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(en) xUSSR: Avtonom #20 English summary

From Aleksei <itasitihki@tao.ca>
Date Mon, 21 Jul 2003 14:05:34 +0200 (CEST)

A - I N F O S N E W S S E R V I C E

Dear friends, We are even more late than usual this time, but for a while for valid
reasons since editors in Krasnodarfaced some repression, homes were searched
and people spent few days arrested. Wait for more updates on these
developments. However, here comes another international mailout...
We attached bulletin of Moscow group on workplace issues, , (Radical
lazybones). For those of you who do not yet know, Avtonom is a quarterly
(well, not even almost quarterly) paper of Autonomous Action, which
developed from a network to libertarian communist federation January 2002,
after two years of existence. Currently Autonomous Action has local groups
in dozen or so cities of Russia and Armenia, and supporters in Belarus,
Lithuania, Kazakhstan and Ukraine. We have not added action report this time, since
all of the actions listed this time took place at least 3 months ago, and
there are much more recent news about
Russian anarchist activities in the English language internet, such as

This time Radical lazybones includes sort of an editorial "ghost of the
proletariat" by Rebel Worker, hard realities
of working conditions in the "gold collar" computer industry, theoretical
article about new forms of organisation of
labour such as networks by A. Mayhova and our regular feature, a black list
of Moscow employers. Visit
website www.antijob.nm.ru for more of the same.

It is very difficult to get foreign radical press and texts in Russia, so we
are interested to expand our mailing list - if you know people who would be
interested to read our materials, please contact them for us! Currently
German correspondence is done by Nizhni Novgorod section, English by
Krasnodar, Italian by our members in Kazakhstan and Scandinavian languages
and French in Moscow - please send press with respective languages to cities
dealing with respective correspondence. In another hand, mailing out is so
expensive that we would only like to post our
papers only to people who understand what is written in them...

Relevant addresses are (do not write names of the group to envelopes,
please!) Note that we have some changes here.

Autonomous Action of Krasnodar (also for Avtonom-paper)
P.O. Box 3472,
350001 Krasnodar Russia
(no functional e-mail due to repression!)

Autonomous Action of Moscow
P. O. Box 13
109028 Moscow Russia
dikobraz@tao.ca (note new e-mail address!)

Anarchist group of Nizhni Novgorod
P. O. Box 25
603104 Nizhni Novgorod Russia

Alma Ata
P. O. Box 149
480 000 Alma Ata Kazakhstan

Our federal site is
http://www.avtonom.org (again a new adress!)

We wish hot and revolutionary summer to everyone!
Autonomous action of Moscow

Avtonom #20 English summary

Page 2: Field of a social experiment. A very personal account by s member of
our organisation from Chelyabinsk, Siberia about his history in politics and
perspectives of Autonomous Action.
Page 3: Hemp theme in Russia. On totalitarian drug politics of the Russian
Page 4: A war without end? Article on US foreign policy, also international
declaration of libertarians against all wars.
Page 5: Anarchist actions against wars in Nizhni Novgorod, Moscow,
Saint-Petersburg, Athens and Chelyabinsk.
Page 6: Terror and anti-terror, two faces of the system.
Page 7: Spectacle of the banality by Bureau of the public secrets, False
reality of capitalism by M. Magid and on the series about basics of
anarchism article "Why we are against leninism".
Page 8: Workers resistance gives farewell to myths, extracts
from documents of Kommunist Kranti from Faridabad,
India. Originally translated to English by Collective Action Notes.
Page 9: Workers of McDonalds discovered new means of the class struggle. A
very interesting article about some new forms of resistance McD workers in
Moscow and Minsk use, wait for this one to be translated in few weeks...
check out websites of Moscow McD workers from www.mcdonadz.narod.ru and
Minsk McD workers from www.belmac.narod.ru and www.kompaktor.narod.ru meanwhile.
Page 10: Article by D. Soltsev about religious movement Duhobory,
libertarian tendencies of which inspired Tolstoy in 19th century.
Page 11: Self-organisation of the chaos - what libertarians may learn from
the work of great physician and chemist Ilya Prigozhin.
Page 12: Sexism as an instrument of control for capital. Actions in
international women's day 8th of March in Warsaw, Prague and
Page 13: Warning - Moscow patriarchat! Why far-right orthodox Christian
fundamentalist bigots stormed exhibition "Danger, religion!" in Sakharov
center of Moscow?
Pages 14-15: History of Black guard of Moscow 1917-1918. Kropotkin memorial
conference organised in Saint-Petersburg last December, "Pryamukhino
readings" coming up in the birthplace of Bakunin in the end of July.
Page 16: Book reviews: "Anarchist letters" by Petr Ryabov, "Fascist planet"
by A. Brenner and B. Schurtz,
"Anarchy in BY" by Pavlyuk Goncharuk and "Polyushko-pole" by D. Markish.
Page 17: Liberation of urban space from www.adbusters.org, "Bombing" by
Maksi from Russian graffiti site www.nowe.narod.ru.
Page 18: Article about public scandal graffiti subversion caused in Moscow
suburb of Troitsk, some DIY sabotage hints by comrade Sklep.
Page 19: "Vandalism is art", continuation of the graffiti theme, inspired by
an essay of Andrew Stillman from Adbusters website.
Page 20: An interview with anti-fascist Oi! Band the Oppressed.
Page 21: Music reviews: Stage Bottles, Los Fastidios, the Analogs.
Anti-fascist street chronicle from Moscow, Krasnodar and Minsk.
Page 22: Some success stories of anarcho-syndicalist organising by RKAS in
Ukraine. Action by Greek anarchists 21st of March in Thessaloniki, struggle
for workers' self governance in Brookman Brazers factory, Buenos Aires.
Page 23: More anarchist actions from former Soviet Union, due to growth of
anarchist street activity only a sample from the period - a rock-festival in
Yerevan, Armeniya, protests against Lukoil oil corporation in Kaliningrad,
actions against Adidas in Rostov-na-Donu and Krasnodar, against housing
reform in Nizhni-Novgorod, against poverty of the student life in
Rostov-na-Donu, against draft and war in Nizhni Novgorod and against
religious education in schools in Moscow.

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