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(en) Sydney, News from the Jura Construction Site

From Worker <a-infos-en@ainfos.ca>
Date Sun, 9 Nov 2003 09:02:22 +0100 (CET)

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From: Nick Harrigan <nick_harrigan-A-yahoo.com>
Hi all, There is tonnes happening here at Jura Books. I
thought I’d include a bit of an update with meeting
notices. Also, at the end is a call for volunteers
and financial contributions for some more urgent projects.
In this email:
* Meetings and Events
* News from Jura
* Projects Needing Financial Help and/or Volunteers.

/\/\/\/\/\/\/\**Meetings and Events**/\/\/\/\/\/\/\

Workers’ Control
- Forum Series -
Planning Meeting

THIS Thursday
13th November
7pm at Jura Books
[440 Parramatta Rd, Petersham]
COMMENT: At the final plenary of the Workers’ Control
Conference, many people were keen to organise a series
of follow-up forums and, perhaps, one-day conferences.
This final plenary called a meeting to organise
these. It was originally planned for Thursday 6th
November, however, this has been put-off a week to
Thursday 13th November.


Jura Working Bees
THIS Sunday 9th Nov from 2pm
THIS Tuesday 11th Nov from 2.30pm
@ Jura Books.
COMMENT: There is lots going on at the moment. The
main thing we’ll be doing at the working bees is
getting ready for Thursday’s meeting by doing a big
clean up of the new upstairs meeting room. There is,
however, plenty of opportunity for people to do other
stuff that interests them.

/\/\/\/\/\/\/\**News from Jura**/\/\/\/\/\/\/\

* Certainly the most exciting thing happening at Jura
is the new people who getting seriously involved. In
particular, Karen, Cameron, Tim, Nelson, Adam, Jasper,
Jeremy, Sunny, Lindsey, Michael, Nina and Kirsten (I
hope I haven’t forgotten anybody!). These people, plus
the members of Jura (Paul, Annette, Sid, Mark, Nick
and Peter) have made the Workers’ Control Conference
possible, and really been the team that’s been behind
the transformation of Jura over the last year.
* The Workers’ Control Conference was a big success,
with around 100 attending over the 2 and ˝ days.
There were great talks, plenty of discussion. The
papers and transcripts from the conference will be up
on the website in the next month or so
www.jura.org.au/workerscontrol/ We also distributed a
large number of books at this conference and the Law
Students conference the weekend before, selling over
$1200 books over the two weekends
* All the main talks at the Workers’ Control
Conference were videoed. These will be available in
the next month or so. I’ll email with more info.
Thanks to Art Resistance for organising this.
* After a short break following the conference, things
have got kicking again at Jura. We’ve started having
regular working bees again. In fact, Jeremy has
started organising regular Tuesday working bees as
well, providing more time for people to come in a get
* Probably the biggest news is that after several
months of work, the new meeting room is almost
finished. We’ve paid a carpenter (Ray) about $1200 to
replace 6 rotten beams in the floor of the library,
and rip out a wall, creating a nice big space for
meetings and the library. This week we called in an
electrician (Ben) who’s replaced an old buzzing light
and reinstalled one of the light switches for $150.
* We’ve got a new poster draw for the posters ($350),
and nearly finished painting it, so the posters will
be a bit safer. Thanks are due to Adam for organising
this, and countless others who’ve been painting over
the last few weeks… Jeremy, Nelson, Tim, Jasper…
* Several members and friends have been working hard
on getting the Jura Website happening, particularly
Cameron and Jasper. Many of you will have seen the
Workers’ Control Conference website
(www.jura.org.au/workerscontrol/). Over the last few
months we’ve bought the domain name, got the
conference site working, and begun moving our domain
to the Sydney based, anarchist-inspired, CAT web
* Cameron has also being working towards getting the
new computer system happening. We’re just trying to
get the money together (~$1,500) for a second
computer, to act as a server, and Cameron should be
able to get the network up in 2-4 weeks.
* We’ve had a plumber in to install an entirely new
tap set in the upstairs bathroom and fix the leak in
the downstairs toilet ($250). Thanks to Peter S. who
generously offered to pay for this.
* We’ve also got the electrician and plumber to give
us some quotes on some rather urgent work, like fixing
the electrical system which keeps melting power points
(! A little bit of a fire hazard!) and put in a
laundry tub so we have somewhere downstairs to get
* We just implemented a new accounting system, on the
computers, which will make our financial situation a
little easier to track and plan.
* We’ve also been getting the Jura Mailing and email
lists in order. We’ve now got over 400 on the postal
mailing list, and over 200 on the
Jura_Special_Announce email list. Well done to the
people who’ve put many hours into entering this data
particularly Nelson, Karen and Jeremy.
* Also, Margaeux, a friend from Byron Bay, has made
big inroads into putting our bookshop selection onto a
computer database.
* Sid has begun organising for a Jura Anniversary /
End of Year dinner. He’ll forward more information as
it becomes available, but keep the 6th Dec free at
this stage.
* The Jura Financial Supporters’ system is going well.
19 people have volunteered to make a monthly
contribution of either $10 or $20 per month, and this
has made a substantial difference to our financial
situation, and made most of our activities possible.
Thank you.
* Thanks also to the people who’ve been making
generous, one-off donations for particular projects or
just contributions. These too have made a big

