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(en) Australia, Melbourne, ABCM Bulletin No. 15 Spring 2003 [EXSERPTS]

From Worker <a-infos-en@ainfos.ca>
Date Sun, 9 Nov 2003 10:18:06 +0100 (CET)

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From: matt convey <madagascar72-A-hotmail.com>
HARM-U: N.S.W.’s ‘Anti-Terrorist’ Prison
New South Wales is hosting a two-day conference of state and territory
prisons ministers on how to detain terrorists. John Hatzistergos and Bob
Carr know all about it having the states most draconian terrorist unit
already. The (HRMU) or Harm-U the High Risk Management Unit at Goulburn.
The conference will look at issues like health care, contact visits and
access to religious material.
But things like heath care, contact visits and access to religious material
don’t rate at the Guantanamo Bay of Goulburn where you can be freezing,
overheated or starving in a box within a box with no fresh air and little
natural light because prisoners are locked up 24 hours a day for up to 3
days a week and the only days they can be certain to get out is on Saturday
and Sunday. Prisoners are transferred to the next cell every 14 days.
Prisoners have no access to legal facilities and all visitors are subject to
a security check that may take six months. Prisoner’s mail is withheld and
if you call health care banging your head on a wall or religion praying for
mercy in isolation then there is not much to discuss with the States.
Harm-U is guaranteed to cause any prisoner within it’s walls psychosis and
self harm due to the conditions, over-crowding, lack of facilities, lack of
programs, and lack of any constructive lifestyle imposed on vilified
prisoners some who are on remand. This treatment is in breach of the United
Nations Standard Minimum Rules for the Treatment of Prisoners.
Here is just one example of how Australia changes UN rules to suit itself:
United Nations Standard
Accomodation 9
11. In all places where prisoners are required to live or work,
(a) The windows shall be large enough to enable the prisoners to read or
work by natural light, and shall be so constructed that they can allow the
entrance of fresh air whether or not there is artificial ventilation;

