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(en) US, Lawrence, Communique of Kansas Anarchists - To Action!

From Worker <a-infos-en@ainfos.ca>(http://www.kansasanarchist.net)
Date Fri, 18 Jul 2003 08:04:47 +0200 (CEST)

A - I N F O S N E W S S E R V I C E

On Sunday, July 20th, hundreds of people will arrive in Lawrence,
Kansas, to celebrate a three day long dedication in honor of Bob
Dole. Guests will include Tom Brokaw, Rudloph Guiliani, Gerald
Ford, and Jimmy Carter. Rudolph Guiliani will be recieving the
first ever "Dole Leadership" award.
Hundreds of others will converge in Lawrence, Kansas to voice
opposition to a ceremony built upon murder, oppression, and
tyranny. They will be there, as some of the world's most noteable
usurpers of freedom arrive in their home town.
>More information to come very soon.

Condoleezza Rice to be in attendence at Dole Institute Dedication
As plans for protests come to a head, a new announcement pertaining
to the dedication ceremony of the Robert J. Dole Institute has become


For three days in July, living breathing symbols of white ruling
class patriarchy will be in Lawrence, Kansas for the dedication of
the Dole Institute of Politics.
To coincide with Bob Dole's 80th birthday, the new center,
funded by public funds (ie, taxes, our hard earned money)and
private contributions, the Institute will be the center of attention
during a three day festival being billed as the "Greatest
Generation's Greatest Celebration."
The festivities will bring together hundreds of World War II
Veterans, along with Bob Dole, Rudolph Giuliani, Gerald Ford,
Jimmy Carter, and Tom Brockaw, to name a few of the most
notable guests.
The come to Lawrence in a time when the economy is
collapsing, thousands have lost jobs, hundreds of Americans have
died in U.S. Imperialistic Games around the world, and millions
more suffer at the hands of tyrannical U.S. foriegn policies.
Among other events, a dinner is being held at a local hotel.
Guests will pay $500.00 a plate, and will view former New York
City Mayor Rudolph Giuliani recieve the first ever "Dole
Leadership Award."
The entirety of the event is a slap in the face to all working and
poor Americans, as well as a celebration of tyranny. Even while
Bush cannot produce Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq, or
any credible reason for starting such an occupation of a soveriegn
nation, Dole and Giuliani, two major supporters of the war, will be
The time for compliance is over. We can no longer just sit by,
especially as these people come to our very home. We, as
residents of the city of Lawrence, and allies, will not be
intimidated in our own town. We will not be made to leave it, or
board ourselves into our homes. We will be there, to show our
disgust and sadness over the way our world has spiraled out of
We will be there, in direct opposition to tyranny.
Reasons to Protest the Dole Institute of Politics

On Bob Dole:
Bob Dole is a major stock holder and has recieved many large
donations from Koch Industries, an oil company that made it's
fortune through the illegal and immoral appropriation of land
beloging to native peoples. Koch has a major stake in the war in
Iraq and is one of many oil companies that has high dollar
investments in the war in Iraq and post war contracts.
Bob Dole is outspoken for support for the war. In a speech
given at the foot of what once was the World Trade Center in
March, Dole equated anti-war protesters to being "jokes of
democracy" and turning the "rights soldiers were fighting for" into
mere theater antics.
Dole is a long time supporter of the death penalty and wished to
decrease the number of appeals an inmate could reiceve. He also
helped push legislation that would have made inmates unable to
use a defense of "racial prejudice in judicial proceedings" for a
reason for appeal.
Dole was a long time propenent of NAFTA and other free trade
agreements that have devestated labor in the United States and
created perpetual poverty in Mexico and other nations.
There are many more reasons, but these are some main ones.

On Rudolph Giuliani:

Giuliani is best known for turning New York into the police
state it is today. For years, Giuliani waged a war on the homeless,
by evicting a record number of squats, trying to slash funding to
social services while increasing funding for the city police, and
making street vending a misdeanor jailable offense if done without
a lisence.
Giuliani also helped break strikes by transit workers, resisted
all attempts in maintaining rent controls, and defending the use of
deadly force by police against unarmed "criminals".

