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(en) FAG/Brazil: FORUM OF ORGANIZED ANARCHISM 2003 (pt,it)

From Worker <a-infos-en@ainfos.ca>
Date Sun, 2 Nov 2003 08:20:42 +0100 (CET)

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>From 14th to 16th November, the 2nd FAO will be held in São
Paulo. The FAG is making internal preparations for the
sending of delegates, discussing lines and elaborating
proposals. See the call below for more details:

2nd Forum of Organized Anarchism (FAO)
14 - 16 November, São Paulo
What is it? Very simply it is a discussion forum for
anarchists who work or who intend to work in an organized
way, acting socially.
It is not interested in building anything hastily before its
time, but in bringing together individuals, groups,
collectives and organizations that have this desire and feel
this need. The objective is that the Forum can be a space
where anarchist individuals, collectives, groups and
organizations can meet, discuss, establish agreements, work
together and create the conditions for the construction of a
true anarchist organization in Brazil. This is not a
short-term task, but needs to start at once. That is what we
propose with this FAO in São Paulo.

After the first edition in Belém in 2002 and a plenary in
Porto Alegre in January 2003, the Forum will take place in
São Paulo this year. We are living in a period when anarchism
is regaining its vigour and is being discussed again. We can
see in Brazil and throughout the world the presence of
anarchism in various forms in the social struggles. Examples
of this are the anti-capitalist protests all over the world
and the ever-stronger presence of anarchists in the struggles
of our class, of our people. These facts are evidence of a
new impulse in the libertarian area.

At the same time, there are still distorted visions of what
anarchism is, fed as usual by the media and the bourgeoisie,
which facilitate the repression and the discrediting of
anarchism in the minds of a good portion of the population.

We believe that it is time to begin a more vigorous and
regular discussion within anarchism with those who intend to
organize as anarchists and to act socially. A discussion that
is not a mere exchange of ideas and reports nor a sterile
academic debate. We want to accumulate a discussion, to
explain points of view, to understand each other and to move
forward. We want to begin as of now to trace, within the
concrete limits we have, some form of united action.

At this moment, two points seem to us to be fundamental to
mark out the area outside of which we would have difficulty
making progress: organization and social performance. We say
that frankly because the anarchist area is quite wide and
varied, but many ideas exist that reject the notion of
organization and social action, and there it is impossible
for us to do anything more concrete together. If you are one
of those that thinks that any organizational form is
authoritarian, if you are one of those that does not have the
slightest intention of acting socially, please do not come,
as we do not have anything to build together.

But if you want to see an active, organized anarchism, a true
transforming agent of society, if you are not satisfied with
just ideas and stances, but really want to see anarchism in
action, you can feel free to be our guest. We are not
proposing any one model, we believe that there are various
ways to organize in order to act in the social sphere and
that everyone should bring their experience to the
discussions. Organization and Social Action are lodestones of
the 2nd FAO. We will be talking a little about what we think
about this.

Organization: a necessity for anarchists

"We repeat it again: without organization, free or imposed,
society cannot exist; without conscious, desired
organization, there can be no freedom nor guarantee that the
interests of those who live in society are respected. And
those who are not organized, who do not seek the cooperation
of others and who do not offer theirs, in reciprocal
conditions and in solidarity, place themselves necessarily in
a state of inferiority and there remains an unconscious gear
in the social mechanism that others work in their way and to
their advantage." (Errico Malatesta, 1897)

As we can see, this is a very old subject in the anarchist
milieu. It is over a hundred years since Malatesta broached
the theme. No matter how much it may seem to us to be a
simple subject, there is still a lot of confusion regarding
it and there are a lot of people who sincerely think that
anarchism is against any form of organization, which would be
bureaucracy, authoritarianism, etc.

That is understandable. After all, the concrete organization
models that people have seen (such as authoritarian and
centralized parties) do not encourage anybody to think about
it. But it is necessary to break with that, to notice that
these were just one historical organizational method and that
anarchism has always had other organizational forms:
horizontal, participatory, federative. Now is the time we
need to be organized, to overcome the fear of

To discuss organization nowadays is not only a question of
re-taking anarchist history, but above all a real need. We
cannot remain atomized in the face of an articulate,
well-informed system with a great operational capacity. To
"remain isolated, acting or wanting to act each off his own
bat, without understanding each other, without preparing
ourselves, without gathering together the fragile forces of
the isolated, means condemning ourselves to weakness, to
wasting our energy in small ineffectual acts, to losing faith
quickly in our objectives and to complete starvation".
(Malatesta, 1897).

With organization we can avoid the isolation, weakness,
frustration and scepticism that many fall into after failing
to reach the desired objectives. Organization multiplies our
forces, allows us to take precautions and to defend ourselves
in the face of repression (which gets stronger and stronger)
and turns into a reality the solidarity that we have written
and spoken about so many times.

We know that there are many anarchists who are contrary to
the idea of organization, mostly individualist anarchists.
They are not more or less anarchist than us as a result, just
anarchists of another type, of another conception. Let them
follow their path. We will follow ours, and with every right
to do so. Because we believe that in order to face this
capitalist system, it is necessary to be organized.

