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(en) WE ARE ALL PALESTINIANS - Leaflet distributed by the Aberdeen Anarchist Resistance

From Worker <a-infos-en@ainfos.ca>
Date Wed, 28 May 2003 09:11:34 +0200 (CEST)

A - I N F O S N E W S S E R V I C E

The text from a leaflet which we distributed at a solidarity for
Palestine march. Unfortunately the march was infested with
parasites from parties like SSP, SNP and Scottish Labour Party.
The war against terrorism finally begins to show its real face? The
masks are finally removed, and we see that what the self-declared
leaders of the planet were calling as terrorists, is nothing more than
14 year old children with catapults, women who search for food
inside bombed buildings and a men who fight for their life, for
freedom and for discency! That's the terrorists, as about their
nationality? It doesn't matter to the global and national bosses? 50
years ago the Jews were the victims of persecution? now the Israeli
government and the western governments are hunting down
Palestinians, Afghans, Iraqis ? (and whomever individual or group
are trying to live their lives without masters) ? they are hunting 'em
down as exactly the Nazis hunted down the Jews, the anti-fascists
and the partisans 50 years ago. And they have to know that as
people resisted fascism once, they 'll resist their neo-liberalism and
their globalised capitalism now!

As anarchists we express our solidarity with all people who fight for
freedom and social justice? Long live the Intifada! But we show no
solidarity at all to people who try to manipulate the social struggle,
and who order people to their deaths, and the deaths of unarmed
citizens, who discuss and say: "We had only 50 dead yesterday?
come on, we need more so that the news media will take seriously
our new Palestinian State". We will make a free and self-organised
society when and only when we get rid of the parasites who seek
only power for themselves? These self-styled leaders care not for
the well-being of the people, but only their position. Those who seek
to manipulate social movements for the purposes of recruitment?
they see us only as fodder for their dreams to gain as many votes as
possible; and they appear on marches or demos, such as the one
today to talk about solidarity and social change? But their speeches
are well known, and their actions well seen again and again! Their
tricks are rotten, nothing more than cheap lies, and their actions
don't go further than a petition and from time to time they might
send a bit of help to the people of Afghanistan, Palestine etc? but
these are drops in the ocean? an ocean full of war and sadness? in
which the "struggle" for reforming the current authoritarian system is
nothing more than a struggle for better and more humanitarian
conditions of reppression! We don't fight for asking shorter chains

Aberdeen Anarchist Resistance is part of the UK Anarchist Federation
From their web site: http://www.geocities.com/resistanceab/main_new.html


We are a local anarchist affinity group, set up so as to spread
libertarian, social, and anti-authoritarian ideas by means of
propaganda, which is a necessary requirement if a community is to
self-organise, and then take its future in to its own hands, thus pass
to direct action. So in other words, we seek to promote a sense of
community, of confidence in ones own abilities, to enable all to be
involved in the identification, initiation, and management of
group/communal needs and decisions.

In our struggle to achieve a self organised and free community, the
police, army, law courts, media, and government, seek to prevent us,
and generally stop anyone who struggles for freedom. They seek not
to serve and inform, but are the very instruments of our oppression,
and whose purpose it is to protect the interests of the ruling few. The
parliamentary left parties might say to you that by reforming the
system e.g. tax the rich - we can control the authorities and make
them the tools of the people... that is nothing more than an illusion, a
struggle for better conditions of repression... and we will not allow
them to use us in their placebo revolution.

The global capitalist democracy of the bosses is our biggest enemy,
and our silence is their strength. We do their bidding without a word
- compliant, tamed, no better than slaves. We are told from a very
young age a parade of lies by teachers, churchmen, media clowns,
politicians, told to respect their privilege - their fake titles, 'their'
wealth, that to question their 'holy' position is a major offence.

But, we bring bad news for the parasites who plunder our earth...
across the world the tide has begun to turn, as people mobilise, fight
back, reclaim their lives, taking action for freedom in their
workplaces and communities. They reject, as we do, the illusion of
parliamentary democracy, taking matters in to their own hands. We
seek not to reform the current system, but destroy it! And if this
makes you a bit afraid... just remember that we are the ones who
built what is around us, not the bosses in their fat couches, so we
shall rebuild our world, but we're gonna recreate it according to our
own initiative, will, and needs.

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