(b) Artificial light shall be provided sufficient for the prisoners to read
or work without injury to eyesight.
And the Australian standard?
5.23 In new prisons, accommodation should generally be provided in single
cells or rooms. Provision may be made however, for multiple cell
accommodation for the management of particular prisoners.
5.24 Existing dormitories should only be occupied by prisoners who are
suited to them.
5.25 All accommodation provided for the use of prisoners should meet all
requirements of health. Due regard must be paid to climatic conditions and
particularly to cubic content of air, floor space, lighting, heating and
In all places where prisoners are required to live or work:
the windows should be large enough to enable the prisoners to read or work
by natural light, and should be constructed in such a way that they allow
entrance of fresh air except where there is artificial ventilation;
artificial light should be provided to enable prisoners to read or work
without injury to
Harm-U, the states most secure facility offers no hope for any prisoner held
there even if you’re set up or alleged to be a terrorist or on remand. We
have had complaints from the prisoners housed there that the air is being
contaminated with putrid foul smelling material. You would not be able to do
that if fresh air was available but instead some officers have decided to
contaminate the air as punishment.
The Human Rights and Equal Opportunities Commission has set up a working
group to review the Standard Guidelines for Corrections in Australia because
at Harm-U there are none.
Working Group 1 - Adopting the Standard Guidelines Formally
Recently a Prisoners as Citizens working group was asked to propose
strategies to encourage the formal adoption of the Standard Guidelines for
Corrections in Australia (1996 version provided to all participants). It was
suggested that some time could be spent reflecting on the adequacy of the
We suggest that they also find out why UN standards differ from Australian
Standards? Who was responsible for changing them? And what other changes
have they made or intend to make? I.e. why are Australian standards
different than the rest of the world?
Current review of the Standard Guidelines for Corrections in Australia
(continued on next page)
There is a need for a review of the Guidelines to modernise them and reflect
developments. A Correctional Administrators Conference working group has
been formed to review the Standard Guidelines for Corrections in Australia.
However, there is no NGO participation in the review of the Guidelines at
this stage.
Working Group 1 proposed that HREOC, Amnesty International, prisoners
advocacy groups and Indigenous groups be consulted in the review of the
Guidelines. Prisoners and prison workers also need to be consulted and
involved in the process of review.
Discussion on the status of the Guidelines
State Ministers decided not to incorporate guidelines into State
The Guidelines are seen by some as an aspirational document rather than
legally enforceable. There is the question of whether it is a good idea to
create more rules and regulations.
In contrast, the NGO argument is that States should implement and make
enforceable the Guidelines in their current form and then review them. There
is an argument that if the Guidelines are aspirational only, breaches of the
UN Standard Minimum Rules will continue as they do now. For example in
Collins v State of South Australia, June 1999 there is a breach of
Guidelines (remand prisoners mixed with sentenced).
Is it possible for the Commonwealth to enforce the Guidelines in the States?
HREOC needs to develop a dialogue with each State's Department of
Corrections. However, HREOC has limited jurisdiction in State areas. It was
proposed that the jurisdiction of HREOC be extended to States and
Territories however there is a problem of resources.
NGOs could lobby to place pressure on jurisdictions to implement and
enforce. However, the political reality is that States will not want to
enforce these Guidelines. Running foul of the UN has no consequences as the
UN is seen as a toothless tiger. WA Deaths In Custody Watch Committee were
told you can't go straight to the UN but need to exhaust domestic remedies
Shame is the key strategy for forcing compliance with international
Shame on you Bob Carr! Shame on you John Hatzistergos for the way you are
treating prisoners. Prisoners who are excommunicated and given no respect
for their human rights, including the basics like maintaining that they’re
not hungry and not cold like they have been throughout this last winter
Torture Convention can be used as another international lever. The Torture
Committee examines Australia every four years.
Problems with implementing compliance with Guidelines
Private provider constraints they refer to the Standard Guidelines but there
is no penalty for non-compliance.
Courts are traditionally unwilling to involve themselves in prison
Independent inspectorates are required in each State as was in NSW and WA.
However, an inspector must be truly independent. A self-investigation is not
an investigation. The UK model of independent inspections and reports was
How do you get the evidence? It can be difficult to get evidence of human
rights abuses in prison. Photographic evidence is very difficult to get.
Need to use local State laws to address breaches of standards.
Ombudsmen are often incapable of responding to individual & systemic
complaints due to lack of resources. In Feb 1998 - Ombudsman announced an
inquiry into deaths in custody - but still no report.
Taking into account they just sacked the watchdog Inspector General of
Prisons in NSW!
New South Wales Justice Minister John Hatzistergos says while Australia
currently has no terrorists in prison, there is a need to be prepared.
"Overseas experience has demonstrated the difficulties of managing detainees
of this particular nature and we want to make sure that to the maximum
extent possible we are prepared and able to be able to detain these people
and incapacitate them," he said.
But we know how people react to having been set up in NSW and sent to Harm-U
from other prisons in the State, and incapacitated. We are prepared in NSW
because that is how prisoners are treated, i.e. like terrorists. We also
know people on remand are there and we also know that if a prison officer
doesn’t like your head in any other prison in the State you’re sent to
Harm-U for some personal damage.
The proposition is that more and more propaganda about terrorists is to be
purported in Australian in the alleged war on terror. People will be framed
as terrorists because it validates places like Harm-U and means that more
and more other innocent people will be detained there as well. The
Australian government has no reason to acknowledge human rights or to dish
out social justice to alleged terrorists. The Australian government does not
have to be seen to dish out social justice to terrorists. Harm-U is not
about to even give you a look at what is happing there because the general
public is excluded and Harm-U is not transparent or accountable to the
general public including your family, friends, or any support groups who
make enquires.
(This is an edited version of an article that can be found at:


