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(en) Call for radical how-tos, skill shares and instruction

From ourtools <ourtools@mutualaid.org>
Date Fri, 13 Jun 2003 22:52:08 +0200 (CEST)

A - I N F O S N E W S S E R V I C E

> so we've had this call out and about for a few months and we have
received some really amazing responses. thanks. activists from all
over have sent us some great original material, and other folks have
given us some great leads to help us find material already in
existence. though we have been pleasantly suppressed with the results
so far, we still need more help. we have huge gaps in our 'wish list',
so we are bothering all of you and resending our call in bulk. we
apologize to anyone annoyed by our actions but hope our intentions can
be understood.

so keep sending us original work. keep sending us ideas, comments,
questions and keep sending us other people's work.

you'll be hearing more from this collective soon *.

- Forward towards militant resistance and revolution.

our tools collective

-- Call for radical how-tos, skill shares and instruction --

All across the world activists are organizing, agitating and taking
down the arms of the State. We have all learned things in our
struggles, whether we’ve been fighting for three decades or six
months. We all have skills we’ve developed, techniques we’ve enhanced
and ideas we’ve created, but the problem is our resistance is global.

An activist in Raleigh makes a paint bomb, while someone in Sweden
perfects a lock-box. Where does one go to find guidance for the
creation of such materials? Where can we turn for advice on the nitty
gritty details of construction, planning and design?

The Animal Liberation Front and Earth Liberation Front have been
publishing manuals to help activists become educated in the art of
direct action. The Ruckus society has information on climbing, while
Crimethinc publishes graffiti guides. The anti-nuclear veterans have
infiltrated military bases, but this information is scattered.

A proposition: a compilation of activist how-tos, a living document
that is created by activists and is shaped by the entries submitted.

We need to create a tool belt for the modern revolutionary. Do you
know an efficient method for wheat pasting? Can you make something
that dissolves the paint on SUVs and cop cars? Can you tie a t-shirt
and create a balaclava? No tip is too small to impact the
revolution—progress will come through mutual aid.

We need information on tool making, scouting, security, media,
medical…..banner drops, dumpster diving, billboard
modification…..sabotage on the job, at the construction site, in the
streets….you get the idea. Just think, if you were to host a workshop
on a skill, what would you teach?

In order to accomplish such a task we call on the aid of activists all
over the world; we are dedicated to the quest of compiling information
for the use of all. Send us whatever you can find in whatever format
you have it in; scourer the internet, search your private zine
collection, ask your mentors, share with us your successes as well as
your failures. Tell us about your favorite resources: books,
websites, articles, magazines, anything. Send us emails, links to
websites, attachments, any form is acceptable, and please, do not
assume that we have what you’ve got!

Help us make something that we can all learn from. The final product
is still unclear, it may turn itself into a zine, a book or a website;
it will all depend on what we receive from you.

Do you have an idea for a name for the product, what the final product
should look like, a better way for us to do this? If so tell us.

Please send your submissions to ourtools@mutualaid.org. Please
include the source if you know it. If it is your creation, tell us
what you want it to say. Should we list your email address, your
name, a pseudonym, no name?

Please send documents of sensitive nature in encrypted format to
ourtools@mutualaid.org. To find the key, email ourtools@mutualaid.org
and ask, or find it on the PGP key servers as “Our Tools Collective”.

Each one, teach one.

Forward towards militant resistance and revolution.

Sende note:
the our tools collective is an entirely anarchist & anti-authoritarian
collective which seeks to make tools available for other such activists to
revive militant protest and diect action in places where it has died down
(like in the US). this is also a decentralized poject with folks
contributing from around the world.

solidarity, our tools collective - Please circulate, publicize & post far and wide
-Please circulate, publicize & post far and wide

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