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From Worker <a-infos-en@ainfos.ca>
Date Wed, 25 Jun 2003 12:27:54 +0200 (CEST)

A - I N F O S N E W S S E R V I C E

Class War is not just another party seeking to gain power or a new
way of telling people what to do. Class war is what happens when
ordinary people have had enough of being pushed around and decide to
fight back. If you're one of the people who've swallowed the crap about
"we're all middle class now" or "we live in a classless society" this is
the time to stop reading!

We live in a society severely split along the lines of class, where
capitalism, the State and the ruling class dominate us. So what do we
mean by this?


Capitalism is an economic system run purely for profit in the interests
of a small class - the capitalists - at the expense of a larger class - the
working class. The whole of our present society is geared to the needs
of capitalism. It is the mechanism whereby we sell our labour, in
exchange for money, to purchase the goods and services we need,
which we also happen to have produced in the first place! However,
we only get a proportion of the wealth that our labour produces, the
rest goes to the capitalists in profit. This is fundamental to capitalism
- in order for it to work the many must produce wealth for the few.

Western style capitalism is often hailed as being the "free market",
however there is no such thing as the free market, all it means is that
they are "free" to exploit us. The situation is exactly the same in the
so-called "planned economies" of the "Communist" countries. Karl
Marx suggested that capitalism is a machine governed by natural laws
- it isn't. It's an economic system run by a group of people who
compete fiercely with each other for the right to rip us off.

Capitalism has nothing to offer us except an endless cycle of war,
famine, recession and unemployment. It is not inevitable that it will die
of it's own accord, it could linger on for centuries yet, lurching from
crisis to crisis, therefore it must be destroyed.


Although capitalism is the major form of social organisation in terms
of production, there are things that it can't do. Broadly speaking it
cannot supply the "social" organisation of society, this hole is filled by
something else - the State.

The State is the means by which a tiny minority control and dominate
the rest of us, in the interests of the ruling power in our society - the
capitalists. To give you an idea of how small a minority we are talking
about, the often quoted figures are still true - that 7% of the population
owns 84% of the wealth.

The state is a set of institutions and bodies through which government
is exercised e.g. parliament, local government, ministries, civil service,
police, law, education, and the church. The aim of government is to
keep the lid on class conflict, and to contol competition between the
capitalists, to make sure of the smooth running of society. It does this
by enforcing the laws of private property, and the right of the capitalist
to buy and sell it. It doesn't matter whether that propety is land, food,
health, sex, factories, houses or anything else that takes their fancy.

But the State came before capitalism, and it has always been a form of
control and oppression in the interests of whatever ruling class is in
power, and whatever economic system they choose to use. In Britain
we are given the "choice", every five years or so, of what Party we'd
like to govern us. This, like many other "choices", is a false one, a con
trick to fool us into thinking we can change things through the vote. It
also gives us politicians, as figureheads, to blame for our difficulties.

But the reality is that the power of the State lies with the capitalists,
and the State's own officials - they pull the strings. With power
concentrated like it is there is always the risk that a small group can
mount an attempt to gain control of the state. For example Fascists or
Lenin-inspired communists. This would be nothing more than swapping
one set of bosses for another - we want to sweep the lot of them


We work on a federal system - each group, and individual members,
come together to achieve commonly agreed objectives. The Federation
is a membership organisation with membership fees and certain
obligations, like the understanding and promotion of the Federation's
politics and propaganda. We have a straightforward constitution and
members are expected to abide by it. The Federation contains people
who may describe themselves as Anarchists, Communists and
Socialists. But what is more important than these labels is what
people really think and what brings them together.

As we have said earlier, federalism is a method of organising that
provides a large degree of freedom for groups and members within a
broadly agreed set of politics and strategy. The only limit to this
freedom is that what every individual does will have an effect on the
rest of the members.

When the Federation as a whole takes decisions affecting the whole
membership, it is done through the six monthly National Conferences.
Every member has a vote, no-one has more say than anyone else - we
are all equals, there are no "secret" leaders. Decisions may be hotly
debated but at the end of the day the conference decision is final. Then
the members are expected to comply, if they don't they are free to
leave - we are not dreamy liberals! This is called tactical and
theoretical unity, it's what binds us into an effective force, and stops
us drifting off along different lines that might be in opposition to each
other and end up with the Federation self-destructing.

The National Conferences are the prime decision-making bodies of the
Federation. Between them the day to day business is handled by a
regular meeting of a National Delegate Committee, members and
groups either represent themselves or send delegates. All delegates
are instantly recallable by those who they represent and are directly
accountable to them. Nobody occupies a permanent post within the
Federation, the positions such as secretaries, editors, organisers etc
are open to election at least twice a year at the National Conferences.
The Federation alos holds regular weekend schools for dicussion and

The Federation is divided into geographic regions where the groups
and members are encouraged, and given the freedom, to form their own
regional organisation with their own campaigns, conferences, bulletins
etc. As you can see we put the emphasis on groups and members
acting on their own steam as much as possible. The central control of
the Left is neither politically healthy or indeed capable of waging the
struggle required to help form a working class movement that will
destroy capitalism.

Everywhere, as capitalism once again nose dives into another cycle of
recession and unemployment, more and more working class people are
fighting back. Fighting off the dead weight of Labourism and the Left,
fighting against the Tories and the rest of the ruling class. We are one
of the more dynamic, popular and ambitious groups in this fightback.
We ask you to join the resistance and join with us! Don't sit on the
sidelines - join the winning side!

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