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(en) Freedom 6403 8 Feb, 2003 - Capitalism is war

From Worker <a-infos-en@ainfos.ca>
Date Sun, 23 Mar 2003 09:46:21 +0100 (CET)

A - I N F O S N E W S S E R V I C E

This isn't the first crisis caused by capitalism, nor will
it be the last. Capitalism is marked by inequalities in
economic and political power, both within a country
and internationally. Driven by competition for
markets, resources, power and influence, it's hardly
surprising that wars are its constant feature. These
may be wars of conquest, needed to dominate an
economically 'backward' nation. They may be wars
between imperialist powers, when the competition for
markets and colonies has reached a point where
differences can't be settled peacefully. Or, as in the
current situation, they may be wars to reinforce the
international power and influence of an imperialist
nation in the global system and to ensure its access to
what it considers necessary resources.

Anarchists argue that no war in a class society can be
just, nor can it be supported. As long as a nation is
class-ridden, with property and power in the hands of a
few, any war will simply be fought by the masses in the
interests of the ruling class. The only war anarchists
support is the class war, the struggle by ordinary
people to change society for the better. This means
fighting for our liberty against our masters until we're
strong enough to get rid of the oppressors once and for
all. This is the only way to end a system that generates
war by its nature.

When good old Tony rallies to Bush's war on Iraq,
thousands of innocent people will, inevitably, die. The
soldiers who go to fight and the citizens of Iraq will all
be bombed, mutilated, massacred and have their lives
fucked beyond recognition. All this will be done in the
name of fighting 'terror', but the real issue is oil. The
USA is run by big business, and they need oil. The
USA therefore needs control over the Middle East and,
by claiming that there's an international threat to
everyone (in the form of terrorism), they can tighten
this power without opposition.

It once suited the USA to put Saddam Hussein in
power, to fund Osama bin Laden and to help the
Taliban rule Afghanistan. But now it doesn't, so the
USA are getting rid of them. Millions of people have
died and will die because of the west's need for oil. Our
'leaders', the rich, won't be getting stuck in there
because they need to stay alive to profit from the

These same people support some of the cruellest
states and dictators to have existed, and allow loads of
people to die every day. They don't care about anyone -
not even you! Unless you start to shit gold you're as
dispensable as the rest of them, just as long as the
bosses stay rich. The people fighting and dying in this
war will be doing so to keep the rich in power. Nothing
will change. It will be the same world as before.
Tom Chambers

A recent review of the petrol market by
environment-unfriendly corporate giant BP makes
interesting reading in the light of the ongoing
Anglo-American war on Iraq. Apparently, proven oil
reserves will only last around forty years at present
production rates. Of these reserves, just over 65% are
in the Middle East. The Saudis have 25%, the Iraqis
have 11%. Compare this with a mere 6.1% in North
America and 1.8% in Europe.

In 2001, the Middle East produced 30% of the world's
oil, North America 18.3% and Europe 9%. In theory,
Britain's reserves could run out in five years and the
American ones in ten. The Middle East has enough to
last ninety years. Clearly these figures aren't an exact
science. More oil may be found, though it might be
harder to get at and so more expensive to produce (and
consume). Demand for oil may increase, as ever larger
numbers of people worldwide become dependent on
the car, depleting reserves even faster.

At present, the US and Europe use up far more oil
than the rest of the world put together. Clearly, in the
next two decades, the west will become increasingly
dependent on oil reserves which aren't theirs - mostly
in the Middle East. No surprise, then, that the US is
taking an ever greater interest in the economic and
political situation in the Middle East or, to put it more
bluntly, is taking measures to control Middle Eastern
states that don't already do its bidding. That's what
lies behind war on Iraq, war on 'terror' and war on
anyone or any ideology that opposes the domination of
western capitalism.

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