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(en) Costa Rica - new anarchist organization (ca)

From Worker <a-infos-en@ainfos.ca>
Date Mon, 20 Jan 2003 13:47:04 -0500 (EST)

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> From: Moésio Rebouças <m_reboucas@yahoo.com>
Libertarian greetings to all. I am pleased to announce
various people from different groups are getting
together to form a new organization called the
Organización Anarquista Comunista (Anarchist Communist
Organization) which, apart from the Colectivo Anarquista
Libertad y Solidaridad, expects to present a stronger
front in the struggle, and thereby spread the beautiful
idea of anarchism.

At present, we are in an excellent position in various
social sectors - the founder members of the Organización 
Anarquista Comunista come from other groups where we hold
positions in sectors ranging from ecological struggles to
labour struggles, and our proposals, which were always 
anarchist, hold some weight. With this new group, we hope
to encourage a growth in anarchism through more concrete
proposals and more radical methods and to build the
bases of a new society towards libertarian communism.

We are followers of thinkers such as Proudhon, Bakunin,
Kropotkin, Malatesta, Rocker, Flores Magon, Reclus,
Malato, Berkman, Goldman, R.Mella, Abel Paz and many
other fathers of anarchism. We take as examples such
experiences as the Paris Commune, the '36 Rebellion
(our greatest influence) and May '68. We sympathize
with CNT, FAI, FORA, Mujeres Libres and the AIT, those
who have kept anarchism alive. We admire the bravery
and worth of men like Buenaventura Durruti and Nestor
Makhno and the power of ideas converted into creative 
action by men like Ravachol, Lombroso, Emile Henry,
Caetano Bresci, Michelle Angiolillo, the Chicago 
martyrs, Sacco and Vanzetti, and many more.

We are accused of being hooligans, filthy, useless
pamphleteers and endless other infamous names such
as petty-bourgeois (a term much loved by Marxist-
Trotskyist pseudo-revolutionaries). We have little
to say in reply to them. We are enemies of those
pseudo-revolutionary ideologues who try to keep
people in submission through force and through
authoritarianism - they are no revolutionaries,
they are clowns.

Through our experiences so far, we have managed to 
revive something which was lost following the 1940's
and the rise of the Communist Party of Costa Rica
which practically killed all libertarian hopes. Some
old militants of red groups told us "It's years
since we last saw black flags waving through an
anarchist sector at demos or meetings" and of
course we were very happy about this, though
we believe there is better to come. In modern times,
anarchism is no utopia or myth, it is a reality and 
a day-to-day struggle. The revolution is lived and
built every moment of every day, from dawn to dusk.
It is nothing sacred or untouchable. The growth or
the life of the revolution depends on us. It is we who
decide if this gentle breeze should become a
hurricane. Malatesta put it well when he said "We say
that a revolution is necessary, that we want to make
the revolution, and to this end we busy ourselves
with stimulating the desire". With raised fists we 
have to work everywhere we can to sow the seeds of

As an organization, our principle is Freedom, our
method is Direct Action and our aim is Libertarian
Communism. Ideological unity, tactical unity,
collective action and discipline, federalism and
internationalism are the bases with which we

We will continue to publish the anarchist journal
"Agitando Mentes" [Agitating Minds], which will be
monthly, including a section called "Prisión Demolición"
which will be the mouthpiece of the Costa Rican
Anarchist Black Cross. We will be reactivating a
study group and hold a series of forums and meetings
about anarchism. We will also be trying to establish
a library.

We would like to take this opportunity to ask for
international assistance in establishing better
links, in providing help and in sharing experiences.
We would also be grateful for any material which we
could use in our library and wish to exchange
publications. We plan to inundate this land with
the beautiful ideas of anarchism. Further ahead,
we intend to set up a website.

Three of our members are members of a hardcore
band called "Manifiesto Acrata" [Anarchist Manifesto]
which will be useful in spreading our ideas. If you
have a journal, magazine, zine or similar, we would
ask you to publish a short piece about this message
and we would also be grateful if this message could
be spread on internet lists. 

Nothing else to add, except that we hope to keep in
touch and enjoy good relations! We send you our
best libertarian greetings!

For the Organización Anarquista Comunista and the 
Cruz Negra Anarquista:

Juan Pablo Hernández, Carol Ramirez, Karloz y Cesar 

ˇˇSalud y anarquia!! ˇˇViva la revolucion social
anarquista!! ˇˇViva el anarcosindicalismo!!

NB. Both the Colectivo Anarquista Libertad y
Solidaridad and the Organización Anarquista Comunista
are members of the Cruz Negra Anarquista.

Contact details:

Juan Pablo Hernández
APDO 12026-1000
San José-Costa Rica

Organización Anarquista Comunista

Periodico Anarquista Agitando Mentes

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