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(en) Freedom 6403 8 Feb, 2003 - NO BLOOD FOR OIL Fight the rich, not their wars

From Worker <a-infos-en@ainfos.ca>
Date Tue, 18 Mar 2003 09:50:02 +0100 (CET)

A - I N F O S N E W S S E R V I C E

The Iraqi crisis isn't a war against an Evil Dictator. It's
a war for control, money, oil and power. For centuries
working class women and men have sacrificed their
lives, but for what? For country, liberty or human
nature? No, to make the rich richer and the powerful
stronger. The mass murder that's going to occur will be
done in our name, but it will be done for the profit of
higher powers.

We all know King George II of the USA isn't the
sharpest pencil in the box. He doesn't have the brains
to see the big picture. But he doesn't need to. He just
does the bidding of those who really run America and
the rest of the world. What he does have going for him
is the enthusiastic support of the oil companies.
Like Daddy, George is still an oil company executive.
Executives don't actually handle the dirty stuff
themselves. They just handle the nice green dollars it
brings in. A planned pipeline to bring billions worth of
oil out of Central Asia led to war in Afghanistan. Now
the oil companies want Iraq.

It's true Saddam Hussein is an evil dictator. The
American state should know Ğ it put him into power
and kept him there for decades. But the oil companies,
like all capitalists, have no problem with evil dictators.
They support loads of nasty regimes. No, the problem
is that Saddam gets in their way.

So the bosses demand that thousands of innocent
people must die in the cause of even greater profit.
Their figurehead, Bush, carries out their orders. Tony
Blur, puppet of a puppet, tries to drag his reluctant
country along.

Like Bush, Blair has never got the majority of people
to vote for him. Like Bush, he's looking after the
interests of the rich. The interests of the majority, the
working class, is of no concern to him or his party.
Despite his second-class puppet status, Tony has
delusions of grandeur. He wants to be Maggie
Thatcher. Because his idol was able to posture as a
Great War Leader over the Falklands, he thinks he can
do the same. He's got a rude awakening coming.

Tony has forgotten that Maggie was defeated by mass
resistance, by direct action over the Poll Tax. We
anarchists played a part in that fight, from its very
beginnings until we could celebrate her downfall. We
can do the same for Bush's poodle.

Already the possibility of war has led to the biggest
anti-war protests this country has ever seen. As
preparations for a new war continue, the opposition will
surely intensify.
At the same time, while Tony has his eye on
warmongering in foreign parts, class struggle is very
much on the agenda here at home. One of the best
ways the working class in Britain can help those in
other countries is for us to assert our own demands
vigorously and to support each other.

To be effective, the anti-war movement will have to
turn to direct action. To fight against war itself we
must reject the methods of the war machine, organised
from the top down, with a few in power and the rest a
mass of automatons who just follow orders.

We must reject this 'discipline' and organise ourselves
from the bottom up. Instead of a handful of leaders
telling us how to protest and when, we need a
federation of anti-war groups which make their own
decisions, both individually and collectively. What we
don't want is any Marxist group trying to set itself up
as the 'leadership' of the movement, sounding militant
while in practice stifling initiative.

The way to defeat Tony Blair and Georgie Bush is
through people being prepared to take direct action
without asking anybody's permission, to organise
themselves without waiting for orders from above. We
need to work together as equals, not as foot-soldiers or

So stuff your warmongering! Stuff your calls for an
orderly protest! Defeat the militaristic habit of giving
and taking orders! Disobey! Only direct action -
occupations, strikes, mass protests - can give the
government a message it can't ignore. You have the
power to end this war. Use it!

For anarchists, direct action and solidarity are the
means to change the world. Only working class people
being in total control of their own struggles can create
a society based on liberty, equality and solidarity. Real
socialism can only be created from the bottom up. By
applying our ideas in the struggle today, we build the
world of the future.

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