Woomera Break-Out Pair Get Charges Dropped

Good news from South Australia! Nicola and Murray, 2 activists charged in
connection with the liberation of asylum-seekers from the Woomera
detention-centre last year, have had their charges dropped and been awarded
costs due to lack of evidence. Nicola spent 2 weeks on remand in Adelaide
Women’s Prison and had to endure 5 weeks of home-detention style bail
conditions. Even more distressing is the fact that her teenage son was
bashed by racists due to her activism while she was awaiting the outcome of
the charges. Both Nicola and Murray came under constant police monitoring
and harassment throughout their ordeal, which finally ended on Friday the
15th of September.
UPDATE: A.B.C.M. have recently learnt that 7 activists facing charges
arising from the ‘easter breakout’ at Woomera have also had their charges
dropped, however 2 activists are still facing charges for allegedly driving
vehicles used to harbour liberated asylum-seekers.

Solidarity Demo For Sherman Austin And Other U.$. Political Prisoners Held
In Melbourne

source: www.anarchist-action.org

Today (20th September –editor), from 12Noon to 1:30PM, 11 anarchists
(including representatives from ABC Melbourne and the ASF) held a demo in
solidarity for political prisoner Sherman Austin in front of the U.S.
Consulate in Melbourne. Two cops also turned up to guard the Consulate and
monitor the event. Other political prisoners including Mumia Abu-Jamal,
Matthew Lamont and Jeffrey Luers were also a topic of interest.
One of the Anarchist-Action.org webmasters, James, was chosen by two cops as
the unofficial spokesperson and then grilled before the demo got underway.
The grilling process contained questions including the reason for the demo,
the length of it and whether it would be peaceful or not. Sherman Austin
posters, information sheets, red/black and black flags, and banners were all
distinguishable attractions.
Packets of chips were passed around, while one of the pigs looked on, who
obviously preferred to be at a coffee shop eating a donut, rather than
looking at some anarchists who were doing nothing other than giving support
for Sherman Austin, other political prisoners, and having friendly
Posters and chalk messages were left at the Consulate upon leaving so that
the Consulate workers will receive our message on Monday when they come back
to work, along with information on each of the political prisoners were
handed in for the head Consulate official to view.
Anarchist-Action.org webmaster, James, also learned of some new measures
that have been put in place ever since the suicide bombings of the Pentagon
and the World Trade Centre in the U.$. in September 2001. Upon wanting to
take a photo of the cops, his attempt to do so was interpreted as an attempt
to photograph the U.S. Consulate. This is now illegal, as it is seen as a
possible attempt to plan terrorist attack on the building.
The solidarity demo attendees were encouraged at the larger than expected
turnout as they left at 1:30PM. The anarchist movement in Melbourne has not
been at its most active recently. Many important points and ideas were
raised for the future of the anarchist movement. Most importantly, Sherman
Austin was sent the message that he has support on the other side of the
world and that people are not going to stand by and watch a comrade be held
hostage by the U.$. ruling class.


South Chicago ABC Zine Distro
Box 721, Homewood, IL 60430, USA
200 ZINES!! Prisoners, Anarchism, Abolitionism, Feminism
Learn the explosive truth from the gulags, both inside and out!

Persecution Of Punks And Skinheads In Malaysia
Young Malaysian punks and skins are facing harsh government repression in
Malaysia since the government there decided punk and skinhead cultures were
‘un-Islamic’. Here is an exerpt from a letter from a young Malaysian
punk-rocker who is facing 2-years in drug-rehab (basically a prison) for
having a small amount of marijuana.
“I’m on bailing out for 2 days and I’ll be in court for the verdict because
of marijuana. If I’m guilty I might be sent to rehab for 2 years…I was in
lock-up for 6 days and it was terribly fucked up conditions; no blanket, no
clothes, just boxers and I was sleeping on concrete. The cell was unlocked
only 3 times a day. Most of the cell-mates are hardcore drug addicts. I was
so energeticless and felt very hopeless inside. No phone-call allowed for
the first 3-4 days, when I was caught none of my friends knew about this but
luckily someone who was released passed a message on to one of my friends.
Now I don’t know what’s gonna happen. The punishment will be either
probation for 2 years (if the judge is nice) or 2 years in drug-rehab
centre. I really hope I will be given the minimum, don’t know, just pray
hard. I’m really tired of this government and feel like I wanna denounce my
citizenship. Gotta stop now, I am in court on October 8th, judgement day.”
Nazri/ Batu 11 ½ Seberang Marang/ 21600/ Marang Terengganu/ Malaysia.

