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From Worker <a-infos-en@ainfos.ca>
Date Tue, 13 May 2003 19:23:51 +0200 (CEST)

A - I N F O S N E W S S E R V I C E

Coppied from alter-ee list. To be used as pamphlets for
the bike karavan to thessaloniki.
When tyranical european powers "discovered" and
"explored" other continents, they saw the opportunity
to strenthen their power taking the land and exploiting
the people in the new territories as packanimals and
tortured slaves. Every type of resistance was met
with extreme repression, with propaganda and lies, as
they were intrinsically justified by the glorification and
expantion of monarchy or the nation state.

The current situation is even worse!
Wealth is no longer measured by the amaunt of the
land held by the particular nation, but the amount of
profit thet can be pulled out of goods, natural
resources and people in controled territories.
Exploitation by any means necesary!
The world powers are no longer kings, churches or
even governaments but large companies and the
money system- though the states may still play role in
protectingthe political and military fortress of those in
power. So now instead of directly stealing the land
and openly enslaving the people whereever the profit
can be made, the focus is on using propaganda to
eliminate any resistance of the unsatisfied. Even
more in social-democracies the lie of
pseudo-perticipation are upheld by a murderous
economic logic called capitalism. The most privilaged
cunrties in this case are of course those of North
America and European Union, but the countries that
quietly accept and cooperate with the western powers
are economically revarded. But the general conditions
of life are equaly fucked by materialistic logic of
capitalism. Nature is totally destroyed, people are
pushed into powerty, illness and physical and mental
inprisonment. The only chance to

Migration is nothing new- as long as humans have
walked n earth they have always moved around in
search for better living conditions. Now migration is
demonized through ideas of racial superiority by
refusing entry in protected "paradise" because of
passport when deportation or refusal at the frontiers
means torture and death for many. Of course this
dirty is legitimised by propaganda by the press and
general social educatiojn saying that rich deserve
their wealth and the foreigners can be happy in their
sunny countries. Torture and murder are either
ignored or used to silence those who would cry out.

The IOM (International Organisation for Migration)
crated to force milions of people into death, washes
the blood from their hand and systematically silences
their complicity in death sentences of people to keep
money rolling.Between rich governaments- above all
the USA and the EU- and the "innocent" NGO's IOM
is used as an effective tool because it operates out of
the pubic eye and seem to have a charitable face. As
the world economy forces more and more people to
migrate, IOM functions as this labour enforcement
agency while denying any responsability for the
necessity of migration. The IOM knows how to persue
its own interests agresivelly in the east on one hand
while presenting themselves as well-intentioned
service organisation in the west on the other-
applauded by democratic bastards everywhere!
And by learning from and connecting knowledge of
different systems of control they develop more brutal
border systems to keep the holly territories
untouchable- to enter is to risk your life.

It is not enough to criticize the work of IOM or of any
other powerful organisation but to show that life is not
possible to anyone on earth until this system is not
completelly destroyed and everyone can dictate their
own life and no one else's!

Smash the IOM - Anarchy urgently needed !!!

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