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(en) Claaac Journal No.2: War for oil or oil for war?

From CLAAACG8 <claaacg8@claaacg8.org>
Date Mon, 5 May 2003 19:31:32 +0200 (CEST)

A - I N F O S N E W S S E R V I C E

Sun Tzu said: "War is of vital importance for the state. It is
the domain of life and the death: the conservation or the loss
of the empire depends on it. It is imperative that it be
regulated well" (1). The powerful of this world, united behind
their servants (the military, police, media and governments),
exploit and bleed the people.

The expression "class struggle" is perhaps unknown to you or
maybe just makes you smile. Nevertheless it is all about this.
The Persian Gulf operations are no exception to the rule, and
neither are you! Although people all over the world have said
"No to war", their governments havn't been as unanimous. As it
is the economy that reigns supreme, whether they were for this
war (USA, UK, Spain) or against it (France, Germany, Russia),
they have become friends again in order to impose their
corporations, their "ways of governing", their cultures, all
kinds of constraints that will still not free the Iraqi people
from their misery. Did they really quarrel before or was it only
for the show?

Democracy in Iraq?! Crap! The Iraqi workers collapsed under the
storm of bombs and the Kurds are under threat of a new genocide.
Democracy! Go and try to convince the mountains of Vietnamese,
Nicaraguans, Rwandans, Chechens, Ivory Coasters, Mexicans,
Yugoslavians, Burmese, Congolese, or Sierra Leonians (for a
start) ... try to persuade them, those mountains of corpses,
that the Western powers are fighting against a "world of evil",
for "democracy".


Or, in other words, people are killed today for their own "good"
or for "humanitarian" reasons. We are tragically reminded of
this when we think of Yugoslavia, Sudan or Afghanistan and
Chechnya is on its knees in front of Putin and his pacifism...

They prattle on about democracy while imposing brute force on
us, mixing us up with terrorism all the while beating every
bombing record, making us paranoid about weapons of mass
destruction while destroying the lives of scores (of hundreds!)
of millions of scapegoats, using the pretext of security to
develop mass insecurity...

The power of the word no longer needs to be demonstrated!
Submission is maintained by the compromising of the senses.

Under the sickening ideology of "the clash of cultures",
religious or nationalist extremism is cultivated in order to
provide the mobilizing drive for widescale butchery. In these
times, the god "Money" mocks the enchanters like Moses, Jesus,
Muhammed, Buddha, Shiva (and so on), by sending their disciples
to kill each other.

The conquerors, that is to say a handful of extremely rich
capitalists, need to maintain collective fear in the peoples'
minds. Consequently, the information industry, otherwise known
as the mass media, hammer us with their perfect submissiveness
to Their Lordships. It is useful to recall that Milosevic was a
well-known banker who had lived in New York and had business
links with the Bush family before becoming the dictator of
Serbia. Osama bin Laden, multi-millionaire heir of BTP and Saudi
oil, whose fundamentalist family (he included) has always been
very friendly with the Bush family, was once an important CIA

Even Saddam was, until recently, as thick as thieves with the
Western powers, in particular France and the USA. The empire is
composed in such a way as to feed itself on the bloodthirsty
Frankensteins that it itself creates.


Sure, it is not without importance. Gold, be it black or yellow,
causes all sorts of lust. What is more natural in a capitalist
society which is by definition based on private property, on the
accumulation of profit and one human's domination over another?

There are some other very important stakes apart from the
oilfields: in this most arid region the control of water in
particular is fundamental. It should be remembered that water
has been at the heart of the Israeli-Palestinian problem since
1948, during the first conflict between Israel and Arabs, or
later in 1953, when the Jewish state decided to appropriate the
water of the River Jordan and the Golan Heights to the detriment
of Syria, or again more recently, with the failure of the peace
agreements. Water is certainly at the centre of present
preoccupations including the Kurdish and Iraqi problems, when
one realizes that the enormous system of dams in Turkey
(including the 5th biggest dam in the world, the Atatürk Dam)
actually threatens to parch both Iraq and Syria.

But this war for oil, water, money, is in fact above all a war
for the control of ... the world!