EDUCATION NOT INCARCERATION, Anarchist Black Cross Network

Russia, Moscow Anarchist Black Cross group formed
Hi, after discussions in meeting of Moscow anarchist groups last June, it
was decided to set up a group of Anarchist Black Cross (áÎÁÒÈÉÞÅÓËÉÊ þÅÒÎÙÊ
ëÒÅÓÔ, áþë)
Now after a summer break our introduction text is ready. We do not yet have
any contact addresses, but they will be set up anytime soon. Projects listed
below are just a sort of plan, there are just a few activists and I do not
know if we have chances to realize all of them.
Anarchist Black Cross of Moscow
After heated years 1905-1907 thousands of anarchists and socialists were
sent to labour camps and exile, first groups of Anarchist Black Cross (until
1919 Anarchist Red Cross) were founded 1906 to support them. Organisational
became international the next year already, when a group was set up in
London. Although contact with anarchist political prisoners of the Soviet
Union was lost in 1930's, international organisation has continued its
activity in various forms ever since.
Russian anarchist movement newborn in 1980's faced immediately repressions,
and during the following 15 years various successful and unsuccessful
campaigns against repression were organised. But during first years of the
21st century these initiatives disappeared completely from Moscow, and in
summer of 2003 it was decided to set up a Moscow group of ABC, since still
no-one is protecting anarchists against repressions except anarchists
We support all anti-authoritarians, who are persecuted due to their
political activities or acts , which do not contradict anarchist ideals. And
whenever possible, we support also prisoners who became anti-authoritarians
during their sentences, so-called "social prisoners" who were forced to
break laws for subsistence,
and prisoners who fight against the prison-industrial complex from inside,
since as anarchists we are against all prisons. We believe in direct action
for destruction of the capitalism and the state. We are not a human rights
organisation, since our goal is not defence of the laws but their
destruction. In some cases we may support prisoner for purely humanitarian
Most elementary form of help is writing to prisoners, since the main goal of
power is to isolate our comrades from the movement. We are publishing list
of addresses of the political prisoners, so that anyone could send letters
of support. We also have a support fund, which helps with legal costs and
supports prisoners materially, fund also finances literature to prisoners,
such as journals Avtonom and Pryamoe Deystvie which we send for free to all
those prisoners in the former Soviet Union upon request, who are not enemies
of the anarchist movement. We are also connected to Black Cross groups all
around the world.
We are not only reacting against most outrageous acts against our freedom,
we also distribute information on alternatives of the prisons, cops and
electronic surveillance of the everyday life, since attack is the best
defence. We also try to preventrepression; this is why we distribute
information about behaviour in interrogations among the revolutionary
movement. Moscow group of Anarchist Black Cross is a common project of
anarchist collectives in Moscow. Yet we have two members - Moscow group of
Autonomous Action, and Inter-Professional Union of Labour (MPST, Moscow
group of KRAS-AIT). We invite anyone to support and to participate to our
work - most elementary form of support is to write to prisoners and to
distribute our materials. It would be even better if you could participate
to our projects, or to set up your own Black Cross group in your area - for
that you need only thirst of
equality and solidarity.

