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(en) Russia, Position of Autonomous Action of Moscow in regards to the Antiwar committee of Moscow

From Worker <a-infos-en@ainfos.ca>
Date Fri, 18 Jul 2003 07:18:33 +0200 (CEST)

A - I N F O S N E W S S E R V I C E

...a rough translation of our position in regards to work in Committee of Anti-War
Actions (KAD) in Moscow, which coordinates activities against the war in Chechnya. A.
Position of Autonomous Action of Moscow on the Moscow Anti-War Committee.
On conditions of work in the committee:
Autonomous Action of Moscow (AD-M) rejoined to Anti-War committee in autumn 2002.
Besides all the political differences with the majority of the participators
in the committee (which one may put first of all as liberal human rights organisations), we
think that such a cooperation is necessary in order to organise mass street actions,
since creation of a separate, relevant anarchist anti-war movement is not a realistic goal right now.

But we think that cooperation is possible only with some conditions. Approaching duma
elections are a danger to the whole anti-war movement. Everything we have reached during the
last 4 years may be lost if some political opportunists take over the movement to use
it in their electionary campaigns. Anti-war movement will lost its all
credibility, if the public will see it only as some election advertisement.

Political independence of the anti-war committee is a necessary condition both to
its succesfull work, and continuation of participation of AD-M to its work as an
organisation. Political independence means absence of political parties among
organisers and sponsors of any actions, and also withdrawal of all potential
candidates from the work of the committee. We think that all mass actions should be
"non party", without banners of any political parties or groups (we are not against
distribution of leaflets and sale of journals). There should be no way for speakers
to advertise any political parties on podium, or to even notice them during
the speeches.

On regulation of the conflict

Anti-war committee made a resolution about necessity of bringing peace-keeping force
of UN to Chechnya. Autonomous Action of Moscow will not support campaign for
peace-keeping force and will not participate as an organisation to those
meetings, where bringing peace-keeping force is among the main demands.

We, anarchists think that Chechnya is the dead end of statist logics. War
proves that both
concepts of "A right of a nation to self-determination" and "indivisibility
of a sovereign state" bring only endless suffering to people. But when we
talk about leaving the statist discourse behind and necessity of creation of an
equal society, based on principles of direct democracy and
local, non-governmental self-governance in Chechnya, Russia and whole world,
we are seen as crazy idealists. But for some reason no more realistic demand about
bringing the peace-keeping force to Chechnya seems to be more likely scenario for
many, just because it fits that dead-end statist discourse which we should leave.

At first, since Russia is a permanent member in the UN security council,
there will never be any peacekeeping force in Chechnya without approval
of the Russian Federation. This fact alone turns down the idea about
peacekeeping force in Chechnya.

There is a purely theoretical possibility of a violent
intervention in the spirit of Kosovo or
Iraq, for use of some of the participators of the war (although neither
Kosovo nor Iraq had UN authorization), but since we, anarchists, wish
success neither to resistance, nor
to federals, we think this scenario is unacceptable.

We are very sceptical towards UN, but we are not necessary against presence
of a neutral, non-violent third force, aim of which is to regulate the
conflict. We see this third force in
the Chechen civil society, which is fighting against violations of human
rights in Chechnya.
We do not see this force in Western superpowers, for whom both UN and any
intervention is nothing but a method of solving their own geopolitical

Necessary condition for work of such "peacekeepers" is both their neutrality
and non-violence, accepted by all the sides of the conflict. And in this
context campaign demand of bringing the peace keeping force seems absurd,
since it is not the strategy, just a tactical detail of the solution of the
conflict. There may not be any peacekeepers, if there is no peace plan,
accepted by all sides of the conflict. To call peacekeeping force as
solution of the conflict is like proposing to
a starving person to go to shop to buy oneself some bread. Buying bread is
for sure one step towards solution of his problem, but one must have
something with which to buy it first.

All in all, proposition to bring peace-keeping force of UN
seems like an absurd and utopian propaganda for the ideal of
realization the international law through creation of new
world order, something that will never happen. This is clear not only to
extreme Russian patriots, but to every citizen with a healthy dose of
realism.UN was created in order to guarantee global rule of the countries
which won the Second world war. These superpowers followed UN norms when it
was in their interests, but never hesitated a second when it was more
advantageous to break them. Every member of the security council fought wars
without council approval, breaking against international law - USSR in
Afghanistan, Great Britain in Iraq, France in Suez, USA and China against
Vietnam. Interests of these superpowers were never interests of humanity.
Their geopolitical games, and structures created for their playgrounds (such
as NATO and UN) have nothing to offer to us!

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