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(en) Canada, Montreal Anarchist Bookfair Demand the Impossible! (fifteen anarchist-themed workshops in the heart of Centre-Sud, Montreal)

From lombrenoire <lombrenoire@dojo.tao.ca>
Date Thu, 15 May 2003 16:31:45 +0200 (CEST)

A - I N F O S N E W S S E R V I C E

[Complete descriptions of all 15 workshops included below ...]
Be realistic ... DEMAND THE IMPOSSIBLE! A Day of Anarchist Workshops
> SUNDAY, May 18, 2003 11am to 6pm 1710, rue Beaudry (metro Beaudry)
FREE! Childcare available Partially wheelchair accessible
> DEMAND THE IMPOSSIBLE is an entire day dedicated to anarchist-themed
workshops, panels and debates, in English and French, on a diverse array
of topics and themes, including nationalism, political prisoners, social
struggles, heterosexism, transfolk, immigration, technology,
communications, theatre, art, radio, popular education, autogestion and

The following workshops, panels and presentations will be offered on May
18 as part of DEMAND THE IMPOSSIBLE. Presentations will be in English
(Eng.), French (Fr.) or bilingual (B). Translation will be available into
English, French or Spanish. The Salle Sallaberry is on the main floor of
1710 Beaudry. Le Theatre L'Escargot is just across the street on rue
Robin. There will be lunch break at 1pm

--- 11am-1pm ---

* Destroying the Heterosexist Empire: History, Resistance, Anti-Patriarchy
(Fr.) -- Room 3.7

Heterosexist power is not only an ideology that devalues non-heterosexual
behaviour, but it's also the guard dog of patriarchy and its male/female
stereotypes. When was this system born? Where and why? Meanwhile, a
movement of radical resistance has been built in the past forty years. Its
preferred targets: heterofascism, the homocapitalist order and their
identity alienation. The preferred propositions of the movement: queer
theory, liberatory action and luddism! Presented by the Pantheres Roses, a
revolutionary queer collective based in Montreal.

* Guerrilla Communications (Fr.) -- L'Esgargot Theatre (across the street)

An overview of initiatives that propose to change the perspective of "us
versus them" and break the cycle of rituals within activist movements.
Inspired by Dada, the Situationists and the Dutch Provos, guerilla
communications aims to redefine and re-imagine public space and transform
the spectacle of power into a tool of action and mobilization. Videos
include: Yo Mango!, or subversion by stealing; The Yes Men, or virtual
sabotage; The Deporation Alliance, or image improvement; and more.
Presented by Marie-Eve Lamy, an activist and independent journalist who
works for Les Edtitions Ecosociete in Montreal.

* Anti-fascism and (anti-)nationalism (Eng.) -- Room 3.6

An advanced workshop on the political implications of revolutionary
anti-fascism. In particular, this workshop will discuss some key aspects
of current anarchist debates on nationalism from the perspective of an
anti-fascist strategy, theory, and culture. Presented by Mike
Staudenmeier, who is involved with Chicago ARA, Arsenal Magazine and is a
member of the BRICK Collective.

* No One Is Illegal: Confronting War, Capitalism and Apartheid (Eng.) --
Room 2.7

This presentation explores the existing and emerging movements for the
rights of migrants and against borders from an anti-authoritarian
perspective. The workshop offers a framework of opposition to war and
capitalism -- critiquing the existing peace and anti-globalization
movements -- while opposing the racist underpinnings of immigration
policies and state borders. In addition to a broad analysis of migration,
imperialism and war, this workshop will also specifically address
organizing and ally work with ongoing campaigns against deportations and
detentions, and for full status for all migrants. Presented by Jaggi
Singh, a member of the No One Is Illegal Campaign in Montreal.

* Building Your Own Radio Station: FM Transmitter Building (Eng.) -- Salle
Sallaberry (meet at the stage)

This workshop will construct an FM kit for radio broadcasting. The ?ow- to
of construction, including tips on soldering, will be included. The
workshop will aim to build an antenna and conclude with a test of this
collectively constructed equipment. Presented by Gretchen King, a
community activist in Montreal who works with CKUT Radio.

--- 1-2pm ---
Lunch Break.
Food available on site.

--- 2-4pm ---

* Anarchist Ideals in Practice Thru Two Examples (Fr.) -- Salle Sallaberry

This workshop will look how to put in to practice anarchist ideals, in
rupture with a authoritarian and capitalist society, via two examples. The
first is Radio Libertaire, an experience in anarchist self-management that
still endures! And the second is the struggle for free transportation as a
tool to re-appropriate urban spaces and public services by citizens. What
are the objectives of this struggle? How is this demand a social rupture
with the existing social system? Presented by members of the Federation
Anarchiste (FA) from France.

* Popular Education as Liberatory Pedagogy (Fr.) -- Room 3.6

This workshop will be a collective reflection on the authoritarianism
within conventional education as well as the methods used to make popular
education more participatory, democratic and especially empowering for
participants. To quote Paulo Friere: "The goal of the educator is not only
to learn something with a participant, but to research with him/her the
means to transform the society in which we live." Presented by
Pierre-Antoine Harvey, a researcher, activist and popular educator based
in Montreal.

