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(en) Sweden, Göteborg, a report of autonomous resistance to the war against Iraq and capitalism over the past weekend

From Worker <a-infos-en@ainfos.ca>
Date Mon, 24 Mar 2003 23:08:39 +0100 (CET)

A - I N F O S N E W S S E R V I C E

We've had a busy weekend here in Göteborg. On
Saturday there was a large permited march
against the war that drew over 40,000 people.
There was a large anarchist bloc, which was a
mixture of SAC militants and autonomous
groups and individuals. This bloc had a music
van which energized everyone. We marched from
one square, Gustav Adolfs Torg, up Avenyn
(where the riots were during the EU summit) to
Götaplatsen. When the anarchist bloc reached
Götaplatsen the music van was rolled away
(which had been given to the bloc by the
sanctioned march organizers and couldn't be part
of an illegal march) and people began to put on
masks and regroup. This obviously concerned the
police a lot and maybe even more the peace
police both of which tried to discourage us from
leaving the square while at the same time trying
to find out where we were going. As soon as we
had the numbers and our drum group started up
we began moving, the whole time follower by
police and demo guards. It should be noted
that although breakaway marchs are
business as usual for anarchists in the states it is
a new tactic in Sweden that we are just trying
out. For this reason there was an amount of
anxiety about the march which might have
prevented a more pro-active sentiment. We had
a succesful snake march through the financial
district though. Lots of chanting and druming,
along with handing out flyers. The frontline was a
group of women carrying a banner that said in
english 'Capitalism Is Endless War'. The only
real confrontation of the day was when we went
down a small side street with several porn shops
which people targeted with spraypaint and rotten
fruit. A squad of riot police was deployed but
with quick thinking we turned around and ended
the demo in a nearby square (Jarntorget) where
people de-bloced and listened to a speach
linking capitalism to the current war on Iraq.

After the march people went to a nearby theatre
where a conference called 'creative resistance'
was continuing from the night before. This was a
gathering that functioned as a forum for
dialogue, presentaions and brainstorming. It was
a very positive atmosphere with people who had
never talked before interacting and getting to
know each other. Towards the end of the evening
people split in to groups to plan for actions on

The next day a group began at noon by creating
different spectacles in Nordstan, the main
shopping mall in the center of town. People
played frisbee in stores, would line up and gawk
at consumers through windows, etc. This action
was succesful although people were kicked out of
stores several times. I see this as a yippee type
action that was mostly fun and surreal. Food Not
Bombs also had there Sunday serving where
several dozen people gathered. There was a
heavy police presence in the city center, so we
had to be creative. One group went to Stena
Lines, a passenger boating company who has
been renting out ships for the transport of
military goods for the Britain, and did a die in.

To create a distraction for the police so that this
action could occur, other groups put on masks
and ran through shops in the city center, doing
basically nothing but looking as suspicious as
possible. Of course we easily got police attention
to the extent that a couple comrades were driven
of in a police van only to be dropped off several
blocks away! The Stena Line die in went off
without a hitch and after a while the group
decided to go to Nordstan (shopping mall) to do
the same. Here though 13 people were arrested
and held for several hours. I do not have any
information on whether or not people are facing
charges. The day ended with the 'people's
kitchen' where there was a prenentaion of
Anti-Facist Action over the past ten years.

Afterwords there was a discussion of the
weekends actions and how to continue the
momentum. It was decided that people could
meet regularly at a certain cafe to discuss and
plan further. There is also a more formal
group/network that is organizing more
anti-capitalist actions against the war. We can
be contacted at: gbginfo@ziplip.com
None of these autonomous actions have been
published by the mainstream press here, and
even Saturdays large permitted march received
scant coverage relative to the coverage of our
march on Feb. 15, which was smaller than this
weekends. It seems the capitalist press instead
of demonizing the anti war movement is trying to
make it not exist. For photos check out:
Although the resistance against the war on Iraq
is currently very widespread and seemingly
growing there seems a lack of information about
what people are doing. The hope is that people
are just too busy organizing and acting to be able
to write about their actions. We hope to recieve
more updates from around the world as the
struggle continues. In solidarity with the people
of Iraq, the resistance worldwide, especially
those busting there ass in San Francisco and
Athens- it is you who inspire us. LET'S MAKE

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