Since Caesar, Genghis Khan, the colonialist kings of France,
England, Spain, Napoleon, Stalin or Hitler, all fantasized about
the world throne.

So what then is capitalist globalisation if not a war for the
constituion of a planet-wide State?

Because, that this is therefore the capitalist globalization, if
this a war is not for the constitution of a global State? Some
naive people, or others less naive, pretend that it is by
imposing taxes (à la Tobin) or other transnational taxes that we
can fight against that, as if capitalism were capable of
humanizing itself.

In this context, where the so-called "cold" war seems distant,
the Middle East represents primordial geo-political stakes. By
taking root in this "special" region, the US falcons and their
allies are preventing the emergence of alliances and potentially
dangerous rival powers such as the neighbouring Iran or Syria.
Seen in relation to the Afghan "circus", which is far from over
despite what they say, they are positioning themselves on a
route which connects China to the EU, passing through India,
Central Asia, Russia and Turkey.

There are indeed a great number of "theatres of operation"
spread around the globe. International politico-mafioso
networks, military-industrial lobbies, energy consortiums,
import-export and largescale distribution multinationals, the
big bosses ... they all know to convert blood, sweat and the
suffering into gold, dollars or euros! To quench their deadly
thirst they use NATO, the UN, IMF, Interpol, World Bank, WTO,
G8, the stock market and so on. All these organizations, shop
windows of liberalism, but traffickers in the shadows, at the
same time omnipotent, yet submissive and capable of being
neutralised on command (on the command of Their Lordships,
naturally), all these are already processes of a "world
Government". They prefigure the institutions of a future global

The EU, the Free Trade Area of the Americas (FTAA), the emerging
markets of the Central Asian republics (Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan,
Turkmenistan, Kirghizstan), richly endowed with oil, gas and
mineral resources, the plans for an Asian Common Market linking
China, Japan, India and Singapore, these are important
territorial stages on a continental scale to be established in
the medium term.

In the industrialized countries today all eyes are turning
towards the serious events in Palestine and Iraq.

At present, in order to sustain "growth", the big bosses are
indulging themselves in real social plunder. The war abroad,
though terrible, serves to conceal the war on the home front -
relocations and massive layoffs, the explosion in precarious and
clandestine work, privatization and the dismantling of public
services, the destruction of social gains, the development of
forms of modern slavery ... the dance is endless!

In order to contain the violence of this liberalist disaster,
the governments of industrialized countries are increasing
funding to police and army to dangerous levels, to the detriment
of the education, culture, health and social sectors; the police
and the army, both of whom are made up of the poor in uniforms
whose profession is to arrest, lock up, torture and kill other
poor people.

More and more jails are being built. The police dogs are being
unleashed, more numerous and better armed from day to day. Laws
for added security and electronic control systems are needed to
sustain measures of economic and social exclusion driven by the
IMF (under terms of "structural adjustment plans"). Minorities
are purposefully criminalized. Nomads, asylum seekers, young
people in towns and countryside, prostitutes, militant union,
association or political activists, but even all workers can
testify painfully to this. In the so-called "developed"
countries, the external war is also an internal war. It is the
permanent war of the rich against the poor.

Is humanity able to go on like this? No! It is up to each and
every one of us to take back responsibility for the building of
another future ... anti-capitalist, anti-militarist, pacifist,
anti-autoritarian, in solidarity... It is not only
indispensable, it is also possible. We are the power! The
expropriating general strike, direct action, social struggle,
international solidarity... these are our strength and our hope!
Let's use them!

No war between peoples, no peace between classes!

(1). "The Art of War", by Sun Tzu, Chinese master of strategy of
the 5th century BC.
(2). We quote George Orwell's book "1984", which anticipates an
absolute, totalitarian society, fully conscious that we are
succumbing to a certain cliché.

Text taken from Claaac Journal No.2
May 2003 - 1 euro - 8 pages

Convergence des luttes antiautoritaire et anticapitaliste contre
le G8
(Convergence of Anti-Authoritarian, Anti-Capitalist Struggles
Against the G8)

c/o La plume noire,
19, rue Pierre Blanc
F - 69001 Lyons

website: http://www.claaacg8.org
e-mail: claaacg8@claaacg8.org

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