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(en) Serbia, DSM accepts PGA European convenorship

From eurodusnie <info@eurodusnie.nl>
Date Tue, 1 Jul 2003 22:48:22 +0200 (CEST)

A - I N F O S N E W S S E R V I C E

Post Yugoslav coalition Drugaciji Svet je Moguc (DSM drugacijisvet@mail.com)
had decided to assume all convenorship obligations for the Peoples Global
Action network in Europe.
Dear friends,
As we announced in Dijon, we have met the basic prerequisities for
organizing the next Peoples Global conference. After meetings in Belgrade
and Novi Sad we have come to the conclusion, together with our friends from
other European collectives, that Post Yugoslavia is, for many of reasons, a
good location for organization of this important conference.


- Because of Peoples Global Action network: we strongly feel that the
presence of PGA network in the European East is of tremendous importance
for strengthening and expanding of our network.
- Because of Eastern European political struggle: since the level of
organizing among the East European groups working in accord with PGA
principles is still scarce and unconnected, we are sure that helding next
conference in the Balkans is going to be very benefitial as for the PGA
process in this region. We think that it is about time to leave "samba
activism" and summithopping behind us , that it is about time to relate
networking and local struggles. There is hardly a better place to do this
then in Eastern Europe- and PostYugoslavia in particular.


- We propose July as the best date for next Peoples Global Action - Europe
conference. We suggest first weekend of October as a date for the first
international preparatory meeting. We would like to ask you to take into
consideration our limitations and restraints and to have no more then 50
guests from Europe attending this meeting.

Do we need your help?

Oh yes! Our local context, as our guests from the last meeting are now
aware of, is very troublesome in many regards. We need all the help we can
get. We cannot do this alone.
But who are we?

Many of you still do not know us. So who are we?

DSM is a group united under the slogan "Drugaciji Svet je Moguc!".
Together, we are striving to create a new political space unafiliated with
political parties or the so-called non-governmental sector. This new space
prefers direct political action to generally accepted forms of engagement,
such as lobbying or voting. We insist on a social dialogue that is different
from the one proposed by our governmnet and the NGO sector. The horizontal
social dialogue we would like to be part of involves marginalised social
groups that are systematically prevented from excercising their basic human
rights. We also distance oursleves from the concept of civil society and
instead suggest the concept of a "solidary society".We are actively
invloved in the global fight against terrorism. Only, to us, terrorism is
the domination and terror of abstract human rights over what is concrete
and real situat ions in which labour rights boil down to the workers
right to choose under which bridge to die after being laid off from the
working post.

Take the example of the unemployed, in post Yugoslavia, who number almost
a million citizens of this country, with a population of some 7 million
people. We must not forget the 250,000 people who have part-time jobs and
the 200,000 that are destined to end up in the streets by the end of next
year as a result of a social dialogue in which they have no say effectively
making it a social monologue.We must ask ourselves whether the time has
come to replace social dialogue with social conflict as a means to induce
change, and start taking over factories instead of being thrown out of them.

Despite being a relatively young movement, DSM has managed to attract a
significant number of activists with various social and professional
backgrounds. Our diversity provides us with a steady flow of ideas, which
we have started to implement through short and long-term projects and
The first tangible results of our group is the print edition Global, a
non-profit magazine that promotes the ideas of direct actiona dn direct
democracy through articles written by our members or taken over from a
variety of sources. Furthermore, DSM has organized a number of lectures and
discussions in the continuing effort to encourage people to think, interact
and to become aware of the need for co-operative grass-roots action as the
only possible path towards equity, justice and better sustainable life for
all. The latest event was a two-day conference against the process of
privatisation where international and local participants exchanged views
and experiences regarding mo dern economic concepts and their devastating
impact on the society.

Our country has been under isolation for a very long time and what the
people need most is a wake up call. And this is what we are doing and will
continue to do by providing information, through direct action and an
open-minded approach that will try to convince people to co-operate in
building a new society, rather than to compete for the crumbs contemptibly
tossed to them by the ruling oligarchy.

In conclusion, we hope that all who are concerned can trust our incentives
and positive plans for action. DSM is not a movement that will stop at
words and phrases, and calls on everyone with good intentions in the
pursuit of this common goal not to use words to polarise and fractionise a
society that can only succeed if its principal quality remains untarnished

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