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(en) Castro, like Franco (ca)

From Worker <a-infos-en@ainfos.ca>
Date Sun, 6 Jul 2003 16:50:31 +0200 (CEST)

A - I N F O S N E W S S E R V I C E

Since we fought against the dictatorship of Franco we consider it to
be a moral duty to bring our solidarity to those, that suffer because
of their struggle for the same freedom that we, anti-franquist, used
to fight for.
It should not be a surprise that we support today the Cuban
dissidents that are again the victims of the hands of repression of
the Castrist dictatorship. And this not only because they are asking
the same things that we demanded during the Franco era but
because Castro has managed to beat Franco?s brutal repression:
sentences of up to 25 years for the only ?crime? of dissent, and
capital punishment because three young men hijacked a ferry boat
to escape Cuba. And on top of that, it is more drastic: five days to
detain, judge and execute three young black men that desired to
send themselves in exile, and that did not hurt nor kill anybody. To
execute the anti-franquists Francisco Granado and Joaquin
Delgado, Franco ?waited? 17 days. En both cases: partial,
exaggerated justice with fast judgement, without any legal
guarantee, behind closed doors, without the presence of
international observers, and executions done in the early morning, to
convince, to terrorize...

But the points in common do not stop there... Like Franco, and with
the same ?logic?, Castro also thinks that ?whoever is not with him is
against him?. The identical conviction of being the chosen gurus: of
God, for Franco, and of History, for Castro. For that reason both the
Franquist and Castrist dictatorships are asphyxiating, without
press, opinion, dissidence or free associations, with unique party,
unique trade union and, above all, a Maximum Leader, one voice,
one thought. Also, of course, the longevity of absolute power:
thirty-six years for Franco, and forty-four years for Castro.

Forty-four years to create a jailed and miserable paradise for most
Cubans! A ?paradise? in which the doors must be sealed so that
workers can?t escape from there. Because of this Fidel needs the
confusion and impunity to save the revolutionary myth.

But the facts do not lie, and almost half a century after the triumph
of the rebellion against the Batista dictatorship, the intolerance, the
authoritarianism in the name of State security, the arrogance and
inefficiency of the bureaucracy have changed the revolution into a
nightmare for the Cuban people and an economical fiasco that has
increased the exterior dependence of Cuba. With Batista that was
with the US, with Castro it was, first, with the Soviet Union and
later, as before, with Tourism (and prostitution)

Of course, Castrism blames this evils on the North American
embargo, continuing to ignore its own failure in the economy, and
what is worst: the active worker participation in the production
process, why would they do it if they have seen so many unfulfilled
promises of equality and freedom? How can anyone reproach their
lack of interest if they are sick and tired of always being the ones
sacrificing themselves ?in the interest of the Revolution?: the
continuity of castrist State!

All these reasons are the ones that led us to decide to make it
public our indignation against the last and violent repression carried
out by Castrism. This is a regime that still pretends to represent the
goals of a revolutionary movement that has given so many hopes
and whose Commandant in Chief?s thirst for power have perverted,
generating a disappointment very similar to the one created by the
Russian Revolution.

Without a doubt there are still those intransigent to the regime, that
continue believing in the mystic of the ?Cuban Revolution?. Those
are the ones that keep ignoring this undeniable evidence: the
Revolution has become totalitarian system, anti-democratic and of
collective vigilance so that each one spy or denounce their
neighbours o co-worker.

Yes, there are still those that remain unmoved by the moral
corrosion that this power has established in the quotidian life of
Cubans, that fits so well to the dark and secret fascist control ?
?progresist? version - imposed by that Stalinian totalitarianism ?
Caribbean version ? decided to drive the Cuban people to a tragic
end. For this reason, those that of us who still believe in the
freedom and justice values, that were always part of the Left, we
have to denounce this Regime that is stepping all over them, even
thought it demagogically claims to defend them. And this even more
so in these moments, when Fidel, like Franco in the end, is forcing
many families to go through a cruel repression, justified with lie:
?conspiration?. Because it is a lie to accuse of conspiration people
that are either trying to reclaim the right to freedom or trying to
escape the island to continue with a better life.

It is true that the Cuban dissidence started to loose fear, to come
out of the closet, and this worried Fidel Castro and his mafiosos
bureaucrats. This explains the proclamation of the Mordaza Law (to
severely punish the collaboration with ?foreign communication
medium? or to produce and spread ?anti-socialist? done to
?destabilize the internal order?) and the declaration of the ?eternity?
of the Castrist Socialism. Both designed to be used in the most
opportune moment...

A moment that came thanks to Bush, or, possibly, when Bush
needed it the most: to justify his aggressive policy in the name of
the defence of Democracy! It is possible that Castro thought this
was the moment to act violently against the dissidence because the
international public opinion was busy mobilizing itself against the
war in Iraq and denouncing the hegemony of the North American
State. Yes, it is possible that he thought that anti-imperialism would
ignore the consequences of his new repressive campaign and that
the latter would not give Bush arguments to ?implement
democracy?, the Yankee democracy! And, in a way, he was not
wrong; because not only Bush has not insisted much in denouncing
the repression against the Cuban dissidence, but neither did the
international public opinion. Yes, it is true, in the beginning many
outstanding intellectuals opposed it, some of them for the first time;
but this did not lead to massive protests, to mobilisations or to
permanent denunciations ? as it happened when it spoke out against
the absence of freedom for blacks in South Africa.

The reasons for this ?indifference? are diverse. It is not only ?how
can we oppose the Cuban Revolution??. It is also the lack of interest
from political parties and from the Governments in helping such
mobilizations. This is caused not only because there are a lot of
commercial interests? Also, in some anti-totalitarian sectors, there
is a fear of being assimilated to the extreme-right elements (a
minority but very powerful in Miami) of the anti-castrism opposition
that ask for a Yankee intervention in Cuba.

Thus, even though these reasons explain the general resignation in
relation to the repressive excesses of Castro?s dictatorship , we
think it is our duty to expose today and tomorrow an oppression that
we condemn and will keep condemning always. We do it and will
continue because, to us too, ?dissent is an undeniable act of
conscience? and the death sentence is an act of State terrorism,
even when the latter claims to be revolutionary.

How could we forget that, in 2003, it will be forty years that another
dictatorship, the Franquist one, killed with similar justifications the
Communist Julian Grimau and the young Anarchists Francisco
Granado and Joaquin Delgado.

Madrid, June 2003.

Octavio Alberola: 1967 y 1974, jailed 1 year and 3 months.
Juan Busquets: sentenced to death in 1949, jailed 20 years.
Stuart Christie: 1964, jailed 3 years.
Luis Andrés Edo: 1966, jailed 8 years.
José Gracia Chile: 1939, jailed 2 years.
Antonia Lisbona: 1939, jailed 6 years.
Eloy Martín Nieto: 1972, jailed 3 years.
Alicia Mur Sin: 1966, jailed 3 years.
Alain Pecunia: 1962, jailed 3 years.
José L. Pons Llobet: 1974, jailed 3 years.
Jaime Pozas de V.: 1968, jailed 5 years.
Floreal Rodríguez: 1968, jailed 8 years.
Gregorio Rojas: 1963, jailed 1 year and 6 months.
Francisca Román: 1962, jailed 6 years.
Andrés Ruiz Grimas: 1972, jailed 3 years.
Juan Salcedo: 1963, jailed 15 years.
Emilio Santiago: sentenced to death in 1947, jailed 15 years.
David Urbano: 1967, jailed 7 years.

From: H. <aslcuba(et)yahoo.fr>
from the MLC - Muvimento Libertario Cubana

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