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(en) US, NY, "Directory" of anarchist and anti authoritarians from: http://www.anarco-nyc.net/frameset.html

From Worker <a-infos-en@ainfos.ca>
Date Sun, 1 Jun 2003 15:55:45 +0200 (CEST)

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> A few notes on anarchist groups in New York City:
Many collectives and groups listed on this site are little more than a
few dedicated individuals working toward common goals regarding
their collective or group effort. Some groups go into "hibernation",
swinging between activity and inaction. We have meant this site to
offer, not only real contacts of groups for people to involve
themselves in, but also as examples of what NYC collectives have
done and are doing, offering a possibility of coordination, or simply to
act as a sort of inspiration for others in making similar efforts.

Some groups listed, even if still active, may not be interested in being
contacted by anyone they're not familiar with, nor even working with
new people at all. This is for several reasons, one being that, for
security concerns, they choose to remain anonymous. Security is a
legitimate concern, one that we do not take lightly. However, this site
is designed with the idea that we must "live in the light", if we are to
build a larger and more diverse anarchist, anti-racist, anti-sexist, and
anti-capitalist movement.

To resolve this "problem", we (the projects collective) plan on
organizing future social events, where anti-authoritarians and
anarchists can socialize and discuss "connectivities" in a
non-alienating way (as we hope the summer picnics may do).

You may notice as well that some of the groups listed are not explicitly
"anarchist". Their inclusion is justified on the grounds that the work
that they do, even the individual organizers who take part in their
respective struggles, are working towards goals that are similar to
"anarchist goals" i.e.: TOWARD the self determination and self
empowerment of a particular group, movement, etc.

Unfortunately, some of these groups have no corresponding contact
links simply because we don't know how to contact them on the web,
or just haven't gotten around to getting an email address or web URL
from them.

Finally, we make no judgment on the supposed "value" of the work any
of these groups do, nor on controversial things group members may
say or do regarding other anarchists, or generally anyone, really.
Make up your own mind.


after the fall newspaper
.. local anarchist newspaper and collective

anarchist black cross NETWORK
... "The ABC aims to recognize, expose and support the struggles of
prisoners in general, and of anarchist and class war prisoners in
particular. The form our solidarity takes depends on each individual's
situation. To some we send financial or material aid. With others, we
keep in contact through mail, make visits, provide political literature,
and discuss strategy and tactics."

anarchist black cross FEDERATION
nycblackcross [at] hotmail.com
... "In May of 1995, a small group of ABC collectives merged into a
Federation whose aim was to focus on the overall support and
defense of Political Prisoners / POWs." New York City ABCF can be
contacted at: nycblackcross [at] hotmail.com

blackbridge international
... linking anarchists from around the world via mutual aid

desiderata collective
... "is a revolutionary anti-authoritarian, anti-statist organization
identifying within the social anarchist and libertarian socialist
tradition. We are based out of New Brunswick, NJ, and are always
looking for individuals of varied, but sympathetic political
persuasions, to work on both local organizing efforts and larger
convergences. Our current projects include tenant organizing, rent
control, the creation of dual power structures, and furthering anarchist
and libertarian socialist ideas. "

ever reviled records
..."a democratically owned and run collective dedicated to releasing
anarchist and progressive music. We seek to build a radically
democratic revolutionary counterculture that both stands in
resistance to capitalism, racism, and all forms of oppression while
building a positive and liberatory reconstructive vision. Music is a
weapon of resistance that transcends the boundaries of genre, race,
class, and location - and we intend to use it as such. Artists we have
worked with include the Hopeless Dregs of Humanity (revolutionary
rock), David Rovics (radical folk), Give Us Barabbas (art theater
punk), and Rational Solution (anarcho-crust)."