Support for Alvaro
Mexicano Prisoner of War and former community organizer Alvaro Luna
Hernandez is appealing for support. Money Orders must be made payable to
"INMATE TRUST FUND", and if you like, to Alvaro Hernandez, L.,#255735, can
be added on at the bottom right corner. Mail to: Texas Department of
Criminal Justice Inmate Trust Fund, P.O. Box 60, Huntsville, Texas
77342-0060. Alvaro worked on various freedom campaigns and is serving a
50-year bid for disarming a pig. He's an old friend and ally and needs your

Also, research indicates the need for more people of color to donate organs
and bone marrow. While a match can happen anywhere, those
of ethnic groups tend to match other people of color more often. One article
notes, "Ethnic minorities … often have a general distrust of the medical
profession and sometimes feel that doctors do not do all they can to save a
family member's life." Perhaps the most notorious example was the Tuskegee
Syphilis Study in Macon, Ala. Adequate treatment was withheld, and more than
100 men died in that 40-year study that ended in 1972.
To get involved in the Free Alvaro Now campaign, contact the Free Alvaro
Campaign c/o
PO Box 667233, Houston, TX 77266-7233, USA or download an organizer’s kit


Robert Middaugh-Olivarria
Robert Middaugh-Olivarria was served with a federal arrest warrant over 3
years ago, alleging that he assaulted a federal officer, wore a mask to
evade recognition in the commission of a crime, and carried a concealed
dagger during a July 4th demo in Los Angeles, CA., U$A. The alleged incident
took place in front of the Westwood Federal Immigration Building in 2000. An
anti-immigrant hate group were given permission to hold a rally with a sound
stage on the Federal Building lawn. A counter-demonstration by anti-racists
was held across the street. In response to racial slurs and other taunts, a
group of anti-racist protestors crossed the street and a conflict ensued.
Federal cops intervened on behalf of the anti-immigrant protestors (no
surprise there!). During this scuffle, unknown person(s) allegedly used
unopened cans of soda as missiles. According to the cops, a can exploded at
the feet of an officer and splashed him with the carbonated contents.
Officer Thomas G. Goldsmith then arrested Robert Middaugh-Olivarria for
“assualting an officer”. In this case, BEING SPLASHED WITH SODA supposedly
warranted federal assault charges. In addition to this idiotic charge, other
questionable aspects surround Rob’s arrest. During the demo, Rob had his
shirt tucked in and a sheath was clearly visible over his clothes, suspended
from his waist. Inside the sheath was a small dagger that Rob had been using
whilst fishing earlier that day. According to California law, Rob was
carrying the dagger in a legal manner. During his arrest, Rob’s shirt was
untucked causing the weapon to become PARTIALLY concealed. Furthermore, the
arresting officer states that he saw Rob throw a can of sodda with his right
hand, however Rob is left-handed. Why would someone who is left-handed use
their weaker hand to launch a projectile? Witnesses to the incident have
stated that Rob WAS ALREADY IN CUSTODY before the alleged cans were
supposedly thrown. The charges were officially filed on Jan. 11 2002, yet
Rob was not formally charged etc. untill August 2003. Rob is facing his
third strike for these ludicrous charges, meaning he could be facing life in
prison. Rob earnt his first two strikes for similar trumped up charges
stemming from his long-time activism. Rob is a long-time anarcho-activist
who has been involved with several diverse groups and has organised around a
variety of issues including police brutality, racism, indigenous relocation,
environmental destruction, animal rights, nuclear proliferation and
militarization of the Mexican border. The disparity in this case between
what actually occurred and the charges filed against Rob is an outrage.
Clearly Rob is being targetted by the authorities for his outspokeness and
his political activities. This deliberate targetting began when Rob was
arrested for protesting against the WTO during the ‘Battle In Seattle’ in
1999. He was again arrested during a freeway-shutdown protest against the
Riverside police murder of Taisha Miller, also in 1999. Then he was arrested
during a protest against the 2000 Democratic National Convention in 2000.
His current case is a continuation of the state’s attempts to silence a
vocal and uncompromising activist. The situation is a travesty and mockery
of the justice system and shows just how far the U.$. govt. will go to
squash dissent.
Rob’s trial began in September and is continuing as this bulletin goes to
print. Rob’s family need him and he can’t afford to be charged with another
felony. Don’t leave Rob to face life in prison over a few drops of
soft-drink. Spread the word about his case, write to his defense committee
and find out what you can do to help!
Robert Middaugh-Olivarria Defense Committee: PO BOX 1062/ Santa Ana/ CA
92702-1062/USA cabin_fevered@yahoo.com


