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(en) ANTI-G8 Reports from Annemasse (fr, it)

From Worker <a-infos-en@ainfos.ca>
Date Sun, 1 Jun 2003 15:57:43 +0200 (CEST)

A - I N F O S N E W S S E R V I C E

[The VAAAG indy centre is not operational due to problems with
the connections and cables. The following is a series of reports
from vaaag people on paris.indymedia]

Annemasse/St Cergues: some injuries already
(report by phone and irc)

7.56am st. cergues
>From a nearby hill you can clearly see that every road is
controlled by a contingent of cops. Tear gas is being flung
around like it was going out of fashion.

7.59 am
Some Dutch journalists confirm that the G8 is running late as
translators are blocked on one main road (nationale 5?)

8.20 am
One slightly injured when struck in the face by a tear gas
cannister. They have a stock of teargas. 300 people are blocking
the National 5 road. They managed to get round the forces of law
and order. Water cannon was used once, but no more flash balls.

The two main roads are blocked. A third is being occupied now.
The showers of tear gas are geting worse.

A second minor injury to one who got hit on the arm by a

One serious injury (tear gas cannister to the head). Medics are
attending to him.

The injured person is repatriated. Cops are firing "booms" which
have an explosion of 1 metre in diameter: if you get one of
these in the face you die. A pink block was hit by tear gas, but
nothing serious. A lot of tension.

anonymous (Imc vaaag)

* * * * * * * * *

Annemasse: blocks and demo

At St Cergues there is already a sound system which is giving
out info for demonstrators. The two busloads of translators (the
official G8 translators who are delaying the start of the
meeting!) are no longer blocked, but they had to go all over the
place to find an alternative route. It would be a good idea to
go and help keep the blockades in place.

9.00 am
In the meantime at Annemasse a demo of 500 people from the
intergalactic village has set off...


Some more info from Jacques:

Separation of the demo

9 am
About two thirds of the demonstrators are back on the road to
Annemasse to rejoin (?) the demo. The remaining third is
continuing to hold the barricade on the road, intending to stay
there until nightfall.

Heavy atmosphere still: now is the Amsterdam Autonom Centrum
truck which is booming out music, while on the other side the
deafening explosions are trying to keep in time unsuccessfully!

Beside the truck there is one of the village food vans
distributing food, unfortunately it would seem in too little

(IMC vaaag & Jacques)

* * * * * * * * * *

Annemasse - return from St Cergues
(by Clément, indy lille & Jacques)

The decision to return was taken and everyone decided to hit the
road back to the villages. Suddenly, while the small group which
had been holding the barricade was finally getting a bit of
food, there was a new very violent charge and they had to
abandon the first barricade and run.

Time to beat a retreat for all those who remained here and there
along the roads in the village where some "spectators" who had
not really helped but who now were the last to want to leave
(grrr!) - the same ones who had criticized the decision to build
barricades? So everyone left, as a group and calmly, and hit the
road back, leaving the barricade standing.

Those who had manned the barricades were wrecked, although the
wind had been blowing right for them, at the beginning the use
of tear gas and grenades had been hard to take. The balance of
events remains to be drawn and lessons learned, but even still,
one can wonder about the success of the operation. At least
there were no arrests or serious injuries - one was narrowly
avoided when a grenade exploded between the legs of one comrade.

The logistics of the village (water, food ...) worked really
well. Everyone was very conscious of what was happening in
Lausanne and the danger faced by the two Annemasse village,
whose solidarity was the object of special preparation. We
cannot exclude some symbolic action with relation to events in
Lausanne (indicents and arrests)


1.25 pm

After resting for a few minutes anout 2 or 3 km from the
blockade so that everyone could let off some steam after such a
stressful day in the blazing sun, the militants set off again.

But, 50 metres on, everyone watched as a small group of
militants ran across the road, climbed over a fence and ...
jumped into the show pool of a swimming pool shop!! Less than a
minute later, over a hundred others were forced to do the same
thing... :-)

After a few minutes of hilarious madness, we all set off once

Stay tuned...

A+ Jacques.

[translation - nmcn/ainfos]

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