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(en) Poland, <From alter-ee> Polish Anarchist Black Cross Infobulletin #5 - Winter/Spring 2003

From Bartek Pomierski <pomierz@poczta.onet.pl>
Date Mon, 24 Feb 2003 15:17:29 +0100 (CET)

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finally... here it comes - spread everywhere - no(c)
Polish Anarchist Black Cross Infobulletin #5 - Winter/Spring 2003

Committee of Council of Europe Reports on Polish
Police Brutality 

The European Committee for the Prevention of
Torture charged the Polish police and prison police
with acts of abuse and with beating up arrested and
imprisoned people in a report issued last year. The
Committee is deeply concerned by the constant rise
in the number of imprisoned, which leads to
proportional overcrowding of prison cells. Polish
officials replied that they are working on creating
another 20 thousand of places in prison over the next
10 years.

Poznan - Sentences in the Russian Consulate Case

Recently a court in Poznan sentenced 5 members of
the Free Caucusus Committee to 10 months of
prison; they were given 3 years probation and ordered
to pay compensation of 5000 zloties (about 1250
EUR) to Poznan City Hall for damage and 300 zloties
(75 EUR) to the Russian consulate. 
During the anti-war demonstration in February 2000
in front of a local Russian diplomatic post, 5 persons
entered its territory and sprayed some political
slogans i.e. "Murderers". In addition, a Russian flag,
the property of consulate, was taken down and
eventually torn to shreds.

Warsaw - Police vs. Car Killers

Riot police armed with batons and pump guns against
smiling cyclists - that is how the "illegal
demonstration" which took place in Warsaw in
summer last year looked. Some Warsaw cyclist and
bike messengers met near the King's Castle. Then
spontaneously they started a Critical Mass, blocking
the main streets of the city. Police appeared
promptly, at first assisting the Mass. Suddenly, one
cyclist, who spoke to the policemen, was struck down
by them. The Mass was surrounded by an armed riot
police unit. The police was jeered at. That made
them really nervous and they started to pick out
individual people and take them to police cars, where
some of them were abused and beaten. The Critical
Mass dispersed and reformed on another street.
Police chased them into the night, trying to arrest as
many people as they could. The next day an injured
cyclist filed a charge of abuse and brutality against
police but the complaint was rejected by City

Ozarow Struggles On

Many activists from the Polish Anarchist Federation
(FA) and other anarchist groups participate in
workers protests related with the sudden closure of
the Cable Factory in Ozarow (a little town near
Warsaw) in November and December last year.
Workers, unionists and anarchists tried to prevent
the factory owner from taking away machinery and
other production gear. Protests were pacified by
police and a private security agency which was hired
by the owner - as a result, numerous people were
hospitalised. As many as 50 people (including
activists from FA) were detained and  can now face
trials, being accused of refusing to disperse and
various forms of assaulting the police. ABC
supported the protestors in an active way, organizing
the press conference on the 1st of December which
dealt with the acts of police abuse and brutality. A
press release was handed to journalists highlighting
acts of battery, physical assault and abuse from the
side of the police. Besides this, the ABC appealed

Wroclaw - Vegetable Defence

In November of last year, over 100 workers from
Rydygier Hospital in Wroclaw, accompanied by FA
activists, gathered on the one of main streets of the
city to protest against the state authorities
responsible for not paying their salaries for a long
time. Police removed protestors from the street in a
violent way; one woman lost consciousness. Some
people were detained including one activist from FA
- Piotr Goral. Piotr was arrested for few hours and
then released. He was  charged with "distribution of
potatoes, beetroots and other vegetables with the
aim of attacking the police", "assaulting the police
with eggs", "injuring one of the protestors with a
vegetable", "assaulting police with a stick" and
"organizing an illegal gathering". Police learned after
a few days that one man can not be accused with so
many charges and dropped most of them after
interrogation of other protestors. In the end Piotr was
put under police supervision (he must appear at the
police station two times a we

Szczecin - 10 Days in Prison for Taking Part in a

This is a brief summary of the sentence for Maciej
Horoszko from FA Szczecin who chained himself in
court, protesting against the 6 years of imprisonment
that Tomek Wilkoszewski, the antifascist from
Radomsko, has spent.  Maciej is appealing and
asking for your support with faxes to the Szczecin
Court - support freedom of expression! Send a fax to:
Sad Rejonowy w Szczecinie, IV Wydzial Karny,
sygnatura akt: VI k 870/01 (it's case number), fax: +48
91 433 35 28, every fax will be attached to trial files.