David Hicks and Mamdouh Habib

Recently the president of the U.$., George W. Bush visited Australia. The
perfect opportunity, one would think, for the Australian government to raise
concerns over the plight of Australian citizens David Hicks and Mamdouh
Habib, both being held without charge and in violation of international law
in the concentration camp at Guantanamo Bay in Cuba. The spineless Howard
government chose to remain silent, as did the Crean-led opposition. Two
Greens senators were the only politicians who stood up to challenge the
Bush-cartel’s policies and for that they were forcibly removed from
parliament – ‘free speech’ and ‘democracy’ in action! Foreign Minister
Alexander Downer even appeared on a current affairs program prior to the
Bush address of parliament and made completely false and unfounded claims
about Hicks and Habib when quizzed about their status. As Terry Hicks,
David’s father has stated in a recent interview: “This sort of thing has
happened before and is portrayed in the movie Breaker Morant. No one ever
proved whether Morant [an Australian soldier court-martialed by the British
during the Boer War] was innocent or guilty. He was tried in a military
court and executed because it suited the British military at that time and
the Australian government went along with it. Regardless of whether he was
guilty or innocent, the military had the last say and they just took him out
and shot him. Today, years later, we have a situation where Bush determines
the fate of everyone in Guantanamo Bay. It doesn’t matter if six out of
seven military judges say David is innocent; Bush has the final word on his
For more info be sure to visit http://www.fairgofordavid.org and download
the petition provided.
If you do not have internet access you can write to: PO BOX 634/Prospect
East/South Australia/


Robert Thaxton #12112716
OSP, 2605 State Street, Salem, OR 97310, USA
Anarcho-activist serving 7 years for throwing a rock at police
in self-defence during the Reclaim The Streets protest in
Eugene, Oregon, USA.


Websites Of Interest:
Stop Prisoner Rape: http://www.spr.org
SPR is a Nth. American human rights organiztion that works to end sexual
violence against men, women and youth in all forms of detention.

Anarchist-Action: http://www.anarchist-action.org
New Melbourne-based Australian anarchist website, well worth checking out if
you live in Australia!


Sherman Austin
Sherman Austin is a 20 year-old African American anarchist from Long Beach
California who was the webmaster of the website http://www.raisethefist.com
Sherman is currently serving one year in prison for hosting information on
his website pertaining to the usage of incendiary devices. This information
is freely available on a multitude of websites including
http://www.amazon.com not to mention numerous far-right/neo-nazi sites, yet
none of these sites have been targetted by the authorities. As part of his
sentence, Sherman must also serve 2 years probation, the terms of his
probation include not being able to associate with any groups or individuals
who seek to change the U.$. government in any way or to own or access a
computer. To find out more, visit http://www.raisethefist.com or write or
email ABC Melbourne.

