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(sup) Canada, Montreal, Riot Police Brutalize Anti-War Protestors Outside of American Consulate

From Stefan Christoff <christoff@dojo.tao.ca>
Date Sun, 23 Mar 2003 07:59:26 +0100 (CET)

A - I N F O S N E W S S E R V I C E

Hundreds of Thousands Take to the Streets of Montreal in Opposition to the
War on Iraq - Montreal Riot Police Brutalize Protestors Outside of
American Consulate

Montreal Saturday March 22, 2003 ---- More than 250 000 people gathered
today in Montreal along with hundreds of thousands throughout the world to
march in opposition to the US / British lead strikes on Iraq. The streets
of downtown Montreal were filled with thousands who represent the growing
anti-war movement around the world which stands in solidarity with Iraq
and it's people who continue to be assaulted by massive pre-emptive
military strikes. As the Montreal demonstration arrived in the thousands
at the American Consulate, a main target for those in the streets,
protestors shouted slogans like "Bush, Blair Terrorist!" and "The People
United Will Never by Defeated!". George Bush, Tony Blair and those
governments such as Canada's, who stand in complicity with this war, were
clearly seen by the thousands on the streets of Montreal today as
International Terrorists for their military actions against Iraq and it's

After the demonstration gathered for some time at the American Consulate,
the Montreal riot police arrived in full force, while protestors continued
to chant anti-war slogans, burn American & British flags in opposition to
the war. The flags of Palestine & Iraq where held high and cheered by the
crowds as people chanted slogans in support of the growing global revolt
against the American war machine. As protestors confronted the American
Consulate, the Montreal riot police began using peeper spray, clubs and
shields to keep demonstrators from crossing over the barricades to
confront the American Consulate directly.

For sometime the riot squad continued to assault anti-war / anti-American
demonstrators while protecting the American Consulate a clear symbol of
the American Empire in Montreal. Around 3pm the riot police began a
massive assault on demonstrators with peeper spray and beatings on those
confronting the war. Protestors were eventually pushed back in the
hundreds from the Consulate by riot police on to Rene Levesque street.
Hundreds of demonstrators then began a spontaneous sit-down on the street
and refused to move, at this point the first round of arrests took place
on Rene Levesque. As the riot police continued their assault on Anti-war
demonstrators, people began fighting back against the police repression in

After the assault on protestors voicing their rejection to the war on Iraq
continued those in the streets began to show serious bruises and bloody
faces from the hits of the batons of the Montreal riot police. The cops at
this point where also covered in mud from the gardens surrounding the
American Consulate.

Police continued to brutalize protestors and more arrests began to take
place. Leila Mouammar a Palestinian activist in Montreal, was attacked by
riot police and swiftly dragged off and arrested. Many other arrests went
down and tonight in Montreal people are gathering at Police Station 20
where those arrested are currently being held, to show solidarity with
those taken down on the streets of Montreal today.

The demonstrations in Montreal today reflect a growing outrage with the
American & British lead war on Iraq and an escalation of street tactics,
which directly confront symbols in our cities of the American Empire. As
bombs continue to fall on Iraq and it's people, the streets of Montreal
and many other cities throughout the world continue to be filled with
those voicing their outrage toward this illegal attack on Iraq and it's
civilian population.

Reported by Stefan Christoff in Montreal - Stefan is an organizer with No
One is Illegal in Montreal and can be reached at christoff@tao.ca

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