Social militancy

" (...) to nurture popular organizations of every type is the
logical consequence of our fundamental ideas and, therefore,
it should be an integral part of our programme". (Malatesta,

Anarchism is composed of a diversity of currents, it is true.
But it is also true that not all of them are disposed to work
closely with our class, our people. Historically, there have
been moments of very strong anarchist presence in Ukraine
with the Makhnovishchina, in the Spanish Revolution, the
Mexican Revolution, with revolutionary syndicalism throughout
Latin America, not to mention the countless other
experiences. In all these cases, which are a reference point
(at least theoretical) for all anarchists, there have been
organized anarchists, who had class-struggle positions and
definite social practices.

We live in a time where poverty is getting ever worse. The
abyss betwen the classes is today greater than it was a
hundred years ago. 85% of the world's population is poor or
living in poverty. In Brazil alone, 40 million people live
below the poverty line.

The manifestations of this poverty are brutal and they are
there for anyone who wants to see. We have not lost the
capacity to be angry, to revolt in the face of this permanent
aggression, we will not "keep to our own kind" or stand by
with an "each to his own" attitude, because it is only us who
have to suffer this situation.

We believe that anarchism has something to say about this
situation. We believe that anarchism has answers to this
situation, that anarchism lives in this situation and is not
closed off from the situation. Anarchists have been carrying
on several forms of action. We maintain relations with each
other, publish bulletins and zines, promote libertarian
encounters, maintain internet sites, publish books and create
channels for alternative information, etc. All this is
important and necessary. But have we been giving due
attention to a type of militancy that is fundamental:
community action together with the popular movements, in the
neighbourhoods, schools, universities, workplaces, etc?

We know that there are anarchists who already do this in
several ways, but we sincerely think that it is too little,
and we do not only say this about other anarchists, we
include ourselves among those that need to improve and to
increase their work in the communities. We believe that all
the activities of contacts, publications, encounters and
books would be greatly enriched if they were linked to
community activities on the part of anarchists.

Therefore we all believe thought that at this time it is
fundamental to discuss how anarchists can act within the
community, what relationships to establish between anarchists
and the social movements, and what types of action would be
more or less interesting, etc.

Above all, we believe that anarchists alone will not make the
revolution, and that if we do not have a militant presence in
the struggles of our class we will have no chance.

To proceed...

So that this whole discussion can be widened we propose a
national encounter which we offer to host. We hope others
will join us and contribute even at this stage to the
preparations by publishing, proposing dynamics, circulating
texts of contributions and above all by participating in the
Forum of Organized Anarchism.

Proposed Agenda:

1 - Opening with presentation of participating groups,
collectives, organizations and individuals
2 - Conception of organization
3 - Organizational methods
4 - Anarchism and Social Militancy
5 - Perspectives of the Forum of Organized Anarchism and

Dynamics of the Encounter:

We intend to use the morning and afternoon sessions for
discussion and to leave the evenings free for cultural
activities and to give participants a chance to get to know
each other. Those that want to bring material such as books,
journals, t-shirts, pictures for exhibition, exchange or
sale, can do so.

This agenda was proposed on the basis of contributions and
suggestions by several groups and individuals since February
2003, when it LUTA LIBERTÁRIA started to circulate reports on
the FAO and to receive contributions. We are still open to

Date: 14 -16 November
Where: São Paulo, SP

To participate:

Get in touch with LUTA LIBERTÁRIA - organized anarchist
group, by e-mail: fao2003sp@yahoo.com.br or
lutalibertaria@hotmail.com or at PO Box 11639 São Paulo, SP
CEP: 05049-970 or even by telephone (11) 9431-7568 (Sandro).
In this way you can get the registration form to send.

Registration Fee: R$10.00 - this is to provide for the
facilities of the encounter.

Venue: LUTA LIBERTÁRIA - organized anarchist group (São

Organizers: Coletivo Ruptura (Fortaleza, Ceará), Coletivo
Libertário (Cuiabá, Mato Grosso), Coletivo Domingos Passos
(Niterói, Rio de Janeiro), União Popular (Goiânia, Goiás),
Federação Anarquista Gaúcha (Rio Grande do Sul), Federação
Anarquista Insurreição (Rio de Janeiro), JULI-Juventude
Libertária (Caxias, Rio Grande do Sul)

Supporting the initiative: Rede Libertária da Baixada
Santista (Santos, SP), AR-S26 (Mogi das Cruzes, SP) e
RNT-1936 (Guarulhos, SP)

NB! It will not be possible for individuals and groups that
are not registered in advance to particpate, because we have
to know the number present in advance in order to organize
sleeping places and the premises for the encounter.

FAO right now! We will start at once to circulate reports,
adhesions and texts of contributions on the FAO. Once again
we point out that the FAO is open to all those that sincerely
want to be organized as anarchists and act as militants in
the community.


Luciana - sec. relações - Federação Anarquista Gaúcha
tel. (51) 3211 2476 / 91484391
cx postal 5036 CEP 90040-970
Porto Alegre/RS/Brasil

[from "News from FAG", translation nmcn/ainfos]

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