Contacts/ Resource List

JUSTICE ACTION (Australian prisoner rights/advocacy group) :PO BOX
386/ Broadway/NSW
2007/Australia ja@justiceaction.org.au

GRASSLANDS GROCERIES (Vegan, Organic Groceries and major
funder/contributor to projects
such as the Asylum-Seekers Resource Centre): 205 Nicholson St./
Footscray 2011/Victoria
PH: 93620830

ABC South Africa/Anti-Repression Network: ARN/Postnet Suite
116/Private Bag X42/Braamfontein/
2017/Johannesburg/South Africa abc@zabalaza.net

AUSTIN ABC: PO BOX 684261/Austin/TX 78768/USA

HOUSTON ABC: PO BOX 667614/Houston/TX 77266-7614/USA

***This is by no means a complete contact/resource list, for further
contact addresses etc., check our
website, email us or better still, write a bloody letter! If you are
wondering why your groups details etc.
do not appear in this bulletin, then it is probably because you didn’t
get in touch with us!!!***

Leonard Peltier Appeal Denied
Once again the courts have closed the door to justice and the truth. TheU.S.
Court of Appeals, Tenth Circuit, on Nov. 4, 2003, issued their ruling
denying Leonard Peltier’s appeal.The conclusion of the ruling by the court
states: “Much of the government’
s behavior at the Pine Ridge Reservation and in its prosecution of
Mr.Peltier is to be condemned. The government withheld evidence. It
intimidated witnesses. These facts are not disputed. Mr. Peltier asserts
that “the blatant government misconduct is a mitigating factor which should
bear strongly on whether (he) should be immediately considered for parole….”
He may be correct. But whether the Parole Commission gave proper weight to
this mitigating evidence is not a question we have authority to review. Our
only inquiry is whether the Commission was rational in concluding Mr.
Peltier participated in the execution of the two federal agents. On the
record before us, we cannot say this determination was arbitrary and
A very interesting statement. The Parole Commission based its decision upon
a trial where evidence that Leonard could have used to prove his innocence
was withheld and part of what was used to convict Leonard was testimony by
witnesses intimidated by the FBI and the court admits this as fact. The
court also in its ruling stated that “the Commission’s description of the
firefight as an “ambush” was imprecise: there is no indication any of the
participants were lying in wait for the agents.” And the court admits:
“In 1975, the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota was embroiled in
conflict between traditional elders, who south independence from Bureau of
Indian Affairs (BIA) managers, and Native Americans supportive of the BIA
power structure. The conflict became violent, and the traditional elders
sought protection from members of the American Indian Movement (AIM). Mr.
Peltier and other AIM activists arrived at Pine Ridge to defend reservation
So the court acknowledges the reason why Leonard was there, it acknowledges
that the government behavior at Pine Ridge, which was to side against the
traditionalist, is to be condemned. It acknowledges the violence, over 60
traditionalists had been murdered many victims of drive by shootings. The
first two AIM members who went on trial were found not guilty for reason of
self-defense. But the court states that the Parole Commission’s denial of
parole for Leonard, which was based upon things that the court states should
be condemned, was not “arbitrary and capricious.” Again the
courts have shown, that in the case of Leonard Peltier, such things as
justice and common sense do not apply.
Like in the past when Leonard lost appeals, was not granted clemency and not
paroled, there are those that want to give up because Leonard will never
find justice in a system that only acts in its own interest even when its
actions stand against any sense of justice and even violates its own laws.
Though it is clear that the system will not grant justice to Leonard, but we
should not give up. For what will grant justice to Leonard is if enough
people demand it and how the government then decides to free Leonard is up
to it. Rather than give into the government and the system of injustice, we
should use each and every act by the government and its courts as further
example of the rightness of our cause and struggle even harder. I know that
it is hard to continue this struggle; I have been actively continuously
working for Leonard for 24 years. I have gone through all the appeals and
felt the great sorrow and frustration that each step has brought us. But we
cannot surrender in the face of such oppression, for the sake of Leonard we
cannot surrender and for the sake of all who resist this system that works
in the interest of a few at the expense of the many.
In the spirit of rage and commitment
Arthur J. Miller
Tacoma LPSG

Portland Ave. Park (on Portland Ave. between E. 24th and E. Fairbanks Ave.
Take Portland Ave. exit off I-5 and head east)
U.S. Federal Court House, 1717 Pacific Ave.

