised again and the dollar rises again impacting on the profits
of exporters, increasing unemployment levels and destroying the financial
future and security of all those people that are financially over-extended.

The political parties are so scared about mentioning the war the negative
gearing rort keeps growing like topsy, the richer making extra bucks while
the rest of the community face an uncertain financial future. You really
have to wonder about what type of society we live in when our so called
political representatives are so frightened about upsetting those with
vested interests in our society, that the Reserve Bank one of the most
conservative institutions in Australia is forced to state the bleeding
obvious. You don't need to have a university degree or be a financial
advisor or guru to know that investors who have taken advantage o negative
gearing rules are behind the current housing boom.

The solution is very simple, call a moratorium on negative gearing, new
investors in the housing market are denied the advantages of negative
gearing, old investors continue to enjoy the benefits until they sell off
their property and pay capital gains tax on their windfall profits. The
housing boom would come to a screeching halt and the pressures to increase
interest rates would disappear overnight.

It's always puzzled me why so many Australians are familiar with the Ned
Kelly legend and how few are familiar with Eureka Stockade story. Ned Kelly
has become such an important figure in the Australian imagination that the
symbol of his brief tussle with the Victorian government was used in the
Olympic games opening ceremony in Sydney. The difference between Kelly and
his gang and the Eureka Stockade revolt is the difference between the
actions of rebels and revolutionaries. Although the Kelly gang enjoyed
local support, their activities never challenged the power of the
government. They were eventually caught, shot and executed.

The Eureka revolt was a very different matter, the men and woman who were
involved in the revolt challenged the power of the state, they enjoyed wide
spread support both in the goldfields and in Melbourne. The Prime
Minister's refusal to fly the Eureka flag over Parliament House on December
3rd to mark the 149th anniversary of the Eureka rebellion, highlights the
God, Queen and Country brigade's understanding that the Eureka revolt
directly challenged the power of the state and those who wield power in

Today the Eureka rebellion is claimed by republicans, parliamentary
democrats, nationalists and trade unionists as the beginning of their
movements. The Southern Cross is used as a symbol for both radical trade
unionism and Australian nationalism. The debate about the significance of
the revolt continues to be hijacked by people who read different
interpretations into the events that led up to the revolt, the revolt itself
and its aftermath.

The nature of the revolt can be found in the Eureka oath that was proclaimed
by 500 determined armed miners under the newly unfurled Southern Cross on
the afternoon of Thursday the 30th of November 1854 at Bakery Hill. 'We
swear by the Southern cross to stand truly by each other and fight to defend
our rights and liberties'. Other insights into the nature of the revolt can
be gleamed by examining the way the miners organised. The revolt was based
on direct democratic principles, decisions were made at monster meetings of
up to 12,000 miners at Ballarat. Delegates were elected to carry out
decisions made at the meeting. The miners elected Peter Lalor as their
military commander. Direct democracy was an integral component of the

Interestingly, significant elements of the Australian Left reject the
revolutionary nature of the revolt, preferring to believe that it was
essentially a dispute about mining licences conducted by small business
people. Others on the Left reject it as a racist and sexist revolt
accepting the disinformation that has appeared about the Eureka rebellion
that questions its revolutionary and egalitarian nature.

The Eureka rebellion was also based on the principle of direct action, the
miners were willing to take up arms to protect what they believed were their
rights and liberties. To believe the historical propaganda that the
rebellion was centered around the issue of mining licences is to ignore the
radical nature of the demands made by the miners. The miners came from all
corners of the globe, some were involved in the failed 1848 revolutionary
movements that spread across Europe, many were Chartists who had brought
their political beliefs from England with them, others were survivors of the
English repression in Ireland. The movement included men and women of all
races. Two of the thirteen miners tried for High treason in the Victorian
Supreme Court were black. Maefie Campbell hailed from Kingston Jamaica,
John Joseph was a black man from New York.

