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From Anarchy Greece <anarchy@vip.gr>
Date Thu, 19 Jun 2003 07:28:38 +0200 (CEST)

A - I N F O S N E W S S E R V I C E

We are not welcoming our enemies.
Because we don't plan to be simple spectators of another show made by
the company of European Union's criminals.
Their integration means unification of their institutions and
mechanisms. And this means the strengthening of repression and
It's been a year and a half since the economic unification of European
countries and the plannings of European authoritarians concerning
federal structures move rapidly on.
Already, in the name of social peace, defense and anti-terrorist
crusade, the united European Information Agency has been created (which,
besides its political action within the E.U., will act abroad along with
European Union's Military Commission), the united development of
European Justice known as EUROJUST has been made and the EUROPOL is
being transformed into European FBI.
What's left for them is to agree to compose a European constitution,
which they will go for during the summit in Thessalonica. In the same
time they continue to move towards the building of a war machine
(European army), allowing them to apply their political decisions for
new loots and new slaughters.
We are not welcoming our enemies.
And we don't forget that the wannabe fixers will once again take the
place determined by the ruling ones. All those that have participated in
an obvious and non-obvious negotiation, so as not to disrupt the regular
functioning of the summit. All those that talk about an alternative
globalization, giving their credentials, declaring that it is time for
demonstrations to stop.
So, the enemies will be gathering outside the city, the fixers are
playing a strategical game, and of supporters of resignation of every
kind appear willing to enter the political game and contribute silently
to order. It's the pomposity of the slave who applauses slavery, the
same moment that terror in every form is becoming the means for every
form of slavery to prevail in the new "globalization era".
However from Amsterdam to Seattle, to Prague, Genoa and Evian, the
summits of G8, IMF, World Bank, NATO, E.U. and WTO, were faced as what
they really are. As a gathering of all these coming to seal up the
extermination and poverty of all those people on the planet. All these
that, during the 90's, choked in blood the hundreds of "hunger revolts"
from Kinshasa to Jakarta, from Chiapas and Argentina, to Pakistan and
India. All these that after the end of the so-called "cold war" and the
11th September attacks continue their crimes in Afghanistan, Iraq, and
not only, this time through the crusade against "terrorism". An enemy,
invisible as they say, without borders, an enemy to which they don't
even grant the "title" of "belligerent".
They're not just unwanted, they are enemies.
That's why we don't plan to go with the logic of defeatism and silent
compromise, leading to new slaughters, tighter chains, thousands of
That's why we will continue not to tolerate the politics that muzzles
and guides the dashing tempers to confront with anything preserves and
reproduces repression and exploitation.
Because we believe that the "new age" vainly tries to wipe out the words
revolution, rebellion, social self-defense.
The Greek state attuned with the above logic goes on fighting the
so-called terrorism (arrests of fighters, tortures, military courts for
the action of the Revolutionary Organization November 17th and the
Revolutionary Popular Struggle) trying to sow fear and defeatism and
continue to attack to society as a whole. Greek state's integration with
the E.U. and the notorious development of the Greek economy has passed
through the immigrants' squeezing out and merciless persecution. It
passed through the tension of the social inequalities, the thousands of
homeless and outcasts of the "development miracle".

Since remorse won't stop them however,

June 12th 2003
Anarchists' Coil


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