/\/\/\/\** Projects Needing Financial Help and/or
Volunteers **/\/\/\/\

While much has been done, much work remains. Many
projects are urgent. Over the last few months we’ve
resolved to try to not cut corners with important
jobs. This has meant getting in professional trades
people, taking the time with projects, and forking out
the money to do things properly. This takes
volunteers, and it takes money.

Many of the projects we’ve identified below are not
luxuries, but basic jobs that need doing now if we are
to both function and survive – such as the refurbish
parts of the electrical wiring, which has 3 power
points melt and nearly start fires in the last year
alone!!!! Other jobs are just necessary to make the
space functional, like computers or lighting.

We’ve put together this list so that people either get
inspired to become a Jura Supporter (by making a
regular donation of $10 (concession) or $20 (full-time
workers), consider make a general donation, or might
even finance entire projects(!). Donations can be
1. In person at Jura Books.
2. Via Cheque or money order posted to Jura Books,
Reply Paid 32, Petersham North NSW 2049.
3. By direct debit deposit in our Commonwealth Bank
account: “Jura Books”, Branch: 062193, Account No.:

Below is a list of projects in a more or less order of

* Fix and/or rewire powerpoints in backroom and
library [Cost: $700-$100] Three power points have
melted in the last year and nearly started fires. We
are about to install 5-7 computers in the back room
downstairs, which lacks safe power points, and in the
library where one of the points has been eaten by rats
and another was in the wall that we removed.
* Computer to act as server for network [$1300 + $500
for networking and associated costs] This will be the
hub for the central computer network for the Centre
for Workers’ Control, Jura Bookshop, and the Library.
On this we will have internet, email, databases for
the library and the bookshop, and layout facilities
for producing newsletters and leaflets.
* Repair ceiling of library [$500] Several beams in
the roof have rotten through, and one half of the
ceiling is sagging. There is also an ugly hole in it,
which needs to be turned into an access hole.
* Finish the floor of library [$100]
* Plaster wall of Library [$70]
* Paint floor and walls of library [$150]
* Buy a rug or carpet for library floor [$150-$300]
* Buy a basic stall kit: a trolley, 2 card tables and
an old suit case [$250] This would mean we would need
a car to do stalls at rallies, concerts, etc.
* Build storage space in roof [$200] This involved
putting some boards down in the roof cavity to store
archive boxes, currently cluttering library.
* Laundry Tub or wash-up basin in downstairs toilet.
[$550-$800 depending on quality] Currently there
isn’t a wash up space downstairs, and not really
proper access to water. This would put a laundry sink
and a hose in the downstairs toilet. For $550 we
could get a standard steel laundry tub, for $800 or so
we could get a built-in wash tub.

In terms of volunteer work, there is tonnes that is
needed, mostly continuing existing projects, such as
re-sorting and organising the bookshop, building a
website and bookshop data base, helping with stalls
at rallies and concerts, doing shifts in the shop to
increase opening hours, helping with painting and
cleaning-up, helping out the with the library,
building and maintaining the computer network, helping
with postering and advertising events, and much, much

If your interested in getting involved, the easiest
thing to do is give us a call. The Jura phone number
is 02 9550 9931. Alternatively Nick (who convenes the
collective) has a NEW Mobile: 0414 564 764.

In Solidarity,
Nick Harrigan
For the Jura Collective.

Jura: 02 9550 9931
Nick: 0414 564 764

Jura Books
440 Parramatta Rd
Petersham 2049

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