John Joseph's story encapsulates the egalitarian nature of the movement.
John Joseph was involved in the heat of the battle. He acquitted himself
with bravery during the fight, firing the shot that may have felled Captain
Wise, the Deputy Commander of the British Forces. He was arrested and was
the first one of the 13 who was charged with High Treason to appear in
court. The freedom of a number of other Americans that had been arrested at
the Stockade had been negotiated by the United States Consul in Victoria, as
Joseph was black the Consul did not intervene on his behalf. Governor
Hotham believed that the good people of Melbourne would have no trouble in
convicting a black man. How wrong he was, after a few minutes deliberation
the jury returned a verdict of not guilty, the cheering in the courtroom at
the verdict was so loud that Chief Justice Beckett sentenced two members of
the public to one week's jail for their boisterous reaction. John Joseph
was chaired through the streets of Melbourne by over 20,000 supporters.
Between February and May 1855 all 13 prisoners charged with High Treason
were acquitted by Melbourne juries.

Woman played an important role during the organising period, as well as the
aftermath of the battle. They entered the stockade immediately after the
battle, rescuing and hiding wounded miners. Bridget Hynes and a number of
other women ran onto the stockade site after the firing ended. They put
their bodies over wounded miners laying on the ground, stopping the police
and soldiers from bayoneting many of the wounded to death. Many women were
in their tents on the Eureka Stockade site when it was attacked, they lay
flat behind logs trying to dodge the bullets. Mary Faulds was in labour in
the stockade during the battle, her daughter Adeliza was born during the
battle or soon after. Adeliza Archer attended the 50th anniversary
celebrations in Ballarat in 1904.

The three central elements of the Eureka rebellion were direct democracy,
direct action and solidarity ideas that are as important to radicals today
as they were in 1854.

Last year the Anarchist Media Institute organised a day of celebrations from
4.00am to 4.00pm at the Eureka Stockade site in Ballarat to reclaim the
radical spirit of the Eureka rebellion. We were surprised and saddened to
see that only one lecture had been organised in Ballarat on the 3rd December
2002, to mark the 148th anniversary of the Eureka rebellion. We gathered at
the site at 4.00am, nobody else in sight to reclaim the past and use the
history of the past to try to change the future. This year we encourage
people from around Australia to come to the Eureka Stockade site in Ballarat
at 4.00am on Wednesday December 3rd, 2003 to mark the 149th anniversary of
the Eureka rebellion and reclaim the radical spirit of the Eureka rebellion.

A. The central problems facing people who call themselves anarchists is what
principles do they need to follow to create a society where there are no
rulers. These principles define the essence of an anarchist community.
Rulers are able to exercise authority because they have access to both power
and wealth. In order to create a society where there are no rulers, you
need to establish structures and institutions where everybody has access to
power (the decision making process) and wealth. The two principles that an
anarchist community needs to be based on are equal access to both power and
wealth. Once structures are created that give everybody access to power and
wealth, rulers are no longer able to exercise their authority. Anarchists
pursue the twin goals of abolition of both the State and the corporate
sector because these structures allow small groups of people to exercise
power over everyone else.
Anarchists understand the limitations of human nature that's why they want
to abolish structures that allow individuals to exercise power and
accumulate wealth at the expense of the community as a whole. The anarchist
aim is not to create a new human being or alter human nature, the anarchist
aim is to establish structures that put a brake on an individual's ability
to exercise power over other people. The principles that an anarchist
society are based on, provides necessary framework for the establishment of
an anarchist community.
What form that community will take, what structures are established, how
wealth is generated, accumulated and distributed, how decisions are made,
are all based on these principles of association. A society that is based
on the principles of equal access to power and wealth for each member of
that community, is a society that is best able to stop a new set of rules
from asserting their authority in the community. If the structures that
gives rulers the power to exercise their authority are abolished and new
structures that make it difficult for them to reassert their authority are
created, the framework has been built for the creation of an anarchist

