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(en) Cuba: Miguel Galvan Gutierrez sentenced to 26 years. Solidarity with the Cuban people, not with the fascist State (ca)

From Worker <a-infos-en@ainfos.ca>
Date Sun, 11 May 2003 16:36:34 +0200 (CEST)

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>From castellan in redlibertaria.org
He is an independent syndicalist, member of the National Centre
for Union Capacity coordination committee, journalist in the
independent news-agency HabanaPress and head of the Colegio de
Ingenieros y Arquitectos de Cuba (CIAC). He was transferred to
the Agüica prison in Matanzas (98 km from La Habana) Any
solidarity correspondence can be forwarded to his family at the
following address: Calle 52 No 9914 e/ 99 y 103, Güines, La
Habana (send in a plain envelope, we cannot be sure that the
correspondence is delivered, and we were warned that some had
been intercepted by the political police, the Seguridad del

Colectivo de Solidaridad con Cuba


La Habana, 5th May - The Agüica authorities imprisoned the
independent syndicalist, Miguel Galván Gutiérrez, in an
isolation cell. According to the prison authorities, he will
remain in punishment regime for two years. Galván Gutiérrez, who
is a member of the "Coordinating Committee of the National
Centre of Union and Labour Assistance (CNCSL)", had his last
family visit for one hour on 28th April. The visits are
appointed every three months. His brothers and sisters reported
that he had lost weight and had continuous diarrhea. The prision
officials said it was not allowed to deliever the medicine for
his digestive problems that his family was carrying and that
they, the prison personnel, were responsible for his health.

The prison authorities said that convicts had only the right to
40 pounds of food, items for personal hygiene and a bible. In
the cell next to Miguel Galván's, there are 80 prisoners
condemned to the death penalty. The Agüica prison is located 9½
kilometres from the town of Colón in the Matanzas province, 98
km from Havana, where his family lives. Gutiérrez, who is 38
years old, has to serve a 25 prison sentence, without the right
to any reduction, and was accused of being a "mercenary in the
service of a foreign power", just because he claimed for union
freedoms. The Supreme Court has given no answer yet to the
counterclaim placed by the defendantss (the same as with the
other prisoners of conscience from the most recent repressive
wave of the fascist dictatorship) Colectivo de Solidaridad con


The World Union Federation (Federación Sindical Mundial) and
Castro's fascist dictatorship, have taken the cynical position
of appealing for the constitution of an Anti-fascist
International Front. How can the last fascist dictatorship in
Latin America dare talk about anti-fascism. How dare the WUF/FSM
talk about anti-fascist unionism from Havana, a stronghold of
the last vertical union that was an instrumental of the dictator
Francisco Franco. Today, in face of the neo-nazi and forced
western rule imposed by the butcher Bush Jr., a union of
anti-authoritarian and libertarian forces in an international
anti-fascist coordination is becoming urgent, but we cannot fall
into the cynical and simplistic attitude of calling it from the
headquarters of Franco-Castrism, where social fighters, union
activists, poets and journalists are rotting in prison as
prisoners of conscience. Cuban anarchists have always stood on
the anti-fascist fight. Many comrades fought alongside the CNT
and the FAI against Franco's fascism. We reaffirm today our
anti-fascist stance in the belief that a union of
anti-authoritarian revolutionary forces is necessary against US
nazism, but we do also condemn Franco-Castrism which today
oppresses our comrades from the island.

¡Health and SR!
Movimiento Libertario Cubano



Police harrass a dissident in Batabanó

HAVANA, 5th May

With the pretext that some meat was being hidden, the police
made a visit to the Aurora Pita Fernández home in No.7702 68
Street, between 77 and 79 in the municipality of Batabanó,
Havana province. According to a neighbour, Pita Fernández and
her husband Rafael Jiménez, complained about the way the
officials from the Departamento Técnico de Investigaciones (DTI)
and the policemen acted during the visit, at 8:30 pm. "Aurora,
her husband and both sons were pushed around and forced to keep
silent while the registration was carried out". At the end of
the police search the couple were taken to the municipal police
unit, where they asked for an explanation of the illegal
invasion of their home, without any proof of crime or witnesses
from the CDR.

The police and DTI members explained then that what they were
after was someone that had escaped justice and they thought he
was hiding in their home. Pita Jiménez has denied having any
connection to this fugitive, who was sentenced in 1990 to three
years prison in his own residence for supposedly "enemy
propaganda" and, in 2000, to nine months for disobeying

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