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(en) UK, Resistance anarchist bulletin #49 May 2003 - Labouring under illusions

From Worker <a-infos-en@ainfos.ca>
Date Sun, 18 May 2003 08:48:03 +0200 (CEST)

A - I N F O S N E W S S E R V I C E

THE LABOUR PARTY must be the most
mis-named organisation in the world,
equalled in that respect only by Hitler's
National Socialist German Workers Party
(Nazis) and the "Communist" Party. From
the moment of its birth, it has done as
much to destroy the wellbeing of working
class people as it has done to promote the
interests of capitalism. Now, Tony Blair has
taken this to new depths.
In support of an extreme right-wing
American government, Blair has dragged
us into a brutal conflict that has laid waste
to an already poverty-stricken Iraq. There
are spin-offs here in Britain: in the budget,
£300 million has been allocated to coun-
tering the threat of "terrorism" (as defined
by the British State, which has plenty of
weapons of mass destruction, and has
just been found guilty ­ officially ­ of sup-
porting the loyalist murder of Republicans
in Northern Ireland). The people in Britain
are already one of the worlds most spied
upon and now surveillance measures are
to be dramatically increased. We will be
watched and harassed even more.
Tony Blair's Labour Party is the party
of big business, greed, and hypocrisy. Mil-
lionaires have been falling over them-
selves to fund New Labour and you can
bet that it is nothing to do with generos-
ity. They want, and will receive, a pay-back
for their investment.
Of course, the working class has al-
ways had to subsidise business. The very
nature of employment requires that the
workers who make the wealth only get a
fraction of the wealth that they create. The
rest goes to the bosses. Now, with a bloody
war and its aftermath to pay for - £3 bil-
lion plus - the new increase in National In-
surance contributions will do nicely.
By the way, avoid having a serious ac-
cident! Stocks of blood donated to the
transfusion service have been prioritised
for troops in Iraq, thanks to the govern-
New Labour's "Third Way" is nothing
of the sort. Old Labour was in reality a third
way between (private) capitalism and
state-capitalism. New Labour is una-
shamedly pro private capitalist. An exam-
ple of this cosy state/business relationship
will be the huge profits private firms will
make in the so-called public-private part-
nerships which are being promoted eve-
New Labour Gangsters
New Labour is being shown for the set
of gangsters that they are ­ bashing strik-
ers at home, and butchery abroad (an av-
erage of a war a year).
Regardless of their backgrounds,
whether working class like Prescott or up-
per middle class like Blair, Labour is our
enemy, they must be defeated by working
class action in workplaces and the commu-
nity, which does away with all bosses and
governments permanently.
Greeks greet Blair and Aznar with their
favourite cocktail
Greece: AS UP TO 20,000 police guarded
the EU meeting in Athens, Greece, 8,000
anti-war protesters clashed with police and
smashed shops and banks. Police re-
sponded with tear gas and savage beat-
ings, and were met with stones, bottles and
petrol bombs. Elsewhere several other
blocs of demonstrators managed to get
near to the meeting. Several undercover
police were beaten by protesters and ex-
pelled from the demonstration. The Brit-
ish, Italian and French embassies were at-
tacked, and British Airways' office was oc-
cupied. The day ended with 106 arrests.
The EU enlargement will involve in-
creasing "liberalisation" of the economy, to
the benefit only of the rich.
Spain: The city of Barcelona was shaken
on Thursday 10th April as thousands of
people took to the streets in a day of
protest against the killing in Iraq and the
permanent war. Many businesses were
closed, following a call by several anarcho-
syndicalist unions (CGT, CNT-AIT, SO) for
a general strike of 24 hours. Actions were
continuing until the late evening. Strikes
and demonstrations also happened in
Madrid and across Spain.
Italy: One million people responded to a
general strike call put out by the rank and
file unions such as the CUB, COBAS and
the anarcho-syndicalist USI-AIT. Marches
and demonstrations took place in most
towns and cities.

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