* An Anarchist Analysis of the Black Panther Party (BPP) and its Practical
Implications for Today (Eng.) -- Room 2.7

What would an analysis of the BPP look like through the lens of
postmodernism and anarchism? In this session, Ashanti Alston will bring
out why he feels such a combined analysis and its style(s) can help bring
new understandings to age-old, stubborn movement problems. Focus will be
on the BPP and the strengths and limitations of the movement of that
period. Presented by Ashanti Alston, a former member of the Black Panther
Party and former Black Liberation Army political prisoner. Ashanti is a
New York City activist who has been an anarchist for over a decade and
publishes "Anarchist Panther".

* Transfolk and Anarchist Community (Eng.) -- Room 3.7

This workshop will look at the relationship of trans and gender variant
people in radical activist communities (this includes but is not limited
to trans/genderqueer/intersexed/2-spirited people) in a largely
discussion-based format. Emphasis is on pro-active brainstorming. Topics
will range from the relevance of transgenderism/trans-identities as part
of anarchist movement(s), inclusiveness in radical spaces, being allies,
links to other aspects of anarchist organizing, consciousness around the
role of the state (in particular the health care system) in trans lives,
and issues around access. This workshop is not an introduction to identity
politics. All genders encouraged and respected. Presented by Tara-Michelle
Ziniuk and Christina Strang.

* Revolutionary Theatre, Culture Jamming and Theatrical Activism (Eng.) --
L'Esgargot Theatre (across the street)

This workshop is designed to introduce the activist to the most recent
developments in theatrical activism. Questions to be explored include: How
are Theatre & Activism being combined in the electronic age; and how can
activists use theatricality to enhance their campaigns? By examining the
theories and techniques of Brecht, Boal, Boyd, Mullaly, McLuhan, and
Artaud, theoretical connections will be made with recent new forms of
activist theatre. Presented by the Optative Theatrical Laboratories of

-- 16h-18h --

* Anarchy and Technology (Fr.) -- Room 3.6

We will debate the problem posed by Technology, as an ideology as much as
a subject. We would like to bring forward an anarchist critique of the
relationship between the State and industrial-techno system. We do not
wish to do an exhaustive inventory of the technological choices of the
past, but rather envisage what we can do in the present and future. A few
questions that we will raise: How do the different anarchist tendencies
see Technology? Are there aspects inherent in technology that are
problematic for an anarchist society? Presented by Mauvaise Herbe, an
eco-anarchist group based in Montreal.

* Self-Management: From ideal to practice (Fr.) -- Room 3.7

The principal of self-management (autogestion) is at the heart of the
liberatory social and economic anarchist project. But beyond theory,
autogestion is a practice of daily freedom, whether applied in workplaces,
at school or in community life. We will look at the basic ideas of this
project and then make an overview of the various self-management
experiences here and beyond, before trying to respond to the following
question: Is autogestion possible here and now? Presented by members of
the La Nuit collective from Quebec City.

* Panel: Anti-authoritarians Participating in Grassroots Social Struggles
-- Salle Sallaberry

A bilingual panel discussion involving local Montreal anarchists whose
groups participate in diverse social struggles such as the fight for
housing, workers struggles, immigration and refugee work, and more. First,
the panelists will explain why it is necessary for anarchism to be present
in the struggles that represent large numbers of society (renters,
workers, immigrants). Then, there will be a comparison of the different
intervention strategies of the groups participating in the discussion.
Presented by members of CLAC Logement, La Bete Noire (NEFAC-Montreal) and
No One is Illegal.

* Prisons, Prisoners, and Class War (Eng.) -- Room 2.7

Bo Brown will be discussing some of her experiences of being politicized
while in prison, her involvement in the George Jackson Brigade, along with
her experiences as a lesbian political prisoner, and her work since
supporting political prisoners, women in prison and prison abolition. As a
veteran activist, Bo will be able to offers some lessons on anarchism and
armed struggle, and how to build a revolutionary anti-authoritarian
working class movement. Presented by Bo Brown, a long-time San Francisco
Bay Area-based working class anarchist activist.

* Art & Politics Mix Beautifully (Eng.) -- L'Esgargot Theatre (across the

Award winning graphic novelist, Eric Drooker, will project hundreds of
sequential images from FLOOD! A Novel In Pictures, and give a sneak
preview of his newest book, Blood Song: A Silent Ballad. With live,
musical accompaniment by the artist, and a late-breaking political weather
forecast you don't want to miss! The slide presentation runs 45 minutes
followed by questions and discussion. Presented by New York City artist
Eric Drooker.

Montreal's 4th Annual Anarchist Bookfair
& Festival of Anarchy
info: http://www.tao.ca/~lombrenoire
514-844-3207 * bookfair2003@salon.com

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