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(en) Costa Rica, San Jose, Report by Organización Anarquista Comunista (ca)

From "Organización Anarquista Comunista-CNA" <organarquistacomunista_cna@yahoo.com>
Date Mon, 9 Jun 2003 18:44:30 +0200 (CEST)

A - I N F O S N E W S S E R V I C E

Dear comrades
A warm greeting from the Organización Anarquista Comunista (OAC)
of Costa Rica. After several months (5 to be more precise), we
return to give you some news of the anarchist situation in Costa
Rica. We are disappointed not to have been able to send more
mails after our first where we announced the formation of the
OAC and its theoretical bases. As we wrote in the first mail,
some of the OAC's members also work in various other fields: the
labour, environmental, anti-sexism and student struggles, for
example. Since the OAC was founded, our members have been
adapting to militant, disciplined and serious forms of work
inside the anarchist organization, and have continued to develop
various projects as well as the usual debates which go in within
the left.

Since the formation of the OAC, we have been able to maintain a
space for propaganda, distributing our journal, "Agitando
Mentes", with almost 600 copies in a month and a half. We have
participated in demonstrations with leaflets giving
organizational proposals of an anarchist nature and carried on
discussions regarding these with certain unions and the general
public. We have been involved in the calling and organization of
demonstrations against many of the problems that afflict us. We
have created the Centro de Estudios Anarquistas Germinal (CEAG -
"Germinal" Centre for Anarchist Studies), an extension of the
OAC which is entrusted with the realization of proposals against
the capitalist crisis in these times. We have also published the
periodical "Prisión Demolición", organ of a local branch of the
Costa Rican Anarchist Black Cross, analysing the excessive
population of the murderous prisons of the Costa Rican State.
For the moment, we are unable to work as we would wish owing to
a lack of serious personnel and to the impossibility of working
with prisoners themselves due to political and legal repression.
Finally we publish pamphlets under the name CEAG on the subject
of anarchism and problems of an international nature.

The work that we are doing aims to resuscitate the anarchist
tradition that has been sleeping for nearly 40 years. We do not
do it as a "hobby" or by chance. We are convinced anarchists and
we would give our lives for what we believe, it is for this that
we fight and we will fight to the end with all the means at our
disposition. We firmly believe in organization and the programme
although we are tarred with ridiculous names by some who we
prefer to call "alternativos" and not anarchists as they would
call themselves. He hold to the opinion that if there is no
discipline, militancy and organization, then it is worthless to
claim we are anarchists. How else can we rise to the problems
that we face?

Since our first communication which announced our formation, we
have done no more than work insofar as our precarious means and
possibilities permit us. We have strengthened our theory and our
practice to the greatest extent that we could.

Our more recent theoretical proposals regarded the socialization
of state enterprises, and their conversion to management by the
people. The most recent was on anarcho-syndicalism and clearly
stated our goals for anarcho-syndicalism, for the recovery of an
anarchist history of Costa Rica and proposing for various
sectors the creation of a Costa Rican CNT, an organization which
would be able to counteract union bureaucracy and capitalism.


Due to our precarious economic situation we cannot allow
ourselves the "luxury" of sending our journal to all corners of
the earth. It is, however, something we would dearly wish to be
able to do but simply cannot. We have been able to gather enough
money to be able to print the journal at a printers', bigger and
in colour, but really are counting on a certain growth in the
journal's readership. We will begin to print 1,500 copies,
distributing them in three specific parts of the country as well
as in 3 bookshops and several newsstands. The journal comes out
every 2 months and at present, issue 5 is on sale.

The Libertarian General Secretary of the OAC will try at least
to send information by email about the situation in Costa Rica
and the work of the OAC and the CEAG. We believe it is important
for other groups to see that there are others struggling, others
who do not treat anarchism as a joke or some shit fashion.

Work is needed in some of the rural areas of Costa Rica,
pointing to the central role of the question of anarchism and
rural communities and how to develop it in practice.

For the first time in the history of Costa Rican anarchism,
there will be a commemorative week beginning on 17th July
dedicated to the Spanish Revolution and the valiant role
anarchism played. The commemorations will take on three separate
days with presentations at the principal universities of the

In October, there will be a 2-day seminar on Kropotkin's Mutual
Aid given by OAC and CEAG militants, sociology, anthropology and
philosophy professors, workers and students.

These are the projects which we have decided on so far, but they
will not be the only ones. There are other projects in hand,
still to be worked out, but we have to adapt to our resources,
both economic and physical.

For the moment, the most definite project, one that we expect to
last for a long time, is the journal. Not only does it need to
come out on time, but it also needs people to support it,
nationally and internationally. One good example of serious
support is to take out an annual subscription, either as
individuals or as groups. Another form of support which is very
important to us is the distribution of our communications
(something which many comrades all over the world have already
helped with!).

We hope that the attached material will provide useful reading.

We have already produced five issues of our journal together
with a special supplement on anarcho-syndicalism in Costa Rica
and several other pamphlets.

Annual subscription to the journal varies according to the
coutnry: Central America US$8, South América US$10, Europe and
Africa 15 Euro, Mexico US$10, USA and Canada US$15. These prices
include postage.

We woudl like to thank all those who supported us by
distributing and translating our first communication.

Juan Hernández
Libertarian General Secretary

Organización Anarquista Comunista
Centro de Estudios Anarquistas Germinal
Cruz Negra Anarquista

NB: Due to a technical error, the postal address which appeared
in our first communication was written incorrectly. Would all
those who sent us material kindly email us, stating that they
did send us a package, so that we can claim the package from the
Post Office. Here is the correct postal address:

Juan Hernández
APDO 12926-1000
San José, Costa Rica

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