History is neither 'his' or 'her' story. History is the story of those who
rule, their faces, 'achievements' live on, while the story of the rest of us
is drowned in a sea of consumer goods. The here and now, not the past
defines who we are, strips us of our dignity and destroys our collective
memory. To reclaim our history is a revolutionary act because it shows us
where we have gone wrong and how we can succeed next time.
Irrespective of where we live, who we are and our cultural practices, our
feet tread on a historical carpet we have no knowledge of. The history of
struggle is conveniently forgotten, important moments are turned into
tourist traps, nothing matters, nothing is remembered. Making the effort to
rediscover our collective journey is not only interesting, it also arms us
for the ongoing struggle we are part of. Our history is gleaned from
conversations with the elderly, it lays in the backrooms of old libraries
waiting to be rediscovered.
Rediscovering our past as a movement is not enough, we need to find out
exactly what happened, what people stood for, their defeats as well as their
victories. Most importantly of all, we need to be able to link their lives
with our lives. We need to show that although we are drowning in
technological innovation, the struggle is the same, the rich and powerful
try to rewrite our story to suit their ends. All around us, we are forced
fed their stories, their victories and their lives. We are expected to
define ourselves and our lives within parameters that are set for us.
Wednesday the 3rd December 2003 marks the 149th anniversary of the Eureka
rebellion, a rebellion that failed militarily but succeeded in spite of its
military defeat. We encourage you irrespective of where you live, to
re-elect on the central elements of the revolt ­ direct democracy, direct
action and solidarity, principles that are as important today as they were
in 1854. By reclaiming the radical spirit of the Eureka rebellion, we
destroy the myths, half truths and lies that characterise the historical
record of the period. Understanding the past gives us the power to change
the present and re-fashion the future. Discover 'your' story and change the

- Wendy Scarfe.
Seaview Press 2001, ISBN 1 74008 137 4
When Wendy sent me 'Fishing For Strawberries' to read and review, she noted
that as she got older, fiction interested her more than fact. I've reviewed
a number of historical accounts in the Anarchist Age Weekly Review written
by both Wendy and her husband Allan that have resurrected the lives of
Australians whose extraordinary contributions have been ignored, trampled,
misjudged and forgotten.
'Fishing For Strawberries' follows the same trail as 'The Day They Shot
Edward', Scarfe intertwines the history of frontier Victoria with life of
Jerusha, the novel's central character. In 'The Day They Shot Edward' the
hero was an anarchist, his life a snapshot of Australia during World War
One. The difference between these two books is the development of the
characters, in 'Fishing For Strawberries' the principal character Jerusha is
a much more multi-dimensional figure than Wendy Scarfe was able to achieve
in 'The Day They Shot Edward'. The male characters in Wendy's latest
offering Cam, John, Wiley and her father, fail to jump off the pages, their
development seems two-dimensional in comparison to Jerusha, her mother Etta
and her grandmother.
Her new novel is an intensely political work, political not in terms of
forgotten facts and figures but political in terms of Scarfe's ability to
capture the mood of frontier life in Victoria. Jerusha's experiences,
contacts, interactions fuse to make her a rebel. Her inner being moulded by
the brutality of an era when violence seethes below a surface of
manufactured gentility. Her development as a female artist who is able to
incorporate both the beauty and brutality of what she sees in her work, in
an era when female artists painted flowers not Aboriginal massacres, is a
credit to Scarfe's ability to use words to paint the story of Jerusha's
'Fishing For Strawberries' is the best of Wendy Scarfe's books I've read to
date. She has successfully fused fact and fiction in a work that reflects
both the concerns of the past and the present in the same novel. Its major
weakness lays in the development of a number of the male characters in the
Wendy Scarfe is based in Warrnambol in Victoria. She has written a number
of books, some in collaboration with her husband Allan. Born in 1933, she
had been able to successfully bring to life Australia's forgotten history.
'Fishing For Strawberries' is available from:
Seaview Press,
P.O. BOX 234, Henley Beach, 5022, South Australia.
Tel: (08) 8235 1535 Fax: (08) 8235 9144
Email: seaview@seaviewpress.com.au
Website: http:// www.seaviewpress.com.au

The butchery that occurred when the miners were defeated did not only extend
to the diggers in the stockade. A number of out-rages were perpetrated by
both the police and the soldiers outside the stockade. Henry Powell's tent
was outside the stockade. He had not participated in the revolt. As he
left his tent, he was surrounded by around 20 mounted police, he was struck
with a sword to the head, shot and was ridden over by their horses several
times. Frank Hasleham, the reporter for the Melbourne Morning Herald, the
only paper that supported the Government's actions at Eureka, was standing
300 metres from the stockade when he was shot through the chest at point
blank range by mounted police. He was the first war correspondent to die on
Australian soil.
Two Italian miners who had not taken part in fighting were singled out. One
had his tent pitched on Specimen Hill, 300 metres from the stockade, when 2
policemen rode up to him and shot him through the chest. Another who had
his tent in the stockade, who had not taken part in the battle, was shot in
the chest. As he lay wounded on the battlefield, he offered the troopers
his gold if they spared his life, they took his gold and bayoneted him to
At 7 o'clock, 3 hours after the attack had commenced, the killing finally
stopped. Tents had been razed to the ground, bodies were scattered inside
and outside the stockade. 143 prisoners had been rounded up. They were
driven to the camp by guards who used their bayonets to keep the men moving.
One of the wounded miners died by the roadside in the forced march. To add
insult to injury, the Catholic priest Father Smyth, who was administering
the last rites, was forced from the stockade at bayonet point, denying the
Catholics among the rebels, the last rites.
The prisoners were stripped of their clothing, beaten and thrown into a cell
at the camp that was meant to hold 20. They were held in these conditions
until about midnight when the commander decided that if they continued to be
held in these inhumane conditions, most of the prisoners would die by
morning. At 2am on Monday morning the 4th December, they were moved into
the storehouse to avoid a potential disaster.
NEXT WEEK: How many died in the massacre?

