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(en) Ireland - Carlo Giuliani commemoration

From chekov feeney <chekovfeeney@yahoo.com>
Date Fri, 18 Jul 2003 15:41:30 +0200 (CEST)

A - I N F O S N E W S S E R V I C E

A group of anarchists in Dublin, grouped around the
libertarian network of the grassroots gathering have
called a demonstration for the second anniversary of
Carlo Giuliani's murder in Genoa.
> Saturday 19th, 2pm at Central Bank. going to Italian embassy
Carlo Giuliani was murdered by the Italian state on
July 20th 2001 while protesting against the G8 summit
in Genoa. Soon we may too get to experience the
repressive violence of the police during these
summits. On this, his second anniversary, we are
commemorating Carlo's murder through our continued
struggle. Meet 2pm central bank, Saturday 19th.

Keeping the struggle alive

Why are we commemorating Carlo Giuliani today? Carlo
Giuliani was murdered by the Italian police during the
massive demonstrations against the G8 in Genoa two
years ago. His murder provides us with just a tiny
glimpse of what the rich bastards who rule us are
capable of when we start to resist them.

The same rich bastards who sent the Italian police to
run amok on the streets of Genoa have implemented
policies that have ravaged the third world. You may
believe you have nothing to do with “them” but don’t
be conned: you have more in common with a Somalian
nurse than an Irish banker. We have to tie our
struggles together. In Ireland, we are resisting the
bin tax and workers are rebelling against the
constraints of “social partnership”, while in other
countries people are fighting for the right to
organise in their workplace against dangerous working
conditions, crap pay and child labour. Around the
world people have realised that “business as usual”
comes at too high a price.

And who’s feeling the pinch now that the hospitals are
shutting down? Not the Foxrock fucker, that’s for
sure…you see it’s never the wealthy, the ruling class,
that suffers its ordinary people that get it in the
neck. It’s our blood that’s oiling their machines- we
end up fighting their wars, paying for their private
jets and working ourselves to death to maintain their
juicy profit margins. They are willing to kill to keep
it that way and that is what happened in Genoa to
Carlo Giuliani.

We want to remember the part Carlo Giuliani took in
the struggle for a free and just society, a society
where the people participate directly in the decisions
that affect them and enjoyed the full fruits of their
labour instead of being forced to survive on tiny
percentage of it. You wouldn’t shut down your own
hospitals, would you?

Maybe you’ve noticed that you actually have something
in common with workers in the third world, but you
believe that you couldn’t possibly have anything in
common with Carlo Giuliani. He was a “violent”
protester as the newspapers and the politicians like
to put it. Since when did the global elite care about
violence? How violent is it to smash bank windows
compared to the criminal profiteering off poverty,
hunger and war? The media will ALWAYS divide us into
“good” and “bad” protesters and even within the
“movement” there are those who think it is more
important to criticise those engaged in property
damage than state violence. But those of us who
believe that the anti-capitalist movement needs to
explore every possible form of resistance available to
us have a responsibility to remember what Carlo stands
for – Class War.

Now they want us to be passive, so that they can rule
us from above. But don’t be afraid to organise and get
active, you’re not alone and you’re not powerless.
Look at history across the world, it’s the “little
people” that changed things, from the 1913 Strike &
Lockout in Dublin to recent events in Argentina, we
have the capability to defend ourselves and our

The world economic forum (WEF) is coming to Dublin in
October, another shindig for our unelected global
rulers. We are organising against it. To get involved
in the grassroots campaign against the WEF, subscribe
to the mailing list gg-antiwef@yahoogroups.com

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