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From Victor Chernov <wsany@hotmail.com>
Date Fri, 16 May 2003 08:14:34 +0200 (CEST)

A - I N F O S N E W S S E R V I C E

There are millions of people today in New York City who are living in fear
for their lives and safety. A devious and secretive group of enemies are
daily hatching new schemes to ruin their way of live and to terrorize them
into submission. Their enemies claim to be fighting for righteousness and
are fanatical in pursuit of their goals. For many of its victims just to
speak out against this enemy is to draw its anger and spite.
The millions who are so terrorized are the poor and working people of this
City. The enemy is President Bush, Governor Pataki, Mayor Bloomberg and the
rich and powerful whose paid servants they are. Their weapons of
terror—budget cuts, elimination of programs, attacks on the standard of
living, and ideological assault on their opponents (along with some political
arm twisting as needed). Their ideology of tax cuts, the free market, a
˜healthy economy" is a masquerade for their real agenda, to enrich their
friends even further and to disempower those who they deem unworthy.
But there are mean by which workers and the disempowered can defend
themselves against this enemy. We can and must build real workplace
organizations - call them unions, councils, or whatever that can not only
defend our rights and conditions on the job, but work toward a better world
where these kinds of attacks are just a bad memory We need mass
organizations in our communities to express our needs and concerns on that
level. And we need to link our struggles with those of poor and working
people everywhere.

But what we don't need are more self-serving leaders and bureaucrats to do
our fighting for us, not that they really do any serious fighting. We
need more Dennis Riveras (of Local 1199 Hospital Workers) and Randi
(of the American Federation of Teachers) to sell us on what a friend of
labor George Pataki is, get us to come out and vote for him, and then be
surprised when he turns around and cuts health care, worker safety and in
general kicks us in the butt for our favors. Let's send them back to their
old workplaces and let them earn an honest living for a change.

What we need is a labor movement not tied down to political parties or the
electoral system in general, with decisions made collectively by the
membership and with delegates who carry out our mandates and are subject to
immediate recall when they don't. We need a movement that embraces the
widest spectrum of the poor and disempowered and seeks to unify them instead
of dividing them up into competing sectors. We need a movement with a
vision of a new society where power, profit and privilege are truly a thing
of the past.

We of the Workers Solidarity Alliance are men and women like yourself who
have a vision of how things can be and are working to bring it about. To do
so we not only give solidarity to on-going struggles but try to put forward
our ideas and seek to engage other working people in dialogue about them.
We don't expect you to agree with everything we say, but we hope you will
think about it and talk it over with ourselves and you fellow workers. By
this sort of discussion we can hopefully find the way to real ˜homeland
security" for the working people of this city and of the world.

Workers Solidarity Alliance
339 Lafayette Street - Room 202
New York, New York 10012

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