I wonder if the cat really cared if I put on a dress and wore make up, I
don't think it would. The reaction would be different among my family and
friends, some would wonder what was going on but wouldn't ask any questions,
others would make a joke about it while others would ask what the blazes I
thought I was doing. Not the cat, as long as I fed it, it wouldn't care.
That's the great thing about pets, they don't care what the neighbours
think, or whether you've got clothes on, or whether in your spare time
you're a mass murderer, they don't care as long as you do the right thing by
them. No moral judgements, no deep and meaningful conversations, no
expectations, as long as you're there for them, they're happy. Not that I
put snakes in the same category. A patient I once treated had a snake, not
some piddly little tree snake, but a 15 foot long python. He'd grown it as
a baby, he fed it rats or mice once a week, took it out of its enclosure and
played with it. For all intentional purposes, just another pet, that's what
he thought. He gave the snake a name and made it the centre of his life, 15
years of love and devotion. One day a year or so ago it wrapped itself
around his forearm, it wouldn't let go for love or money. Slowly his hand
turned blue. He loved his python, it couldn't care less. He stabbed it
with a lighted cigarette butt until it let go. The bond that he believed
existed between the python and himself was a figment of his imagination.
Lizards, goldfish, snails, pet rocks, the greatest pet around, you never
have to feed it or clean up after it. You don't have to worry about its
impact on the neighbourhood or the R.S.P.C.A. knocking on your door, a great
pet, that couldn't care less about what you did, or for that matter, what
happens to you.
Not that that average moggi or canine that people spend so much time with
and pour so much love into is any different. Occasionally just
occasionally, when somebody dies all alone in a city of 3 million people in
their little house or unit and nobody notices, their pets will use their
carcass to stave off their own mortality. Not that I blame them, in a
similar situation I think we'd kill and eat them before we shuffle off the
planet. At least most of our pets have the decency of waiting until we're
dead before they feast on our remains.

Surprised? I'm not, I'm sure you're not. John Howard, Phillip Ruddock,
Alexander Downer, Amanda Vanstone and Tony Abbott, the Coalition's senior
ministers, are liars. The history of this Government is a history of lies,
not little white lies, but the real McCoy fat whoppers. The problem this
time is that they don't even bother to hide the fact that they are lying.
They are so convinced that their thinking is in tune with the Australian
people, they're happy to lie to them expecting that the Australian people
will accept that this is the price they have to pay for their security.
That's right, a lie a day keeps the refugee away. The only problem is that
they're so cocky, lying has become an integral component of their
administration. The bureaucracy attempts to tell the Minister the truth,
but unfortunately the nature of 21st century government ensures that the
bureaucracy, even very senior bureaucrats and heads of departments, are kept
away from their Ministers. A team of advisers filters information, each
level telling the next level what they want to hear. When the information
gets to the Minister, it bears no resemblance to the original message.
Not that John Howard and his senior Ministers mind, this is the way they
have designed the system. They want a buffer between themselves and
bureaucracy. They have gone out of their way to build that buffer. What
happens next is classical spin doctoring. The Minister says they received
the wrong advice so it's not their fault, the bureaucracy says they gave the
right advice to the Minister's political advisers. As the political
advisers are appointed by the Minister and are accountable to no one except
the Minister, the Minister shrugs the shoulders and doesn't even bother to
discipline them, let alone relieve them of their position. They've done
the job they were asked to do. They have filtered information to the
Minister, the Minister knows it's a spin job but as they've actually been
told nothing, they can stand up in Parliament saying they had not received
the right information, knowing full well the truth of the matter.
Lying becomes an integral component of the parliamentary process. The
problem with this scenario is that the fearless fourth estate, the
government gelded ABC and the corporate dominated media, also play their
part in the charade, refusing to call a spade a spade, accepting information
that is obviously a lie at face value, presenting lies as truth. The idea
growing in the community that you can't trust anyone and that the only way
to get ahead in this society is by lying. If it's good enough for the Prime
Minister and the Cabinet to lie, it's good enough for everyone else.
Joseph TOSCANO / Libertarian Workers
For A Self-Managed Society.