Bialystok - Repressive Measures against Antifa

During autumn of last year, two squatters were
detained and accused of breaking into the police
transformer station. Although this accusation looks
ridiculous, authorities continue their investigation.
Meanwhile squatters and activists were paid a visit
by the court debt collector. Activists refused to pay a
fine for sticking posters around the city with Border
Camp announcements earlier last year.

Finally the case of Rufik has ended. Rufik was
accused of assaulting a nazi with a knife. Despite
testimonies, evidence and the withdrawal of nazi
testimonies, the court sentenced Rufik to 2 years of
prison, suspended for 5 years' probation. Rufik was
given a huge sentence for something which he did not
participate in! Meanwhile Bialystok punks and
anarchists were fined (50-300 zlotys (12-75 EUR) for
an illegal demonstration in front of a local prison.
They were protesting Rufik's 4 months' detention. 

There has also been a sentence for another
antifascist - Lapa. He was accused with a similar
charge to Rufik - assault causing grave injuries.
Despite the help of ABC, the lawyer which was hired
did not manage to prevent the judge from sentencing
Lapa to 1 year in prison with no chance of parole.
Lapa and his lawyer appealed.

Another case is still under way. Soja is accused of
threatening the police.

The case of Ciamajda, another antifascist, also
ended. The charge was also related to one of many
fights in which local antifa smashed nazis. Ciamajda
pleaded guilty and was sentenced to 10 months of
prison, suspended to 3 years' probation. He will not
appeal as the chance of victory is minimal.
Zakopane - Hunt for Eco Activists

A spectacular blockade of the cable railway on the
Kasprowy Wierch mountain in Tatra Mountains was
organized.  The Fiscal Police is checking the
financial documents of ecological organizations that
took a part in blockade. Numerous people were
called for interrogation to the Town Court.

Slupsk - after M1

After the police action during the May 1 march last
year, one activist from Gdansk was accused of
disturbing the legal demonstration of the ruling
Social-Democratical Party. Other activist was called
to the court for interrogation. Further activists
expect to be called in upcoming months.

Warsaw - Hasek and Comrades; the case against
punks continues

Two years ago, a few young punks in Warsaw, who
were returning home from a gig, were insulted and
provoked by three nazi-skins. After a short fight, the
nazis were beaten. Police detained the punks and
charged them with banditry and assault with a knife.
In fact, the four arrested people  did not even see a
knife, even though they had taken part in the event.
After 2 trials, the punks received 3 and half years in
prison with no possibility of parole. In the comment
to the sentence, the judge said that "such a penalty
has an educational aspect". Now this verdict is in the
Provincial Appeal Court which shall decide whether
change the verdict or not. You will find the addresses
for the imprisoned punks at the bottom. Meanwhile
one of the four remains at large.

Krakow - The Case against the Punks who Clashed
with the Police

In February last year, punks organised a punk
festival in Krakow which was a part of nationwide
charity action. All benefits from the gig were
destined to help sick children. However police
appeared and triggered off a riot. As a result, many
people were taken to hospital, some of them with
extensive injuries as police used rubber bullets. A
year after investigations ended a local court in
Krakow issued two indictments, accusing 33 people
of assaulting police, participation in an illegal
gathering and also of acts of banditry. Another 9
people accused pleaded guilty and asked for a lighter
sentence - they have got a few months of  probation
and have to pay a fine.
On the other hand, the court accused the commander
of the police of transgressing people's
 rights, which means that they found him guilty
enough to be responsible for kicking people who were
lying on the ground. (This was shown on TV). He is
even facing 3 years of prison, however he is still a
police officer with a high salary. ABC is still
monitoring the proceedings and we will keep you