Mumia: US death row inmate made Paris citizen

PARIS, Oct 4 (AFP) - The city of Paris Saturday made an honorary citizen of
celebrated US death row inmate and black activist Mumia Abu-Jamal, sentenced
to die for the 1981 murder of a white Philadelphia policeman.
It is the first time Paris has bestowed the honour since Pablo Picasso was
made honorary citizen in 1971, Socialist mayor of Paris Bertrand Delanoe
told an audience of 200 people, taking the occasion to attack the
"barbarity" of the death penalty. Abu-Jamal, a former Black Panther civil
rights activist and journalist who has maintained his innocence, had his
death sentence overturned in December of 2001 but that decision is currently
on appeal.
In attacking the "barbarity called the death penalty," the mayor said "as
long as there is a place on this planet where one can be killed in the name
of the community, we
haven't finished our work." Raising his fist in a sign of solidarity,
Delanoe then shouted "Mumia is a Parisian!" as the crowd of mostly-leftist
activists cheered and applauded.
Black activist Angela Davis, a former member of the Black Panthers and the
Communist Party, hailed the "profound sense of humanity" of Abu-Jamal,
attacking American
"unilateralism" and racist attacks against immigrants.
The movement to free Abu-Jamal "takes on a new sense in face of American
unilateralism, the aggression against the Iraqi people and the racist
attacks against immigrants which can only further gnaw away at the vestiges
of democracy in the United States," Davis, a professor at the University of
California in Santa Cruz, said.
Abu-Jamal, sentenced to death 21 years ago for the murder of Daniel
Faulkner, has always insisted he was innocent, and scores of movements and
organizations have sprung uparound the world in his defence. His opponents
view him as an unrepentant murderer.
His case has provoked particularly vivid debate in France, which abolished
the death penalty in 1981. French school children are required to study the
case as part of their education.
Stop the execution! New trial for Mumia!
Youth & Students for Mumia

Activist on hunger strike in Greek prison
Simon Chapman, a British activist arrested during anti-EU protests in
Thesalonikki , Greece, has begun a hunger-strike to raise attention to his
plight. Simon has very obviously been set-up by Greek authorities, as have
the 7 other comrades currently awaiting awaiting trial in Greece. Simon
explains: “I had lost contact with my friends and was trying to find some
water to wash my eyes out when about five or six police officers jumped on
me, they beat me on the floor for five minutes and then searched my light
blue bag but all they found in it was a bottle of water. They then took me
to the side of the road where an officer came up and dropped a black
rucksack next to me. when they started kicking me and saying ‘this is yours,
this is yours’ and I was made to carry it, I realised I was being fitted up.
There wasn’t very much I could do about it.” Inside the rucksack, police
‘found’ molotov cocktails. “The evidence has been in the hands of the
justice system since two days after my arrest so I find it hard to see how
they can maintain that I was in possession of the black bag, when all the
evidence shows I wasn’t.” One of the protestors arrested at the same time as
Simon, a 35-year-old Syrian artist called Suleiman Dadouk, is worried about
what will happen if he is deported from Greece. He has been on hunger strike
since 21 September. Suleiman is being branded as an ‘international
terrorist’ by Greek authorities. Suleiman’s ‘terrorist crime’ was handing
out leaflets at the demo. He is facing arrest and persecution if returned to
Syria for his beliefs and his refusal to do military service. Simon Chapman:
“We are being held responsible for everything that happened on that day
because we were arrested on the day, and Molotov cocktails were found on the
day. Whether we actually did anything or not seems to be irrelevant.”
Thessaloniki Support Campaign: http://wombles.org.uk/actions/

Write letters to: Kratoumeno Carlos Martinez
Dikastikes Fylakes Diavaton
T.K. 540 12
GREECE (Spanish speaking)
Kratoumeno Fernando Perez
Dikastikes Fylakes Diavaton
T.K. 540 12
Thessaloniki GREECE (Spanish speaking)


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