LIBERTAIRIA Vol.5, No.3 July 2003, Il piacere dell'utopia, Editrice A,
Cas.Post.17120, 20170 Milano, ITALY, Tel:022896627, Fax:0228001271,
Email:arivista@tin.it www.anarca-bolo.ch/a-rivista
UMANITA NOVA Vol 83 No.33 EURO 19TH OCT 2003, Settimanale Anarchico, C.50
Palermo 46, 10152, Torino ITALY. tel/fax (011) 857850 Mobile 338-6594361
GoodsTUFF, Vol.1 No.6 NOV'03, Territory Users Forum, Shop 5, Harry Chan
Arcade, 60 Smith St, Darwin, NT 0800 AUST. Tel(08)89412308
email:info@tuf.org.au POBox 835 Parap, NT 0804 AUSTRALIA.
LONGRASS, NO.3, OCT '03, Longrass Ass. , c/- Darwin, G.P.O., NT 0801,
AUSTRALIA. www.longgrass.tripod.com www.geocities.com/kujuk2001/
(Longrass is the newsletter of the 1000 or so people who thru circumstances
or choice live in ther long grass in & around Darwin)

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Our debt stands at $998.65. Yes that's right, it's coming down. It looks
like the Anarchist Age Weekly Review has been given a new lease of life. If
you were concerned that you were throwing your money away by contributing to
the debt elimination appeal because the weekly was going to close down,
'don't worry be happy' (only kidding) it looks like our appeal has not
fallen on deaf ears. Resubscribe, send a donation, join the 'Dollar A Day'
club, over the next 3 weeks the debt will be reduced to zero.
If you're sending $20 or less, send 50cent stamps. If you're sending more,
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If you were waiting to see whether we folded or not before you sent your
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orders and send them TODAY. (Tomorrow never comes)
Debt 19-11-2003 $998.65 and Going Down

A German man who survived 5 days in the Alps in freezing temps by eating
snow has been fired b/c he missed work. The company said "we hired him as a
consultant for a 1-year project & he's already behind deadline." (Source:
The Age)
First-home buyers are becoming an 'endangered species', according to an
industry body. Housing Industry Association (HIA) chief economist Simon
Tennant said in the 12 months to June this year, the price of house &
packages in Sydney had jumped by 31%. Mr Tennant said the average Sydney
wage-earner would need to put away 40% of their income to be able to afford
an average priced home. A smaller proportion of home loans are going to
first-home buyers than ever before. The latest figures from the Bureau of
Stats show first-home buyers accounted for just 13.3% of all new loans for
owner-occupied homes in Sept. (Source: Sydney Morning Herald)
Shell Australia faces prosecution over repeated oil spills into Corio Bay,
the latest in 100's of environmental breaches at its Geelong refinery in the
past 2 years. The Environment Protection Authority says there have been 3
spills in the past 5 months. If the action goes ahead it'd be only the 2nd
time in recent years of monitoring the refinery that the EPA has gone to
court, even though the refinery breached its licence conditions 225 times in
2002, & roughly 100 times so far this year. Shell has been fined 11 times
since July last year for discharging oil into Corio Bay. However, without
going to court, the max amount that the company can be fined is $5000. Since
2000 the refinery has been given 28 $5000 fines & 3 $800 fines. It was also
fined $225,000 by WorkCover for breaching workplace health & safety laws.
Geelong residents say the EPA has been too slow in taking Shell to court.
Local environmentalist Sue McLean said "there's still a huge level of
distrust about the EPA b/c people think they've been in bed with Shell".
Environment Minister John Thwaites said there were better ways to improve
Shell's performance "than simply going off to court". (Source: The Age)
Aussie troops have been accused of using torture during the 1999
intervention in East Timor. Ex members of an Indonesian militia told the ABC
they were beaten, kicked& had their heads forced down excrement-filled
toilet bowls during interrogation. 2 of the men also say they were forced
into cubicles where wasps' nests were present, with their Aussie
interrogators stirring up the nests so the detainees would be stung. The
group further claims that 1 of their number, Yani Ndun, is missing, having
last been seen alive in the custody of InterFET, the Aussie intervention
force in East Timor. (Source: The Age)
The Aussie public's attitude to refugees may be softening & moving away from
govt policy, according to a new poll. A recent Saulwick opinion poll of 1000
Aussie workers found that 61% think refugees pose little or no threat to
national security. 71% thought refugees should have access to govt funded
employment services. Only 30% though terms such as "queue jumpers" were
acceptable, with 78% preferring the term "asylum seeker". While 54% thought
refugees on temporary protection visas should return home if safe do so,
only 37% thought the govt should be responsible for deciding whether it was
safe to return. 55% thought decision should be made by the UN. (Source:
Socialist Worker newspaper)
Quotes of the Week: "Peace is very important, especially after this
disastrous war we just had". (104 year old WWI veteran Marcel Caux, speaking
at Sydney's Remembrance Day service)
"..The Snowtown murderers were being sentenced. 12 people had disappeared
over a period of 10 years & no one had noticed. 12 people had died in the
most horrific circumstances & yet there's no great public outpouring of
grief for the victims (as there had been for the Milat backpacker victims)
b/c apparently, these uneducated fringe-dwellers were more worthy of
ridicule than sympathy". (The Age. The Snowtown murders were committed in a
very poor area of Adelaide)