libertarian book club
... they hold monthly forums on anarchist related topics at the Brecht

mayday books
... "May Day Books and Infoshop is a grassroots educational and
informational project committed to providing working people, waged
and unwaged, with resources that will assist their effort to understand
and transform the world. "

modern times collective, long island
... "Long Island activists network the Modern Times Collective
consists of individuals and organizations striving for a society free of
ignorance and oppression. Our goal is to achieve this through positive
change that opposes all violence toward any animate being. "

mother's alliance for militant action
... "M.A.M.A. is a grassroots collective of mothers (without a leader).
We welcome any mama regardless of her parenting style, age, race,
tax bracket, or status as a stay-at-home or work-for-pay mom.
M.A.M.A. is lesbian/bi/trans loving and inclusive. We are a coalition
which exists to strengthen common bonds, solidarity, and community
among women, to fight for mother's and children's rights and to shed
the light on the integral role that traditional "women's work" has
played in our economy and society. "

open city anarchist collective
opencity [at] nefac.net
... part of the NEFAC Federation, can be reached at opencity [at]

OPP (organizing for popular power)
... a local group connected to the Alliance for Freedom and Direct
Democracy Federation They can be reached at: opp_nyc [at]

people's law collective
... "The New York People's Law Collective is a collective of activists
who are also, organizers, law students, community and legal workers.
We are not lawyers. We are people with knowledge of the legal
system, its value and limits, and how it can be used for and against
us. History and our own experiences demonstrate the need for legal
resources offered from a radical perspective. Used in this way, the law
is one tool among many for our movements."

projects collective ...
"The projects collective is an anti-authoritarian political project based
primarily in Brooklyn, NY. We are currently engaged in a broad
variety of local struggles and organizational efforts, including the anti
capitalist globalization movement, the anti-war movements, the NYC
Social Forum movement, Palestinian rights initiatives, anti-racist
struggles, and internet activism. "

red balloon collective ... brooklyn based collective. No contact info.

resistance in brooklyn ... brooklyn based anti-racist, anti-imperialist
collective. No contact info.

shift / control tech collective
..." dedicated to bringing technology to progressive and radical
activists and to bringing progressive and radical activism to techies"

spring collective ...
"The Spring Collective, an autonomous NYC collective, organizes an
Anarchist Hotline in which you can call to get information on local
anarchist events, post events, or just connect." They do mutual
support network

workers solidarity alliance
... "Workers Solidarity Alliance is an anti-capitalist, anti-authoritarian
organization of activists who believe that working people can build a
new society and a better world based on the principles of solidarity
and self-management. "


act up!
... no introduction needed!

arts in action / nyc art & revolution
... contact the west coast for local contact info

association for union democracy
... "The Association for Union Democracy (AUD) is a pro-labor,
non-profit organization dedicated to advancing the principles and
practices of democratic trade unionism in the North American labor
movement. It is the premise of AUD that internal democracy makes
unions stronger and better able to fight for the rights and interests of
working people."

books thru bars
... "an all-volunteer project which sends free books and reading
material to prisoners nationwide."

common wheel collective
... "The Common Wheel Collective is a radical community group based
on the North Shore of Staten Island. Our main objective is to move
ourselves and our neighbors (ever so gradually) toward a more just,
democratic, and egalitarian society. Philosophically, we believe that a
truly just society must be one free of all inequality, domination, and

critical resistance east
... "Critical Resistance seeks to build an international movement to
end the Prison Industrial Complex (PIC)."

dumba collective
... "dumba is a collectively-run not-for-profit space for art,
performance, meetings and gatherings."

food not bombs
... they serve free meals two days a week (usually friday and saturday,
3pm in Thompkins Square Park). See ABC NO RIO for details. Also
Bronx chapter here Also Hoboken, NJ chapter here

... "The Industrial Workers of the World is a union for all workers
dedicated to organizing on the job and in the community. Our goals
are to win better working conditions, and to build a world without
bosses. We believe an international union movement is needed to
confront the global power of the capitalist class. We act in solidarity
with our brother and sister workers around the globe. "

living theatre
... "the original anarchist theatre group"

media jumpstart ...
"Media Jumpstart is a nonprofit, worker-run collective dedicated to
strengthening the impact of NYC nonprofit organizations working for
social change. By building opportunities for collaboration and
developing and sharing appropriate tools, MJ helps these
organizations create systems to more effectively collaborate,
organize, advocate, and serve their constituencies, thus increasing
the impact of their efforts and helping to build a more just society. "

No Blood For Oil Coalition
... Once DAN, then AWIP, now the premier nyc anti-authoritarian,
anti-war group.

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