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(en) Spain, MRG-Catalunya is dissolving by consensus!*

From dr.woooo@nomasters.org
Date Tue, 28 Jan 2003 17:32:03 -0500 (EST)

      A - I N F O S  N E W S  S E R V I C E

MRG-Catalunya is dissolving by consensus! So far we have only seen a
small bit of depression-. Are you shocked? Don't be! We are happy and
we want to explain why... The MRG (Movement for Global
Resistance-Catalunya) was born as a network, a space of communication
between collectives and different initiatives. But today it is
becoming a fixed identity, a static structure, and we thought it was
time to destroy it! We want to go beyond resistance: we want to
explore the paths of rebellion. We want to take steps forward,
experiment, take risks. If we have learned anything during these
years of struggle it is that the era of empty structures has ended. They
are part of a past that has been overcome by the rich reality of social
movements and civil society, in this case Catalan. And the wealth of
this broad network can never be reduced to fit under any umbrella,
however useful our spaces of coordination have been for achieving
specific objectives... Because of this we reject all formulas in the
style of the World Social Forum or any self-appointed "radical"
vanguards. The movement is just this: whoever moves. No static idea
like forum, structure or "organization" can speak in its name, or
serve as a substitute. For reasons that we still do not understand,
the MRG had become an international reference point. We had even come
to be included (without any of us even knowing about it)- as
permanent members of the World Social Forum International Council. Our
definitive response to this invitation is to dissolve. We are
deserting the politics of boredom in Porto Alegre, of the false
representations and the micro-level power struggles.
Definitively...when certain sectors begin to take steps backwards and
return to models we have already left behind... MRG-Catalunya commits
suicide, throws itself into the void... looking for whatever new
awaits us. The MRG dies... so our struggles can multiply!! We need to
experiment among broad sectors of civil society, those that felt
close to MRG-Catalunya and those that did not- spaces of communication
(physical or otherwise) among collectives, affinity groups,
initiatives... In order to challenge the current world from the
grassroots, through direct action, desobedience and rebellion. Lets
celebrate, then, among all of us. We invite you to the party!!! We
will bury MRG-Catalunya in Carnival!!

Signed: The last Assembly of the Movement for Global Resistance-

Nota: No need to respond... MRG will not speak again!!
Note for the police: We re very sorry... now you don't have any fixed
collective to hold responsible for things you don't understand. Now
you just have a diffuse network, good luck!! Note #3: Before
commiting suicide, we won't be able to waste any time with (and shit over) the
structures that call themselves "representatives" our social

*[MRG Catalunia were convenors of the European PGA.
Sopposedly anti authoritarians and anticapitalists
supporting direct action.
They also initieted a patronizing and elitist project
of European Consulta - which it tried to harness to it 
the PGA.... but failed.
They succeeded to hinder the European PGA conference in
Leiden Holand, last Summer from achievings its aims using a forced
consensus decision procedure.
Not long ago they admitted failur of the European Consulta
initiative, and now they disolve all togather.I.S]

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