Has been awarded to the Billy Hughes clones ­ Howard, Vanstone and Downer,
the best liars Australians have seen since Billy Hughes (the little digger)
was Prime Minister in 1915.

Cnr Swanston & Latrobe Streets, Melbourne
(Wheelchair accessible, near tram and train stops)

The Anarchist Media Institute will be erecting a monument to the 13 miners
acquitted of High Treason for their part in the Eureka rebellion in the
Victorian Supreme Court in 1855.
We will be erecting the monument next to the statue of Redmond Barry in the
forecourt of the State Library of Victoria. Barry was one of the judges
involved in the Eureka Treason trials. It's time we reclaimed the radical
spirit of the Eureka rebellion, took back our history and used that history
to change the future.
JOIN US AT AROUND 11.30AM next to the statue of Redmond Barry for the
erection of the monument on WEDNESDAY 26TH NOVEMBER at MIDDAY. If you can't
make it to Ballarat on the 3rd December don't miss the 'history bandits'
reclaiming their history at midday on Wednesday 26th NOVEMBER.

>From 4AM TO 4PM
Celebrate the important elements of the Eureka rebellion
'We swear by the Southern Cross to stand truly by each other and fight to
defend our rights and liberties'
4.00AM ­ 6.00AM ­ Gathering at Eureka Park to mark the 149th anniversary
of the battle on the site and at the time it occurred
6.00am ­ 10.00am ­ Breakfast Eureka Hall (Bring own food & drinks)
10.00am ­ 11.00am ­ Radio broadcast across Australia involving the
participants at the site on the National Community Radio Satellite
11.30am ­ 1.00pm ­ March from Eureka Park to Bakery Hill to re-affirm the
Eureka Oath. March back to Eureka Park
1.00pm ­ 4.00pm ­ Lunch & conversation (bring own food & drinks)
Reclaim your history, use that history to change the future.
>From 4AM TO 4PM

Increasing financial problems have forced us to review how The Anarchist
Media Institute's finances are raised. Currently subscriptions and
donations only account for about 40% of the income necessary to cover our
costs. To overcome this problem we've launched a:-
We are looking for THIRTY People, interested in our activities, to pledge to
'A Dollar A Day' for twelve months. You can donate monthly or yearly. Make
out cheques and money orders to:- Libertarian Workers and send to PO Box 20,
Parkville. 3052. Melbourne. Australia. Those who pledge will receive a 'I
Saved The Anarchist Media Institute' A3 poster which you can frame and put
up at work or home - A great talking point if nothing else. We've got the
ideas and energy but we need your financial assistance to keep going. Go
on, become one of the Magnificent Thirty that saved the Anarchist Media

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