On the Celebration of World War II:

From Howard Zinn's People's History of the United States:
The victors [of World War II] were the Soviet Union and the
United States (also England, France and Nationalist China, but
they were weak). Both these countries now went to
work--without swastikas, goose-stepping, or officially declared
racism, but under the cover of "socialism" on one side, and
"democracy" on the other, to carve out their own empires of
influence. They proceeded to share and contest with one another
the domination of the world, to build military machines far greater
than the Fascist countries had built, to control the destinies of
more countries than Hitler, Mussolini, and Japan had been able to
do. They also acted to control their own populations, each country
with its own techniques-crude in the Soviet Union, sophisticated
in the United States--to make their rule secure.
The war not only put the United States in a position to dominate
much of the world; it created conditions for effective control at
home. The unemployment, the economic distress, and the
consequent turmoil that had marked the thirties, only partly
relieved by New Deal measures, had been pacified, overcome by
the greater turmoil of the war. The war brought higher prices for
farmers, higher wages, enough prosperity for enough of the
population to assure against the rebellions that so threatened the
thirties. As Lawrence Wittner writes, "The war rejuvenated
American capitalism." The biggest gains were in corporate
profits, which rose from $6.4 billion in 1940 to $10.8 billion in
1944. But enough went to workers and farmers to make them feel
the system was doing well for them.
It was an old lesson learned by governments: that war solves
problems of control. Charles E. Wilson, the president of General
Electric Corporation, was so happy about the wartime situation
that he suggested a continuing alliance between business and the
military for "a permanent war economy."
That is what happened. When, right after the war, the American
public, war-weary, seemed to favor demobilization and
disarmament, the Truman administration (Roosevelt had died in
April 1945) worked to create an atmosphere of crisis and cold
war. True, the rivalry with the Soviet Union was real--that country
had come out of the war with its economy wrecked and 20 million
people dead, but was making an astounding comeback, rebuilding
its industry, regaining military strength. The Truman
administration, however, presented the Soviet Union as not just a
rival but an immediate threat. In a series of moves abroad and at
home, it established a climate of fear--a hysteria about
Communism--which would steeply escalate the military budget
and stimulate the economy with war-related orders. This
combination of policies would permit more aggressive actions
abroad, more repressive actions at home.

On the entirety of the celebration:

Dole will be recieving another building in his name, paid for by
private donations, but also by budget bills in the U.S. Congress,
costing Tax Payers millions of dollars. These were in the same
budget bills that slashed millions of dollars to social programs and
Giuliani will be rewarded with the first ever "Dole Leadership
Award" at a $500.00 a plate dinner. This is a direct insult to many
in Lawrence, who have lost jobs in the past year due to the
spiraling economy, and in a town where dozens of teachers will be
"laid off" due to budget crises in the State budget.
For three days, the population of the town of Lawrence will
double with the estimated 50-100,000 attendees of the
celebration. Our town cannot support such an influx of people.
Our roads will be more clogged, the city shut down with security,
and the ordinary people's lives turned in a utter struggle to carry
out daily tasks. The people of Lawrence never asked for this, and
many don't want it.
For three days, some living, breathing examples of white
supremacy and patriarchy (all of the invited major guests besides
Dole's wife are male... coincidence?) and domination of the world.
They will make this a celebration of one U.S. war and also create
a celebration of U.S. Imperialism in the years since.

And this doesn't even include if Bush and Powell come. They are
expected to... But even if they don't, we have plenty of reasons to
be in the streets. These kinds of people and their celebrations
should not be welcome here.


The Black Cat Collective will be serving as a convergence center
for folks from out of town. The address to that space is 1305
Tennessee Street, and the contact number is 785-865-0578.

We will be providing as much housing as possible, both for the
July 4th convergence in Leavenworth, and the July 20th-22nd
convergence in Lawrence. We will have a convergence center open
for the Lawrence demonstration, to be announced several weeks
before the demonstration. However, we ask that if you are coming
from out of town, that you please contact us for housing as
soon as possible, and be sure to include a list of allergies
and other needs you might have, as well as the number of people
you need housing for.

For housing, contact us at tyrannyendsnow@hotmail.com

Black cat collective:
"As a collective, we are a group of anti-authoritarians and
anti-capitalists with a number of goals."

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