Krakow - Chronicle of Repression - Summer 2002 -
Winter 2003

14th June - a fine of 300 zloties (75 EUR) plus the
cost of proceedings for anarchists who blockaded the
street in a demo against the devastation of the city
forest area of Sikornik. An appeal was rejected by
the court.
2nd July - suspension of the proceedings against
police who "abused their rights" by attacking the
above-mentioned demo with batons because the
activist that was beaten was not hospitalized and put
on disability for longer than 7 days ( which in Poland
that means that she was NOT beaten). 
30th September - fine for an anarchist who was
sticking posters around the city and was caught - 320
zloties (80 EUR). The activist appealed.
26th November - Wojtek Goslar (FA Krakow) found
innocent of reckless handling of fire. (He just burned
the Russian flag at an anti war demo.)
2nd December - termination of proceedings against
19 activists of the local FA for blocking the street in
another protest in the Sikornik area.
9th December - FA activist Adam "Bzyk" Mucha
receives five months of supervision and 20 days of
public work for insulting a municipal guard.
10th December - fine for "Bzyk" who was sticking
posters up around the city and was caught - 430 zlotys
(107 EUR).
8th January - first of three trials against Marta
Opieszynska who bit a cop who was strangling her in
self-defence. Eventually she was acquitted. 

Actually, a few other proceedings against Krakow
activists are in progress - we will keep you informed .

Poznan - Anarchists found Innocent

11 anarchists accused of organizing and taking part in
an illegal gathering ( a demo against the war in
Afghanistan in 2001) finally were acquitted at the
end of last year. The whole case was widely
publicized - the accused were supported by many -
even  by some popular artists.

Secret Police Agents still Active in the @-movement

Various people who were at the Border Camp 2002
were haunted by secret police agents. They tried to
ask about contacts, people, the FA, etc.. Usually
people refused to talk to them, however some
individuals were frightened enough to talk more to
them. As far as we know, such incidents occurred in
Bialystok and Warsaw. ABC helped harassed people
ny instructing them how to cope with the Domestic
Security Agency (ABW).

Warszawa - Reprisals after Demonstrations

FA Warsaw organized two demonstrations in October
last year: the first was to protest against the NATO
conference,  the second against the war in Chechnya.
Almost all activists who took part were ID checked.
At least 25 of them are accused of "disturbance" and
"taking part in an illegal gathering". 

Polish Prisoners Supported by ABC

Tomek Wilkoszewski - sentenced for 15 years of
prison for killing a nazi-skinhead in self-defence.
Recently he started his seventh year in prison. He is
constantly supported by ABC. At the end of last year,
Tomek appealed to the president of Poland for a
reprieve. The day before the petition, supported by
many social and ecological organizations, was handed
to president, ABC organized demonstrations of
solidarity. Also, solidarity demos took place in
various cities all over the world like Prague,
Copenhagen, Malmo, Stockholm, Bratislava, Paris,
London, Bruxelles and the Hague. Currently, ABC is
supporting Tomek and we have also got help from
ABC Copenhagen, Czech ABC and squatters from
Berlin. We plan to release a benefit CD soon.

Any other financial help for Tomek would be
appreciated. Please find the bank account number

Michal Barton - Warszawa
52 1140 2004 0003 8022 5731 712
Title: Dla Tomka

Please write letter to him:

Tomasz Wilkoszewski, 
Zakład Karny, 
ul. Orzechowa 5, 
98-200 Sieradz, Poland

Write also to the imprisoned punks from Warsaw.
(They will appreciate zines and music too):

Dawid Hass
Zaklad Karny,
ul. Bartnicka 10 
87-800 Wloclawek, Poland

Janusz Szewczyk
Zakład Karny, 
ul Konarskiego 2,
33-100 Tarnow, Poland

Wladyslaw Matuszewski, 
Zaklad Karny, 
ul. Parkowa1, 
89-120 Potulice, Poland

You can help us by sending a small donation:

PEKAO BP XX oddzial Poznan
ul. Stary Rynek 44
61722 Poznan

Account No. 10204085-5999100-270
Owner: Marek Piekarski

Foreign contacts to Polish ABC:
Anything interesting to publish?  Send it to:

Translation: Pomierz/ABC Trójmiasto with a great
help of Laure/ABC Warszawa

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